CD : Triumph - Triumph: Greatest Hits Remixed (With DVD, Digipack Packaging, 2 Disc)

Modelo 713137801128
Fabricante o sello TML Entertainment
Peso 0.12 Kg.
Precio:   $3,699.00
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-Artista: TRIUMPH
-Formato: Audio CD
-Sello: TML Entertainment
-Detalle: CD+DVD
-Discos: 2
-Fecha de Lanzamiento: 2010-05-18


Disco: 1
1: Allied Forces
2: Lay it on the Line
3: Follow Your Heart
4: Magic Power
5: I Live For the Weekend
6: Hold On
7: Just One Night
8: Fight the Good Fight
9: Spellbound
10: Never Surrender
11: When the Lights Go Down
12: Somebody s Out There
13: Rock and Roll Machine
14: Love Hurts

Disco: 2
1: Follow Your Heart
2: Lay It on the line
3: Spellbound
4: Magic Power
5: Lights Go Down
6: Hold On
7: Just One Night
8: Somebody s Out There
9: Allied Forces
10: Never Surrender
11: Never Say Never
12: Child of the City (Bonus Video)
13: Blinding Light Show (Bonus Bootleg Video: Filmed on Fan Cam)
14: Love Hurts (Bonus Video)
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