Bateria C31N1602 Asus ZenBook U3000U UX330 UX330U UX3 (YTL9)

Modelo 7Y2WYTL9
Fabricante o sello ZTHY
Peso 0.43 Kg.
Precio:   $56,299.00
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-Titulo Original : ZTHY C31N1602 Laptop Battery Replacement For Asus ZenBook U3000U UX330 UX330U UX330UA UX330UAK UX330UA-1A UX330UA-1B UX330UA-1C UX330UA-FB018R FB161T Series C31N16O2 0B200-02090000 11.55V 57Wh

-Fabricante :


-Descripcion Original:

【Specification】Battery type:Li-ion. Color: Black. Voltage: 11.55V. Capacity: 57Wh.100% New from Manufacturer. Up to 500 recharge cycles over the life of the battery. // 【Replace Part Number】C31N1602 C31N16O2 0B200-02090000 // 【Compatible Models】Asus ZenBook U3000U UX330 UX330U UX330UA UX330UAK UX330UA-1A UX330UA-1B UX330UA-1C UX330UA-FB018R UX330UA-FB161T Series. // 【Security】All ZTHY products are Certified by CE, FCC for safety. Strict guidelines for compatibility, and standards compliance for environment safety. // 【ZTHY Laptop Battery Return Policy】Rest assured with 30 days Refund and 12 months Warranty,also get our friendly customer service. // Welcome to ZTHY TECH INC We are a professional laptop battery, laptop adapter and all kinds of chargers manufacture. Dedicated to producing high quality products. We have professional sales team and after sales service group. To each of our customers with high quality products. We are always at your service. Wish you have a happy shopping experience and thank you for your trust! Why should I choose this battery? 1: High capacity circulatory function 2: Tested with strict quality control standards 3: Low power consumption IC design Read more Specification: Battery Type: Li-ion Battery Voltage: 11.55V Battery Capacity: 57Wh Battery Color: Black Read more Compatibility C31N1602 C31N16O2 0B200-02090000 Asus ZenBook U3000U Series, Asus ZenBook UX330 Series, Asus ZenBook UX330U Series, Asus ZenBook UX330UA Series, Asus ZenBook UX330UA-1A Series, Asus ZenBook UX330UA-1B Series, Asus ZenBook UX330UA-1C Series, Asus ZenBook UX330UA-FB018R Series, Asus ZenBook UX330UA-FB161T Series and more. Read more ZTHY laptop battery instruction: 1.Discharge the new battery use to 5%(not to 0%) and then charge to 95%, and cycle 3-4 times. 2.Do not disassemble, crush or puncture. Do not dispose of in fire or water. 3.If you remove battery for a long time, charge more than 80% at least one time within one months. 4.Don't connect adapter for a long time while using the battery. It may damage the battery. 5.When using the battery, care should be taken to prevent exposure and moisture. Read more Easy to deal a variety of use environment Install A New Battery: 1, You need to turn off your laptop and disconnect the power. 2, Disconnect the connection between the old battery and the motherboard to avoid unnecessary damage caused by disassembling the battery. Then unscrew the old battery screws one by one and carefully save each screw. 3, Remove the old battery, carefully install the new battery on the battery case, screw in the screw, and connect the wiring of the new battery. 4, If you don't understand the above steps, you can search for the video about laptop battery installation on YouTube. Maybe it will help you. Installing New Battery Frequently Asked Question Solution: Q: Why my computer didn't recognize this battery or I install this battery and it doesn't seem to work? A: The reason is residual power stored in the laptop components that was preventing the battery from working properly. Please disconnecting the old battery, and holding down the power button for 20 seconds, then connect the new battery. This drains the residual or flea power and once the laptop is reassembled the battery will function properly. The following are troubleshooting methods: 1.Turn off the laptop. 2.Unplug AC power. 3.Remove the battery. 4.Replace AC power. 5.Turn on laptop,allow OS to boot. 6.Once logged in to the machine,perform a normal shut donw. 7.Unplug AC power. 8.Replace battery. 9.Turn on laptop,allow os to boot. Read more
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