Libro: Creative Problem Solving: An Introduction

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Creative Problem Solving is a process that allows people to apply both creative and critical thinking to find solutions to everyday problems. Creative Problem Solving eliminates the tendency to approach problems in a haphazard manner and, consequently, prevents surprises and/or disappointment with the solution. Used by thousands of group leaders seeking a friendly introduction to using Creative Problem Solving, this book is a time-honored classic. Creative Problem Solving: An Introduction is based on more than five decades of extensive research, development, and field experience in educational settings, businesses, and many other organizations. Written for both group leaders and individuals seeking a systematic way to build innovative and effective solutions, Creative Problem Solving is perfect for any type of setting. This definitive guide shows you how to find successful solutions to important challenges. Creative Problem Solving (CPS) can help your students to approach problems and deal with change in a deliberate and constructive way, building their confidence and success in working with complex issues. This revised and updated fourth edition includes: easy-to-follow instructions for using Creative Problem Solving; practical tools for understanding the challenge, generating ideas, and preparing for action; expanded guidelines for planning your approach to Creative Problem Solving; strategies that ensure successful group dynamics; the latest trends in creative thinking and group problem solving; and practical suggestions for those new to Creative Problem Solving. Educational Resource
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