2 Pinturas por Diamantes Kit Completo - 85NDHNFP

Modelo 85NDHNFP
Fabricante o sello Reofrey
Peso 0.40 Kg.
Precio:   $16,469.00
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-Titulo Original : Reofrey 2 Pack 5D Diamond Painting Kit Dog Full Drill, Puppy Animal Paint With Diamonds Art Billiard Poker Rhinestone Cross Stitch Craft Decor For Home Decoration (30x40 Cm/ 12x16 Inches)

-Fabricante :


-Descripcion Original:

[FULL DRILL] - 5D diamond art with full diamond design, full consideration of details, make your diamond art more complete, let you enjoy it more of the painting process, can participate in every corner of the picture. 20 square sections above the round drills to look shiny and the finished picture will form a three-dimensional effect on the original basis. // [DIAMONDS ART] - Our diamond paintings can provide you with a imaginative drawing canvas, suitable for all ages, everyone can become a designer. It can help the elderly to spend time, cultivate children's practical ability and patience, and relax your life. // [PERFECT GIFT] - Diamond painting is the perfect gift for birthdays and holidays, suitable for your family, friends and lovers. This hand-made gift will make them feel your love for them. // [UNIQUE DECORATION] - You can decorate your home. Can mount the finished product after hanging in the sitting room, study, bedroom to add artistic flavor, still can also tell your friends proudly when they visit your house, "This is my artwork!". Hang your finished diamond painting on the wall at home, you'll always enjoy it. // [PACKAGING and DIMENSIONS ] - Packaging with canvas, diamonds, toolset, clay. Please note that full diamond paintings do not include frames. Our size is the size of the entire canvas, including white space. // - It can help old people enjoy their time.Send them DIY diamond paintings to pass their leisure time. - Cultivate children's hands-on ability and patience.Let DIY diamond painting improve their understanding of color and aesthetic, cultivate children's hands-on ability and patience, so that they love the world more. - You can present your friends with finished diamond painting to express your heart, or present your friends with semi-finished product so that they can feel happiness and achievement from making diamond paintings. - This will be a special diamond crafts decoration, you can hang it in the living room, study, bedroom, house corridor, diamonds art will make your house full of life and fun, you will be proud when you see it Because it is made by you. *2 Canvas *2 Round diamond tray *2 Point diamond pen *2 Painting mud The various colors of diamonds needed for the product. 1. Open the packaging and take out of the canvas, diamond and tools. 2. Check the code number of diamonds and the corresponding symbol. 3. Stick the diamonds on the corresponding symbol of the canvas by the pen or tweezers. 4. After all symbol areas are stuck with diamonds, adjust the edge of diamonds by the ruler to regulate diamonds neatly, then use book or your hand to press diamonds properly to make it firm. 5. To complete a good diamond drawing, put it in your selection of a suitable framework. b0016
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