Almohadillas Auriculares CP800CP240 2 Pares 3.5mm Medium

Fabricante o sello SpinFit
Peso 0.08 Kg.
Precio:   $4,519.00
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-Titulo Original : SpinFit Special Pack CP800CP240 (Medium) - Patented Silicone Eartips For Replacement (2 Pairs) (3.5mm Nozzle Dia.)

-Fabricante :


-Descripcion Original:

SIZES: CP800/CP240 both offer Medium size in the special pack // QUANTITY: The package includes 2 pairs of silicone replacement eartips CP800 (single flange) + CP240 (double flange w/ inserts) // USES: Wide range of uses. Fits most earphones with soundport nozzle 3.0 mm ~ 3.5 mm. Including major earphone brands: Beyerdynamic Byron BT, Etymotic ER4XR, Harmon Kardon EP 710, 720, 730, Klipsch X11i, Massdrop Nuforce EDC iem, SHURE SE215, SE425, SE846, Ultrasone IQ, Westone W40, W60 and more. // DESIGN: Premium soft silicone eartips that swivels which provide outstanding and lasting comfort. Consistent Seal. Sound isolation and High-intensity listening. In-ear stability. Flexible, removable, reusable and durable (much more durable than foam ear tips). Perfect replacement for your stock eartips! // //
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