M-Joy Practically Speaking: Matrix Energetics and Living Your Infinite Potential [Melissa Joy Jonsson] (Tapa Blanda)

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- ISBN-13: 884512640509
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A Practical Manual For Extraordinary Living - Take a brilliant journey into the nature of change and reality to discover the power you have within you to transform. Join inspiring transformational leader Melissa Joy for a playful exploration into universal consciousness and infinite potential, available to everyone within the field of the heart. With beautiful and clear articulation, combined with a humorous weave of science, spirit, and practical play, Melissa Joy reveals how universal consciousness and infinite potential are organized and influence experiences. By practicing heart-centered awareness and freedom of choice, through the power of grace, anyone can navigate practically through life's situations and challenges to experience more flow, joy, and personal fulfillment. The field of the heart is a portal to personal power, individual change, and global transformation, and it will lead you to a new reality based in unity, love, and limitless potential. The field of the heart is the physics of miracles. The field of the heart is the physics of love. This journey into heart-centered awareness is complemented by the knowledge and wisdom Melissa Joy has acquired through teaching Matrix Energetics transformational seminars to thousands of students around the world. Discover how to consistently drop into the heart, let go, notice what you notice, and notice what is different. In this intriguing book, M-Joy shares what she has learned, including specific and effective strategies for change, as you discover how to playfully transform yourself and everything around you. Join M-Joy as she guides you to discover your truth as a limitless being, which is found within the heart, noticed as joy, and available for you to experience in every moment of every day. "We can expand our apertures of awareness to experience the full expression of ourselves as limitless beings..." M-Joy
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