Spanish For Health Care [Rush, Patri] (Tapa Blanda)

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Fabricante o sello Prentice Hall
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-Autor: Rush, Patri
-Editorial: Prentice Hall
-Formato: Tapa Blanda
-Idioma: Español
-ISBN-13: 9780130409461
-Páginas: 364
-Dimensiones: cm. x cm. x cm.
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Using a real-world, no-frills approach, this volume helps readers quickly master need to know phrases and routines of the health care field--in Spanish. It focuses on communicative survival in the job environment using basic vocabulary essential to specific topics. Art, realia, photographs and brief dialogs reinforce needed terms. Una visita al medico. El cuerpo humano. Las dolencias. Las enfermedades graves. ¡Emergencia! La nutricion. La maternidad y la pediatria. Problemas de salud. En el hospital. ¿Adonde tengo que ir? For health care professionals working with Spanish-speaking populations. From the Back Cover Spanish for Health Care is the first book in the series Spanish at Work, published by Prentice Hall. This one-volume text integrates thematically related vocabulary, grammar, and culture and focuses students on pragmatic, real-world language. With an emphasis on learning to communicate appropriately in real-life situations, students master need-to-know phrases and vocabulary quickly and efficiently. Highlights: Spanish for Health Care contains an introductory chapter, 10 core chapters, and 2 review chapters. The modular format of the chapter is evenly paced. Each of the two modules contains two vocabulary and two grammar sections. Summary vocabulary lists are included at the end of each chapter. End-of-chapter synthesis activities provide ample opportunities for four-skills practice. Careful and consistent progression of activities enables students to internalize the material by providing enough practice for students to feel comfortable communicating in real-life situations. The readings in Algo mas represent a wide variety of Spanish-speaking cultures that relate to the chapter theme. Real-world activities follow each reading, connecting students to the world beyond the classroom. An audio CD-ROM program accompanies the student text. A workbook and Web site prenhall /rush provide abundant opportunities for more practice in formats that appeal to a variety of students. Also in the Spanish at Work series: Spanish for Business Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Purpose Occupational or vocational Spanish for general student access as a regularly scheduled class or contract training within organizations is one of the fastest-growing areas of language instruction throughout the country. Spanish at Work is an innovative, focused, and streamlined series designed to allow instructors to create and deliver pragmatic, real world language and culture training programs so that students can master need-to-know language. Each book in the series is self-contained: Vocabulary, grammar examples, practice activities, and cultural topics all relate to the occupational theme of the volume. Spanish for Health Care is the first of this series. Students, whether professionals already working in the field or career/goal-oriented students in an occupational training program, are presented key vocabulary in a comprehensible-input format, focusing on easily mastered core expressions. Art, realia, photographs, and brief dialogues, supported by brief grammar explanations, reinforce needed terms. In class, students will practice communicative survival using key vocabulary essential to each context to enable them to utilize their Spanish in the real world at work. Highlights of the Program Spanish for Health Care has ten chapters plus a brief preliminary lesson and two review chapters. Each lesson has two modules, each with two vocabulary segments and two grammar segments using the context-appropriate vocabulary. The lessons end with the vocabulary list and synthesis activities combining listening, speaking, reading, and writing. All exercises move from mechanical to production-oriented, following the logical progression of language acquisition. The final section, Algo mas, features a culturally informative reading and sends the student out to the real world to look for material tied to the
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