CD : Toy Dolls - Albums 1983-1987 (Boxed Set, United Kingdom - Import, 5PC)

Modelo 5013929605008
Fabricante o sello Cherry Red
Peso 0.11 Kg.
Precio:   $2,839.00
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-Artista: Toy Dolls
-Formato: Audio CD
-Sello: Cherry Red
-Detalle: Box set - Import
-Discos: 1
-Fecha de Lanzamiento: 2018-03-30

Disco: 1 1: Theme Tune 2: Dig That Groove Baby 3: Dougy Giro 4: Spiders in the Dressing Room 5: Glenda and the Test Tube Baby 6: Up the Garden Path 7: Nellie the Elephant 8: Poor Davey 9: Stay Mellow 10: Queen Alexandra Road Is Where She Said SheaD Be, But Was She There to Meet Mea.No Chance 11: Worse Things Happen at Sea 12: Blue Suede Shoes 13: Fiery Jack 14: Theme Tune Disco: 2 1: A Far Out Theme Tune 2: She Goes to Finos 3: Razzmatazz Intro 4: Modern Schools of Motoring 5: Carol Dodds Is Pregnant 6: You and a Box of Handkerchiefs 7: Bless You My Son 8: My GirlfriendaS DadaS a Vicar 9: Come Back Jackie 10: Do You Want to Finisha Or What?! 11: Commercial Break 12: Chartbuster / Razzmatazz Outro 13: WeaRe Mad 14: Wipe Out! 15: Florence Is Deaf (But ThereaS No Need to Shout) 16: A Far Out Theme Tune Disco: 3 1: Idle Gossip 2: Do You Wanna Be Like Dougy Bell 3: The Lambrusco Kid 4: You WonaT Be Merry on a North Sea Ferry 5: Harry Cross (A Tribute to Edna) 6: GeordieaS Gone to Jail 7: Silly Billy 8: If YouaRe in a Pop Group YouaLl End Up Paying a Fortune Practicing at Peter PracticeaS 9: PC Stoker 10: I Tried to Trust Tracey 11: KeithaS a Thief 12: IaLl Get Even with Steven (Steve Is Tender) Disco: 4 1: Bare Faced Cheek 2: Yul Brynner Was a Skinhead 3: How Do You Deal with Neal? 4: Howza Bouta Kiss Babe! 5: Fisticuffs in Frederick Street 6: A Diamond 7: Quick to Quit the Quentin 8: Nowt Can Compare to Sunderland Fine Fare 9: Neville Is a Nerd 10: Park Lane Punch Up 11: The Ashbrooke Launderettea YouaLl Stink, Your ClothesaLl Shrink, Your WhitesaLl Be Black As Ink 12: Bare Faced Cheek Disco: 5 1: Tommy Koweya™S Car (Original 7A Version) 2: She Goes to Finos (Original 7A Version) 3: DeidreaS a Slag (Strength Thru Oi!) 4: She Goes to Finos (Strength Thru Oi!) 5: Tommy KoweyaS Car (Ep Version) 6: SheaS a Worky Ticket 7: Everybody Jitterbug 8: Teenager in Love / IaVe Got Asthma 9: Cheerio & Toodle Pip 10: H.O! 11: Alfie from the Bronx 12: Hanky Panky 13: DeidreaS a Slag (1984 Version) 14: Rupert the Bear 15: Nellie the Elephant (1984 Version) 16: Fisticuffs in Frederick Street 17: James Bond (Lives Down Our Street) 18: Olgaa I Cannot 19: Griefsville 20: GeordieaS Gone to Jail (Japanese Version)
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