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  • DVD : The Birdcage
    Precio:  $1,829.00 $439.00
    Expira: 22/01/2020

    DVD : The Birdcage

    -Artista: Magica-Actores: Robin Williams - Nathan Lane - Gene Hackman - Dianne Wiest - Dan Futterman - Calista Flockhart - Hank Azaria - Christine Baranski - Tom McGowan - Grant Heslov-Director: Mike Nichols-Compositor: Ennio Morricone - -Formato: DVD Zona 1-Sello: Mgm (Video & DVD)-Edicion: Digital HD with Ultraviolet +-Detalle: Multiple Formats - Anamorphic - Closed-captioned - Dubbed - Subtitled - Full length - Widescreen - NTSC-Discos: 1 -Duracion: 40 min.-Fecha de Lanzamiento: 2014-01-14-UPC: 027616603395-Opciones de Lenguaje: english - || spanish - || french - || spanish - || english - || french - || spanish - || english - || -Tracks: Disco: 1 1: Don\T Wanna Kill 2: They Stole the Sun 3: Hold on Tight 4: Hurry Up Ravens 5: Maiastra 6: Dark Secret 7: Just for 2 Coins 8: Until the Light Is Gone 9: Chitaroptera 10: Mistress of the Wind ...
  • Euclid's Elements [Euclid] (Tapa Blanda)
    Precio:  $3,039.00

    Euclid's Elements [Euclid] (Tapa Blanda)

    - Autor: Euclid- Idioma: Ingles- Formato: Papel -Tapa Blanda- Editorial: Green Lion Press- ISBN-13: 9781888009194- Páginas: 529- Dimensiones: 25.58cm. x 18.08cm. x 3.00cm.- Peso: 1.05 kg.- Descripción:The classic Heath translation, in a completely new layout with plenty of space and generous margins. An affordable but sturdy student and teacher sewn softcover edition in one volume, with minimal notes and a new index/glossary...
  • Funda Spigen Google Pixel 3 Xl [black] Thin Fit 360
    Precio:  $3,201.00 $1,379.00
    Expira: 22/01/2020

    Funda Spigen Google Pixel 3 Xl [black] Thin Fit 360

    -Titulo Original : Spigen Thin Fit 360 Designed for Google Pixel 3 XL Case (2018) - Black-Fabricante : SPIGEN-Descripcion Original: Slim and lightweight all-around coverage for the device // Scratch resistant PC keeps the phone protected and pocket-friendly // Open buttons offer original click response and quick accessibility // Includes a custom-fit tempered glass protector // Designed for Google Pixel 3 XL Case (2018) //...
  • Funda Resistente Al Agua Y Caidas Samsung Galaxy Note 10 +
    Precio:  $3,642.00 $1,761.00
    Expira: 22/01/2020

    Funda Resistente Al Agua Y Caidas Samsung Galaxy Note 10 +

    -Titulo Original : i-Blason Ares Clear Case for Galaxy Note 10 Plus/Note 10 Plus 5G 2019 Release, Dual Layer Rugged Clear Bumper Case Without Built-in Screen Protector (Black)-Fabricante : i-Blaso...
  • Verdi: Macbeth: Traduccion al Espanol y Comentarios (Opera en Espanol)  [Prado, E.Enrique] (Tapa Blanda)
    Precio:  $1,549.00 $469.00
    Expira: 22/01/2020

    Verdi: Macbeth: Traduccion al Espanol y Comentarios (Opera en Espanol) [Prado, E.Enrique] (Tapa Blanda)

    -Autor: Prado, E.Enrique-Editorial: Jugum Press-Formato: Tapa Blanda-Idioma: Español-ISBN-13: 9781939423566-Páginas: 64-Dimensiones: 25.40cm. x 20.32cm. x 0.38cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.21-Descripcion: Completed in 1819 and approved by the censorship in 1820, "Don Catrin de la Fachenda" was the last novel written by Jose J. Fernandez de Lizardi, and the only one that remained unpublished until 1832, five years after the death of its author. At first glance, the novel does not seem -at least morally- to doubt: bad characters die, "catrinismo" is sensationally defeated and the truth left standing is monopolized by the clergy, military, and nobility. Perhaps dazzled by the canonization process that Fernandez de Lizardi underwent at the hands of liberal historiography towards the end of the 19th century, critics tend to read "Don Catrin de la Fachenda" as the representative of a colonial order that an emergent Mexican nation must destroy in order to advance, free from those elements that halt progress, toward the promising period of liberal modernization. However, one can also trace in the protagonist the signs of the anxiety Lizardi experienced due to the development of a revolution that sooner rather than later would impose what he perceives as a materialist and bourgeois social code. This is probably why all political expectations in the novel rely on those redeemer-characters that form part of a colonial apparatus that Lizardi seems committed to modernize at all costs: clergymen that quote Rousseau, military officials who declare their loyalty to the king and the law, creole-aristocrats that do not speak of a nobility based on blood but of a nobility of virtues, and lettered men who fervently trust in the power of religion, education and work. Displaying what could be classified as a monarchical-constitutional reformism, Lizardi expects such privileged agents to carry out, without violence, the political and social changes needed in New Spain at the beginning of the 19th Century. Far from being in line with a view of Lizardi as revolutionary and liberal, the results of the clash of discourses that occurs within "Don Catrin de la Fachenda" seems to confirm the author's nostalgia for a colonial order in which eternal truth, honor and authority prevail as bastions of the church, the army and the nobility. In the current edition, Maria Eugenia Mudrovcic undertakes the analysis of Lizardi's last novel as well as provides notes that facilitate an in depth understanding of a text that though entertaining, is complex and contradictory...
  • Un día, tres otoños  [Menéndez Faya, Andrea] (Tapa Blanda)
    Precio:  $2,549.00 $749.00
    Expira: 22/01/2020

    Un día, tres otoños [Menéndez Faya, Andrea] (Tapa Blanda)

    -Autor: Menéndez Faya, Andrea-Editorial: Independently published-Formato: Tapa Blanda-Idioma: Español-ISBN-13: 9781795020060-Páginas: 52-Dimensiones: 22.86cm. x 15.24cm. x 0.33cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.21-Descripcion: ''Probably the most readable, exciting and authoritative writer on science we have. A new Lawrence Krauss book always goes to the top of the curious mind''s wish list.'' Stephen Fry "I loved the fight scenes and the sex scenes were excellent." (Eric Idle) ''In the span of a century, physics progressed from skepticism that atoms were real to equations so precise we can predict properties of subatomic particles to the tenth decimal place. Lawrence Krauss rightly places this achievement among the greatest of all stories, and his book--at once engaging, poetic and scholarly--tells the story with a scientist''s penetrating insight and a writer''s masterly craft.'' (Brian Greene, author of The Elegant Universe, and Director, Center for Theoretical Physics, Columbia University) "Unlike some very clever scientists, Lawrence Krauss is not content to bask on the Mount Olympus of modern physics. A great educator as well as a great physicist, he wants to pull others up the rarefied heights to join him. But unlike some science educators, he doesn''t dumb down. In Einstein''s words, he makes it ''as simple as possible but no simpler.''" (Richard Dawkins, author of The Magic of Reality) "In every debate I''ve done with theologians and religious believers their knock-out final argument always comes in the form of two questions: Why is there something rather than nothing? and Why are we here? The presumption is that if science provides no answers then there must be a God. But God or no, we still want answers. In A Universe From Nothing Lawrence Krauss, one of the biggest thinkers of our time, addressed the first question with verve, and in The Greatest Story Ever Told he tackles the second with elegance. Both volumes should be placed in hotel rooms across America, in the drawer next to the Gideon Bible." (Michael Shermer, Publisher Skeptic magazine, columnist Scientific American, Presidential Fellow Chapman University, author The Moral Arc.) "A Homeric tale of science, history, and philosophy revealing how we learned so much about the universe and its tiniest parts." (Sheldon Glashow, Nobel Laureate, 1979 in physics) "The Greatest Story Ever Told--So Far ranges from Galileo to the LHC and beyond. It''s accessible, illuminating, and surprising--an ideal guide for anyone interested in understanding our accidental universe." (Elizabeth Kolbert, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Sixth Extinction) "College students, hippies, squares, Christians, Muslims, democrats, republicans, libertarians, theists, even atheists--all of us--sit around BS-ing like: ''So, how did all this, I mean everything, all of us, the whole universe, you know, man, everything, how did this all get here?'' While we were doing that, Lawrence Krauss and people like him were doing the work to figure it out. Then Krauss wrote this great book about it. ''Wow, man, you mean, like we''re getting closer to really knowing? I guess we''ll have to go back to talking about politics and sex.''" (Penn Jillette, author of Presto!) "Discovering the bedrock nature of physical reality ranks as one of humanity''s greatest collective achievements. This book gives a fine account of the main ideas and how they emerged. Krauss is himself close to the field, and can offer insights into the personalities who have led the key advances. A practiced and skilled writer, he succeeds in making the physics ''as simple as possible but no simpler.'' I don''t know a better book on this subject." (Martin Rees, author of Just Six Numbers) "It is an exhilarating experience to be led through this fascinating story, from Galileo to the Standard Model and the Higgs boson and beyond, with lucid detail and insight, illuminating vividly not only the achievements themselves but also the joy of creative thought and discovery, enriched with vignettes of the remarkable individuals who paved the way. It amply demonstrates that the discovery that ''nature really follows the simple and elegant rules intuited by the 20th- and 21st-century versions of Plato''s philosophers'' is one of the most astonishing achievements of the human intellect." (Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor & Professor of Linguistics (Emeritus), MIT) "Charming... Krauss has written an account with sweep and verve that shows the full development of our ideas about the makeup of the world around us... A great romp." (Walter Gilbert, Nobel Award, Chemistry, 1980) "History of science with an edge--humorous, personal, passionate, yet intellectually serious and authoritative." (Frank Wilczek, Nobel Laureate, Physics) In the beginning there was light but more than this, there was gravity. After that, all hell broke loose... This is how the story of the greatest intellectual adventure in history should be introduced - how humanity reached its current understanding of the universe, one that is far removed from the realm of everyday experience. Krauss connects the world we know with the invisible world all around us, which is removed from intuition and direct sensation. He explains our current understanding of nature and the struggle to construct the greatest theoretical edifice ever assembled, the Standard Model of Particle Physics -- and then to understand its implications for our existence. Writing in the critically acclaimed style of A Universe from Nothing, Krauss celebrates the beauty and wonders of the natural world and details our place within it and how this shapes our understanding of it. Krauss makes this story accessible through profiles of the scientists responsible for these advances, and clear explanations of their discoveries. Krauss takes us on a tour of science and the brilliant personalities who shaped it, often against political and religious indoctrination, enduring persecution and ostracism. Krauss creates a captivating blend of research and narrative to invite us into the lives and minds of these figures,creating a landmark work of scientific history...
  • Vinilo : AGNETHA FALTSKOG - Wrap Your Arms Around Me (pink Vinyl)
    Precio:  $5,389.00

    Vinilo : AGNETHA FALTSKOG - Wrap Your Arms Around Me (pink Vinyl)

    -Artista: AGNETHA FALTSKOG-Actores: Roark Critchlow - Jeremy London - Sean Patrick Flanery - Louise Linton - Kelley Whilden-Director: Travis Zariwny-Compositor: Various - -Formato: Vinyl-Sello: IMPORTS-Detalle: Import-Discos: 1 -Duracion: 94 min.-Fecha de Lanzamiento: 2017-08-11-UPC: 602557569933-Opciones de Lenguaje: english - Original Language ||...
  • Bitcoin para principiantes: La guia definitiva para aprender a usar bitcoin y criptomonedas. Crea un monedero, compra bitcoin, aprende que es la blockchain y la mineria de bitcoin (Spanish Edition) [Steve Hollins] (Tapa Blanda)
    Precio:  $2,339.00 $699.00
    Expira: 22/01/2020

    Bitcoin para principiantes: La guia definitiva para aprender a usar bitcoin y criptomonedas. Crea un monedero, compra bitcoin, aprende que es la blockchain y la mineria de bitcoin (Spanish Edition) [Steve Hollins] (Tapa Blanda)

    - Autor: Steve Hollins- Idioma: Español- Formato: Papel -Tapa Blanda- Editorial: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform- ISBN-13: 9781986066914- Páginas: 108- Dimensiones: 20.32cm. x 12.70cm. x 0.69cm.- Peso: 0.19 kg.- Descripción:La guia definitiva para aprender a usar bitcoin y criptomonedas Si has tomado este libro, es probable que ya hayas escuchado sobre Bitcoin. Tal vez te enteraste sobre Bitcoin en circulos financieros, ya que su valor ha aumentado rapidamente, o tal vez te enteraste de su existencia en un contexto tecnologico, ya que Bitcoin se basa en una nueva y revolucionaria tecnologia llamada Blockchain, o bien, como muchos, es posible que hayas oido hablar de Bitcoin en la prensa debido a la cantidad de nuevos usuarios, celebridades y empresarios que comenzaron a utilizarla recientemente. En los ultimos años, Bitcoin ha pasado de ser algo que solo conocen unos pocos nerds tecnologicos, a una moneda revolucionaria que ha cambiado violentamente nuestra forma de pensar sobre el concepto del dinero. Si nunca has oido hablar de Bitcoin o si solo tienes una vaga idea de como funciona esta nueva tecnologia, este es el libro para ti y en las siguientes paginas te guiare a traves de los elementos esenciales de como funciona este nuevo tipo de dinero. He ayudado a mucha gente a comenzar a usar Bitcoin, asi que se donde suelen confundirse los principiantes y conozco las principales preguntas que tendras. Francamente, confieso que al comienzo de mi viaje era muy esceptico respecto a las criptomonedas, ya que mucha gente me asustaba al decirme que las criptomonedas eran dinero de juguete, una piramide financiera o algo similar, pero permiteme decir que esas son creencias erradas. Incluso algunos paises ya han reconocido a las criptomonedas como medio de pago. Hoy en dia, este llamado "entretenimiento para geeks" se ha convertido en un negocio muy real para inversionistas y varias corporaciones. Por lo tanto, si aun no estas usando criptomonedas, lo mas probable es que se deba a las creencias negativas que tienes al respecto. Veamos algunas: Es muy arriesgado ¿Que sucede si compro dinero en criptomonedas y luego las prohiben en todo el mundo? No tengo educacion financiera, asi que no sabria lo que estoy haciendo El amigo de un amigo compro criptomonedas y perdio todo. El tema de las criptomonedas es demasiado nuevo y dificil de entender, asi que sera mejor que espere un par de años cuando todo este mas claro. Todas estas declaraciones son meras excusas para tu inaccion, y mientras esperas, cada vez son mas personas que estan siendo parte de esta revolucion. Permiteme aclarar que en este libro trataremos todos los principios basicos y no necesitas ningun conocimiento especial para comprender los conceptos que te enseñare. Este libro esta destinado a principiantes que desean aprender como comenzar a usar Bitcoin y otras criptomonedas, por lo que te enseñare todo lo que necesitas saber para sentirte seguro en este nuevo ecosistema, pero si estas buscando consejos de inversion o informacion privilegiada sobre que monedas seran las mas exitosas, no la encontraras en este libro. En lugar de hablar de invertir, este libro se centrara en como funciona la tecnologia de Bitcoin y como puedes comenzar a usarla de inmediato. Los temas que aprenderas en este libro incluyen: ¿Que es Bitcoin? ¿Por que usar bitcoin? ¿Como puedo comprar bitcoin? ¿Como almacenar tus bitcoin? ¿Como hacer una billetera de papel de bitcoin? ¿Que se puede comprar con bitcoin? ¿Como aceptar pagos con bitcoin? ¿Como funcionan las transacciones de bitcoin? ¿Bitcoin es legal? ¿Quien es Satoshi Nakamoto? ¿Como funciona la mineria de bitcoins ¿Que son los pools de mineros? ¿Que es y como funciona la tecnologia Blockchain? ¿Que es un libro mayor distribuido? Bien, son muchas preguntas y te aseguro que este libro abarca mucho mas. Si estas listo para aprender, entonces empecemos...
  • Lowell George - Feats First - His Music and Career - Little Feat & Solo
    Precio:  $2,419.00 $569.00
    Expira: 22/01/2020

    Lowell George - Feats First - His Music and Career - Little Feat & Solo

    -Actores: Lowell George - Little Feat-Director: Elliot Randle-Formato: DVD Zona 1-Sello: Pride-Detalle: Multiple Formats - Color - NTSC-Discos: 1 -Duracion: 131 min.-Fecha de Lanzamiento: 2015-04-07-Opciones de Lenguaje: Portuguese Brazilian - PublishedEnglish - Original Language|StereoEnglish - Unknown|Stere...
  • Vinilo : Hammock - Universalis (LP Vinyl)
    Precio:  $5,399.00 $1,129.00
    Expira: 22/01/2020

    Vinilo : Hammock - Universalis (LP Vinyl)

    -Artista: Hammock-Actores: Maxi Priest - Wyclef Jean - Beres Hammond-Director: Barrington Wedemier-Compositor: Shane Brown - Robbie Lynn - Alberto DAscola - Brian Thompson - Lloyd James - Clement "Coxsone" Dodd - Curtis Mayfield - Dean Fraser - Hopeton Lindo - Jackie Mittoo - -Orquesta: Orchestre National de France - -Interprete: Lutan Fyah - Richard Bramwell - -Formato: Vinyl-Sello: HAMMOCK MUSIC-Detalle: EP-Discos: 2 -Duracion: 65 min.-Fecha de Lanzamiento: 2019-01-04-UPC: 634457893313-Opciones de Lenguaje: english - Original Language || english - Unknown ||...
  • Not "Just Friends": Rebuilding Trust and Recovering Your Sanity After Infidelity [Shirley P. Glass] (Tapa Blanda)
    Precio:  $1,729.00 $449.00
    Expira: 22/01/2020

    Not "Just Friends": Rebuilding Trust and Recovering Your Sanity After Infidelity [Shirley P. Glass] (Tapa Blanda)

    - Autor: Shirley P. Glass- Idioma: Ingles- Formato: Papel -Tapa Blanda- Editorial: Atria Books- ISBN-13: 9780743225502- Páginas: 448- Dimensiones: 21.44cm. x 13.97cm. x 2.54cm.- Peso: 0.42 kg.- Descripción:One of the worlds leading experts on infidelity provides a step-by-step guide through the process of marital infidelity from suspicion and revelation to healing, and provides profound, practical guidance to prevent cheating and, if it happens, recover and heal from it.Youre right to be cautious when you hear these words: "Im telling you, were just friends." Good people in good marriages are having affairs. The workplace and the Internet have become fertile breeding grounds for "friendships" that can slowly and insidiously turn into love affairs. Yet you can protect your relationship from emotional or sexual betrayal by recognizing the red flags that mark the stages of slipping into an improper, dangerous intimacy that can threaten your marriage...
  • Bateria para ASUS A46 A46C A56 K46 K56 K56C K56CA S550C S56 S56C S405CA S550CA para Asus A41-K56 A42-K56 A31-K56 A32-K56
    Precio:  $3,983.00

    Bateria para ASUS A46 A46C A56 K46 K56 K56C K56CA S550C S56 S56C S405CA S550CA para Asus A41-K56 A42-K56 A31-K56 A32-K56

    -Titulo Original : Laptop Battery fit ASUS A46 A46C A56 K46 K56 K56C K56CA S550C S56 S56C S405CA S550CA, fit Asus A41-K56, A42-K56, A31-K56, A32-K56 [Li-ion 4-Cell 14.8V 2200mAH] -Futurebatt-Fabricante : FUTUREBATT-Descripcion Original: Specifications: 4 Cell, Li-ion battery, Rated at 14.8V 2200mAh // Compatible Models: ASUS Asus A46 / A46C / A46CA / A46CB / A46CM / A46V / A56 / A56C / A56CA / A56CB / A56CM / A56V Asus E46 / E46C / E46CA / E46CB / E46CM / E56 / E56C / E56CB Asus K46 / K46C / K46CA / K46CB / K46CM / K46V / K56 / K56C / K56CA / K56CB / K56CM / K56V Asus P46 / P46C / P46CA / P46CB / P46CM / P46V / P56 / P56C / P56CB / Pro4Q / Pro4QC / Pro4QCA / Pro4QCB / Pro4QCM / Pro4QV / Pro5T / Pro5TC Asus R405 / R405C / R405CA / R405CB / R405CM / R405V / R505 / R505C / R505CA / R505CB // All Futurebatt Products are CE-/RoHS-/FCC- Certified and Built-in circuit protection ensure both safety and stability; Strict guidelines for compatibility, and standards compliance for environmental safety // 100% Brand New from Manufacturer; Rechargeable Up to 600 times over life of battery; Equipped with Higher Quality Cells yet has Same Size & Shape as an OEM Battery // This Product has 60 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE or 12 MONTHS REPLACEMENT WARRANTY! With Hassle-free Customer Service; Please contact us with any questions or concerns - we are here to help. // A31-K56 / A32-K56 / A41-K56 / A42-K56 Asus A46 / A46C / A46CA / A46CB / A46CM / A46V / A56 / A56C / A56CA / A56CB / A56CM / A56V Asus E46 / E46C / E46CA / E46CB / E46CM / E56 / E56C / E56CB Asus K46 / K46C / K46CA / K46CB / K46CM / K46V / K56 / K56C / K56CA / K56CB / K56CM / K56V Asus P46 / P46C / P46CA / P46CB / P46CM / P46V / P56 / P56C / P56CB / Pro4Q / Pro4QC / Pro4QCA / Pro4QCB / Pro4QCM / Pro4QV / Pro5T / Pro5TC Asus R405 / R405C / R405CA / R405CB / R405CM / R405V / R505 / R505C / R505CA / R505CB / R505CM / R550 / R550C / R550CA / R550CB / R550CM Asus S40 / S405 / S405C / S405CA / S405CB / S405CM / S40C / S40CA / S40CB / S40CM / S46 / S46C / S46CA / S46CB / S46CM / S50 / S505 / S505C / S505CA / S505CB / S505CM / S50C / S50CA / S50CB / S50CM / S550 / S550C / S550CA / S550CB / S550CM / S56 / S56C / S56CA / S56CB / S56CM Asus U48 / U48C / U48CA / U48CB / U48CM / U58 / U58C / U58CA / U58CB / U58CM Asus V550 / V550C / V550CA / V550CB / V550CM 12-Month Warranty Ship same or next business day 24 x 7 Email Support...
  • CD : Skalmold - Vogguvisur Yggdrasils (2 Disc)
    Precio:  $2,409.00 $559.00
    Expira: 22/01/2020

    CD : Skalmold - Vogguvisur Yggdrasils (2 Disc)

    -Artista: Skalmold-Formato: Audio CD-Sello: Napalm Records-Edicion: Limited Edition-Discos: 2 -Fecha de Lanzamiento: 2016-09-30-Tracks: Disco: 11: Muspell2: Niflheimur3: Niðavellir4: Miðgarður5: Utgarður6: Alfheimur7: Asgarður8: Helheimur9: VanaheimurDisco: 21: Drink2: Inni mer syngur vitleysingur3: Nattfodd4: Lazer Eyes5: Heljarreið afa6: Upprisa (Live)7: Hefnd (Live)8: Dauði (Live) ...
  • Pensando en voz alta: El sindrome de Asperger y yo  [Gotelli, Marina M] (Tapa Blanda)
    Precio:  $2,249.00 $1,379.00
    Expira: 22/01/2020

    Pensando en voz alta: El sindrome de Asperger y yo [Gotelli, Marina M] (Tapa Blanda)

    -Autor: Gotelli, Marina M-Editorial: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform-Formato: Tapa Blanda-Idioma: Español-ISBN-13: 9781517114466-Páginas: 128-Dimensiones: 22.86cm. x 15.24cm. x 0.74cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.18-Descripcion: Escritor español nacido el 4 de octubre de 1853 en Entralgo (hermosa aldea del concejo de Laviana, en la entonces provincia de Oviedo), hijo de un abogado ovetense, su madre pertenecia a una adinerada familia de Aviles, donde vivio hasta 1865, en que se traslado a la capital de Asturias para estudiar el bachillerato (que entonces se cursaba en el mismo edificio de la Universidad de Oviedo). Lei en la biblioteca de la Universidad la Iliada, de Homero, traducida en verso libre por Hermosilla. Aunque tiene fama esta traduccion de indigesta, me causo extremado placer. La edicion era excelente, lujosa, y esto contribuye mas de lo que generalmente se cree para hacernos amables los libro...
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (The Fellowship of the Ring / The Two Towers / The Return of the King Extended Editions) [Blu-ray]
    Precio:  $17,879.00

    The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (The Fellowship of the Ring / The Two Towers / The Return of the King Extended Editions) [Blu-ray]

    -Actores: Elijah Wood - Viggo Mortensen - Ian McKellen-Director: Peter Jackson-Formato: Blu-ray-Sello: New Line Home Video-Detalle: Multiple Formats - AC-3 - Blu-ray - Dolby - DTS Surround Sound - NTSC - Subtitled - Widescreen-Discos: 15 -Duracion: 682 min.-Fecha de Lanzamiento: 2011-06-28-Opciones de Lenguaje: French - SubtitledEnglish - SubtitledEnglish - Original Languag...
  • Lenguaje Corporal Cómo Analizar Y Comprender La Comunicación No Verbal  [Grant, Joshua] (Tapa Blanda)
    Precio:  $1,389.00 $879.00
    Expira: 21/01/2020

    Lenguaje Corporal Cómo Analizar Y Comprender La Comunicación No Verbal [Grant, Joshua] (Tapa Blanda)

    -Autor: Grant, Joshua-Editorial: Joshua Grant-Formato: Tapa Blanda-Idioma: Español-ISBN-13: 9781547592081-Páginas: 40-Dimensiones: 20.32cm. x 12.70cm. x 0.25cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.21-Descripcion: Los sones del mariachi rural coculense forman parte de nuestro patrimonio cultural que nos distingue como mexicanos a nivel internacional. Por ello, en el libro realizamos un acercamiento al elemento artistico como fundamento de la magnitud del impacto ecosociocultural del mariachi de Cocula Jalisco. Nuestras indagaciones nos permiten ubicar la forma en que dicho impacto se expande, al consolidarse el mariachi de cuerdas, en 1870. Posteriormente se innova el mariachi al incorporar otros instrumentos e incursionar en varios generos musicales, mostrando asi su versatilidad. Tal evolucion del mariachi implica el dinamismo de este como tradicion inventada y reinventada turisticamente al ser conjugada con charreria y tequila. Finalmente podemos decir que el mariachi urbano entro de lleno al mundo del espectaculo con el Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi (que inicio en 1994 en la ciudad de Guadalajara), y su imagen es manipulada con fines turisticos. De ahi que se promueva turisticamente a un Jalisco representativo de la mexicanidad, aunque la diversidad cultural jalisciense sea mas que charros, mariachis urbanos y tequila...
  • Cuentos de amigas (Spanish Edition) [Laura Freixas] (Tapa Blanda)
    Precio:  $4,589.00 $1,279.00
    Expira: 22/01/2020

    Cuentos de amigas (Spanish Edition) [Laura Freixas] (Tapa Blanda)

    - Autor: Laura Freixas- Idioma: Español- Formato: Papel -Tapa Blanda- Editorial: Anagrama- ISBN-13: 9788433971920- Páginas: 272- Dimensiones: 22.86cm. x 1.90cm. x 13.97cm.- Peso: 0.42 kg.- Descripción:Despues de Madres e hijas, esta nueva antologia de Laura Freixas versa sobre otra vivencia crucial para las mujeres, la amistad femenina. Cuentos de amigas incluye relatos ya publicados por algunas de las principales escritoras espanolas del siglo XX en lengua castellana: Rosa Chacel, Carmen Martin Gaite, Cristina Peri Rossi, Cristina Fernandez Cubas, Soledad Puertolas, Nuria Amat. Otras los han escrito expresamente para este libro: Esther Tusquets, Paloma Diaz-Mas, Clara Sanchez, Juana Salabert. Por estas paginas desfilan confidentes, amantes, vecinas cuya amistad no resiste la diferencia de clases..., o simplemente amigas, con todo lo que ello implica de carino, ayuda, admiracion..., pero tambien de rivalidades, simbiosis enfermizas y traiciones. / After Mothers and Daughters, this new anthology from Laura Freixas covers another crucial part of womens lives, friendship. In these pages we meet confidantes, lovers, neighbours whose class differences do not matter, or just friends, with everything that comes with them: affection, support, admiration..., but also rivalries, unhealthy co-dependence and betrayal. Literature written by women? Yes, these authors renewed traditional literature, in which female characters were few and far between. It is not, however, about women or for women, its appeal is universal...
  • CD : LYNCH,DAVID / SPLET,ALAN R - Eraserhead: Orignal Soundtrack Recording
    Precio:  $2,579.00 $609.00
    Expira: 22/01/2020

    CD : LYNCH,DAVID / SPLET,ALAN R - Eraserhead: Orignal Soundtrack Recording

    -Artista: LYNCH,DAVID / SPLET,ALAN R-Actores: Farley Granger - Shelley Winters - William Demarest - Francis L. Sullivan - Margalo Gillmore - Lon Chaney Jr. - Hans Conried - Elisha Cook Jr. - Glenn Anders - Allen Jenkins-Director: George Beck-Compositor: Ludwig van Beethoven - Edvard Grieg - Fritz Kreisler - Sergei Rachmaninoff - Franz Schubert - -Formato: Audio CD-Sello: SACRED BONES-Detalle: Explicit Lyrics-Discos: 1 -Duracion: 55 min.-Fecha de Lanzamiento: 2014-09-16-UPC: 616892227144-Opciones de Lenguaje: english - Published || english - Original Language || english - Unknown ||...
  • Der Inhalt der Psychose (Classic Reprint)  [Jung, Carl Gustav] (Tapa Blanda)
    Precio:  $1,269.00 $409.00
    Expira: 22/01/2020

    Der Inhalt der Psychose (Classic Reprint) [Jung, Carl Gustav] (Tapa Blanda)

    -Autor: Jung, Carl Gustav-Editorial: Forgotten Books-Formato: Tapa Blanda-Idioma: Alemán-ISBN-13: 9780484976923-Páginas: 36-Dimensiones: 22.91cm. x 15.19cm. x 0.18cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.11-Descripcion: Schnitzler beschreibt in dieser Novelle die scheinbar harmonische Ehe des Arztes Fridolin und seiner Frau Albertine. Unter der Oberflache werden beide von ungestillten erotischen Begierden und Traumen heimgesucht, die sich durch wechselseitige Entfremdung zu einer Ehekrise auswachsen. Das Geheimnisvolle dieser Novelle ruhrt von der Entdeckungsreise ins Selbst her, die Fridolin unternimmt, einen Abstieg in die Tiefen seiner eigenen Psyche, und den Veranderungen in den Beziehungen zwischen Menschen. Sie verkorpert eine Fulle von psychologischer Metaphorik und Symbolismus - vermittelt aber dem Protagonisten in der abschließenden Aussprache die Erkenntnis der Gefahrdung ihrer Beziehung durch das Unbewusste und seiner Bewaltigung. Erzahlt werden die sonderbaren Geschehnisse einer Nacht und des darauffolgenden Tages, die dem Arzt Fridolin und seiner Frau Albertine widerfahren. Die sehr stark erotisch aufgeladenen Erfahrungen dieser Nacht drohen die Ehe der beiden zu zerstoren. Arthur Schnitzler (1862-1931) war ein osterreichischer Erzahler und Dramatiker. Er gilt als einer der bedeutendsten Vertreter der Wiener Moderne. Schnitzler schrieb Dramen und Prosa, in denen er das Augenmerk vor allem auf die psychischen Vorgange seiner Figuren lenkt. Gleichzeitig mit dem Einblick in das Innenleben der Schnitzlerschen Figuren bekommt der Leser auch ein Bild von der Gesellschaft, die diese Gestalten und ihr Seelenleben pragt. Die Handlung der Werke Schnitzlers spielt meist im Wien der Jahrhundertwende...
  • The Divine Comedy [Alighieri, Dante] (Tapa Blanda)
    Precio:  $959.00 $249.00
    Expira: 22/01/2020

    The Divine Comedy [Alighieri, Dante] (Tapa Blanda)

    -Autor: Alighieri, Dante-Editorial: Independently published-Formato: Tapa Blanda-Idioma: Ingles-ISBN-13: 9781790512676-Páginas: 102-Dimensiones: 25.40cm. x 17.78cm. x 0.66cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.21-Descripcion: We're all trying to get to heaven. It's the thing we're here on this earth to do. That's why our motto at TAN Books is Become a Saint. But how? It's easy to say, but not so easy to do. Now, in 25 Ways to Become a Saint, we'll show you more than two dozen ways to achieve heaven. There's no "one simple trick," but it can be done and the methods in this little book will help you love God more, get to heaven, and Become a Saint...
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest [Ken Kesey] (Tapa Blanda)
    Precio:  $1,729.00 $499.00
    Expira: 22/01/2020

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest [Ken Kesey] (Tapa Blanda)

    - Autor: Ken Kesey- Idioma: Ingles- Formato: Papel -Tapa Blanda- Editorial: Penguin Classics- ISBN-13: 9780141181226- Páginas: 312- Dimensiones: 19.81cm. x 12.95cm. x 1.27cm.- Peso: 0.20 kg.- Descripción:Ken Kesey's bracing, inslightful novel about the meaning of madness and the value of self-reliance Boisterous, ribald, and ultimately shattering, Ken Keseys One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest is the seminal novel of the 1960s that has left an indelible mark on the literature of our time. Here is the unforgettable story of a mental ward and its inhabitants, especially the tyrannical Big Nurse Ratched and Randle Patrick McMurphy, the brawling, fun-loving new inmate who resolves to oppose her. We see the struggle through the eyes of Chief Bromden, the seemingly mute half-Indian patient who witnesses and understands McMurphys heroic attempt to do battle with the awesome powers that keep them all imprisoned...
  • DVD : War Of The Roses
    Precio:  $1,619.00 $369.00
    Expira: 22/01/2020

    DVD : War Of The Roses

    -Artista: PAUL EVANS-Actores: Andrew McCarthy - Mary Stuart Masterson - Kevin Dillon - Malcolm Danare - Kate Reid - John Heard - Donald Sutherland - Philip Bosco - Patrick Dempsey - Stephen Geoffreys-Director: Michael Dinner-Compositor: Pierre Slinckx - -Interprete: Wilde, Olivia - Oostwald, Shyloh - -Formato: DVD Zona 1-Sello: La Entertainment-Detalle: Import - NTSC-Discos: 1 -Duracion: 60 min.-Fecha de Lanzamiento: 2013-05-21-UPC: 9332412006358-Opciones de Lenguaje: english - Published || english - Original Language || english - Unknown ||...
  • CD : Westlife - Turnaround (United Kingdom - Import)
    Precio:  $1,989.00 $469.00
    Expira: 22/01/2020

    CD : Westlife - Turnaround (United Kingdom - Import)

    -Artista: Westlife-Formato: Audio CD-Sello: Sony UK-Edicion: Imported ed.-Detalle: Import-Discos: 1 -Fecha de Lanzamiento: 2003-11-22-Tracks: Disco: 1 1: Mandy 2: Hey Whatever 3: Heal 4: Obvious 5: When A Woman Loves A Man 6: On My Shoulder 7: Turnaround 8: I Did It For You 9: Thank You 10: To Be With You 11: Home 12: Lost In You 13: What Do They Know 14: Enhancement-Westlife Fan Conference Footage ...
  • Parker Jotter Chelsea Orange CT Ballpoint Pen, Blister pack
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    Parker Jotter Chelsea Orange CT Ballpoint Pen, Blister pack

    -Titulo Original : Parker Jotter Chelsea Orange CT Ballpoint Pen, Blister pack-Fabricante : Newell Rubbermaid Office-Descripcion Original: Streamlined style with clean lines for a fresh take on the iconic PARKER Jotter design // Stainless steel barrel with orange finish accented by high-shine trims and an arrowhead clip // Signature retractable design opens and closes with a satisfying click // Fitted with Quick flow ballpoint refill for optimal ink flow and a smooth writing experience; blue ink; medium tip; also accepts PARKER gel refills // Gift box not included // Color:  |  Product Packaging: Slow down and appreciate the experience of expressing your thoughts and ideas on paper with the PARKER Jotter Chelsea Orange ballpoint pen. A style icon for over 60 years, the Jotter has a fresh, streamlined design. It features a stainless steel barrel in a glowing orange finish, linished stainless steel cap, high-shine trims, and an arrowhead clip. The Jotter’s stunning details make it a refined gift for graduates, first-time job seekers, or anyone who appreciates the art of fine writing. This Jotter pen's name is inspired by the city of London...
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