Fascia: What it is and Why it Matters [David Lesondak] (Tapa Blanda)

Modelo 9781909141551
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- Idioma: Ingles
- Formato: Papel -Tapa Blanda
- Editorial: Handspring Pub Ltd
- ISBN-13: 9781909141551
- Páginas: 154
- Dimensiones: 24.77cm. x 19.05cm. x 1.27cm.
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This book serves as a primer for all professionals: doctors, physical therapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, yoga teachers, or fitness professionals, to give them a solid working knowledge of fascia both as a tissue and a system. Lavishly illustrated and with a strong storyline, each chapter logically connects the reader to the next (rather like the fascia itself) and gives the reader a clear understanding of the clinical significance of fascia, the latest in fascia science, and how the fascial system interacts with the other systems of the body from the cellular level on up. This book, while complete unto itself, will also serve as a valuable reference for deeper study.
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