Scud: The Whole Shebang [Rob Schrab - Dan Harmon - Mondy Carter] (Tapa Blanda)

Modelo 9781582406855
Fabricante o sello Image Comics
Peso 1.97 Kg.
Precio:   $4,119.00 $3,709.00
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- Autor:
- Idioma: Ingles
- Formato: Papel -Tapa Blanda
- Editorial: Image Comics
- ISBN-13: 9781582406855
- Páginas: 786
- Dimensiones: 25.65cm. x 16.76cm. x 3.81cm.
- Peso: 2.02 kg.

- Descripción:
In the world of Scud, bullets are cheaper than human life. Corner vending machines provide any weapon you might need. The most popular weapons are Scud disposable assassins: Robot hitmen that self-destruct when they kill their target. This volume follows Scud 1373, assigned to take out a hideous female man-eater named Jeff. While fighting the indestructible Jeff, Scud discovers his infamous warning panel in a bathroom mirror. Realizing that to kill Jeff is to kill himself, Scud blows off her arms and legs and hospitalizes her. Her life support bills will have to be paid, and Scud will have to find more work to stay alive.
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