Tmj 1st Orthodontics Concepts, Mechanics, And Stability [Kazumi Ikeda ] (Tapa Dura)

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-Autor: Kazumi Ikeda
-Editorial: TOPNOTCH KIKAKU Ltd.
-Formato: Tapa Dura
-Idioma: Español
-ISBN-13: 9784901739016
-Páginas: 230
-Dimensiones: cm. x cm. x cm.
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TMJ 1st Orthodontics is a comprehensive orthodontic textbook that visually demonstrates the concept of executing foresighted orthodontic treatment while paying close attention to the TMJ condition and stability. The TMJ 1st Orthodontics approach is based on Dr. Ronald Roth’s emphasis on functional treatment goals in addition to the form and aesthetic-oriented goals in traditional orthodontics. Fundamental concepts, diagnostic processes, treatment planning and mechanics are visually explained with extensive illustrations, including cutting-edge TMJ imaging from MRI and CBCT. The book also offers insight into the relationship between TMJ health and mandibular growth and development in growing individuals. Numerous cases treated over 30 years of author’s clinical experience and their meticulous long-term records tangibly aid in understanding the TMJ 1st Orthodontics concept. -Numerous clinical cases and their meticulous long-term records demonstrate the TMJ 1st Orthodontics approach and its clinical application. -Over 2300 images including radiographs, clinical photos and illustrations allow intuitive understanding of the key concepts. -Cutting-edge TMJ imaging from MRI and CBCT throughout the book visually describes the diagnostic process, treatment and the associated changes within the joints. -The entire text is written by one author, allowing a coherent and well-organized presentation of the material over 20 chapters in 230 full-color pages. -References include latest orthodontic research that reinforces the clinical concepts.
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