CD : Laurie Anderson - Landfall (CD)

Modelo 075597933895
Fabricante o sello Nonesuch
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Precio:   $3,869.00
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-Artista: Laurie Anderson
-Formato: Audio CD
-Sello: Nonesuch
-Discos: 1
-Fecha de Lanzamiento: 2018-02-16

Disco: 1 1: CNN Predicts a Monster Storm 2: Wind Whistles Through the Dark City 3: The Water Rises 4: Our Street Is a Black River 5: Galaxies 6: Darkness Falls 7: Dreams 8: Dreams Translated 9: The Dark Side 10: Built You a Mountain 11: The Electricity Goes out and We Move to a Hotel 12: We Learn to Speak yet Another Language 13: Dawn of the World 14: The Wind Lifted the Boats and Left Them on the Highway 15: It Twisted the Street Signs 16: Then It Receded 17: The Nineteen Stars of Heaven 18: Nothing Left but Their Names 19: All the Extinct Animals 20: Galaxies II 21: Never What You Think It Will Be 22: Thunder Continues in the Aftermath 23: We Blame Each Other for Losing the Way 24: Another Long Evening 25: Riding Bicycles Through the Muddy Streets 26: Helicopters Hang Over Downtown 27: We Head Out 28: Everything Is Floating 29: Gongs and Bells Sing 30: Old Motors and Helicopters
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