Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy Volume 16 [Chester Gould] (Tapa Dura)

Modelo 9781613778647
Fabricante o sello Chicago Review Press
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- Idioma: Ingles
- Formato: Papel -Tapa Dura
- Editorial: Library of American Comics
- ISBN-13: 9781613778647
- Páginas: 260
- Dimensiones: 29.06cm. x 22.38cm. x 2.87cm.
- Peso: 1.62 kg.

- Descripción:
In Volume 16 ; reprinting strips from October 25, 1954 through May 13, 1956 ; Chester Gould presents an amazing number of memorable characters: grotesques such as the murderous Rughead and a 467-lb. killer named Oodles, health faddist George Ozone and his wild boys named Neki and Hokey, the despicable "Nothing" Yonson, the amoral teenager Joe Period, and the introduction of nightclub photog-turned policewoman Lizz. Plus, for the first time, Gould brings back an old villain: Mumbles, who was thought drowned in 1947. And finally, he introduces what may be his most mature story of the 1950s ; starring none other than Flattop Jr.!
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