Bateria GJKNX 5480 5580 GD1JP para Dell Latitude 5480 5580 5

Modelo 8HG9ZDDT
Fabricante o sello TECHEER
Peso 0.30 Kg.
Precio:   $18,239.00
Si compra hoy, este producto se despachara y/o entregara entre el 06-02-2022 y el 14-02-2022
-Titulo Original : GJKNX 5480 5580 GD1JP Battery Compatible With Dell Latitude 5480 5580 5280 5590 5490 E5480 E5580 E5490 E5590 E5591 Precision 15 3520 3530 Series 0GD1JP DY9NT 0DY9NT 5YHR4 451-BBZG 7.6V 68Wh

-Fabricante :


-Descripcion Original:

POWER SPECS: Battery Type: GJKNX GD1JP DY9NT Li-ion; Voltage: 7.6V Capacity: 68WH Cells: 4-cell;color: Black,100% brand new. Black Each of our product is CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified. please check the part numer of the battery before purchasing the battery.If you still can't confirm it. please contact me, I'll help you. // COMPATIBLE P/N: GJKNX, GD1JP, 0GD1JP, DY9NT, 0DY9NT, 5YHR4, 451-BBZG // COMPATIBILITY: Dell Precision 15-3520 3530 Series, Dell Latitude E5480 E5580 E5490 E5590,Dell Latitude 5280 5480 5490 5580 5590 Series,Dell Latitude 14-5491 Series,Dell Latitude 15-5591 15-5590 Series, (See Description Fit Laptop Models). // GREAT PRICE AND EASY TO INSTALL: Our GJKNX 5480 5580 5280 5590 5490 E5480 E5580 E5490 E5590 battery for Dell is much cheaper than an original store replacement and it works exactly as described. It is also easy to install and portable, you can take it on journey or anywhere, no need to worry about that. // OUR SERVICE: your repeat business is important for us, 24 x 7 Email Support,Fast Shipping from US, best price, products and service, 30 days money back guarantee, 24- Months Warranty!!!(The return window will be closed a month after you received the the product. CONTACT US, we will make it up and solve it more efficiently). // Battery Type: Li-ion Voltage: 7.6V Capacity: 68wh/8500mAh Cells: 4-Cell GJKNX, GD1JP, 0GD1JP, DY9NT, 0DY9NT, 5YHR4, 451-BBZG. Dell Precision 3520 Series Dell Precision 3530 Series Dell Latitude 5480 Series Dell Latitude 5580 Series Dell Latitude 5280 Series Dell Latitude 5288 Series Dell Latitude 5488 Series Dell Latitude 5490 Series Dell Latitude 5490-TD70X Series Dell Latitude 5491 Series Dell Latitude 5495 Series Dell Latitude 5580 Series(only with M.2 storage,NOT compatible with 5580 systems that use a 2.5 storage drive.) Dell Latitude 5590 Series Dell Latitude E5280 Series Dell Latitude E5288 Series Dell Latitude E5480 Series Dell Latitude E5580 Series Dell N038L5590-D1606CN, N038L5490-D1536FCN, N049L5590-D1616FCN, N001L5580-D1506KCN, N071L5490-D1516CN, N019L5580-D1566KCN, N085L5490-D1656CN, N035L5590-D1706FCN, N021L5580-D1516KCN, N078L5490-D1626FCN, N043L5590-D1516FCN, N029L5580-D1766FKCN, N092L5490-D1716FCN, N004L5580-D1556FKCN Series
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