Non-Obvious 2019 How To Predict Trends And Win The Future (Non-Obvious Series) [Bhargava, Rohit] (Tapa Blanda)

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-Autor: Bhargava, Rohit
-Editorial: Ideapress Publishing
-Formato: Tapa Blanda
-Idioma: Ingles
-ISBN-13: 9781940858661
-Páginas: 334
-Dimensiones: 22.61cm. x 15.75cm. x 1.78cm.
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Wall Street Journal Best Seller (2015 Edition) Winner: Axiom Business Theory Silver Medal (2017 Edition) Official Selection: Gary's Book Club at CES (2017 Edition) Winner: Non-Fiction Book Awards Gold Medal (2018 Edition) For the past 9 years, marketing expert and Georgetown University Professor Rohit Bhargava has curated his best-selling list of non-obvious trends by asking the questions that most trend predictors miss. In this all-new ninth edition, discover what more than a million readers already have: how to use the power of non-obvious thinking to grow your business and make a bigger impact in the world. In total, the Non-Obvious 2019 Edition features 15 all-new trends across 5 categories including Culture & Consumer Behavior, Marketing & Social Media, Media & Education, Technology & Design plus Economics & Entrepreneurship. The book also features a detailed section with a review and rating for more than 115 previously predicted trends - with longevity ratings for each. As with the original version, this new edition of Non-Obvious also delves into the curation process the author has used for years to build his Trend Reports and takes readers behind the scenes of trend curation (much to the delight of past readers who have been asking about this for years), and show them the methodology they can use to predict the future for themselves.
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