Evidence Based Practice For Health Professionals [Howlett, Bernade] (Tapa Blanda)

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-Autor: Howlett, Bernade
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Evidence Based Practice for Health Professionals is included in the 2015 edition of the essential collection of Doody’s Core Titles. Evidence based practice (EBP) has become the standard in health care practice today. Evidence Based Practice for Health Professionals covers the fundamentals of applying medical evidence to clinical practice and discussing research findings with patients and fellow professionals. This essential text explains the basic concepts of EBP, its applications in health care, and how to interpret biostatistics and biomedical research. With examples derived from multiple health professions, Evidence Based Practice for Health Professionals teaches the skills needed to access and interpret research in order to successfully apply it to collaborative, patient-centered health care decisions. Students gain valuable practice with skill-building learning activities, such as explaining the evidence for treatments to patients, developing a standard of care, selecting a diagnostic tool, and designing community-based educational materials. Evidence-Based Practice for Health Professionals also helps prepare students to communicate knowledgeably with members of interprofessional healthcare teams as well as with pharmaceutical sales representatives. * Covers EBP fundamentals and their application to clinical practice * Teaches the skills needed to interpret medical research and apply it to patient care * Enables students to develop EBP skills with practical learning activities * Prepares students to communicate about medical evidence with patients and fellow professionals INSTRUCTOR RESOURCES * Instructor’s Manual * PowerPoint Presentations * Test Bank * Handouts Student Resources: Companion Website* *Each new copy of the textbook includes an access code for the Companion Website. Please note electronic formats/eBooks do not include access to the Companion Website. About the Author Bernadette Howlett is an author, consultant, and educator who teaches evidence-based practice as an adjunct faculty member. She has been the Director of a research institute and also a Chief Research Officer of a medical school. She was an associate professor and research coordinator for a physician assistant (PA) studies program. She is currently an affiliate faculty member with the Kasiska Division of Health Sciences at Idaho State University contracted to design and teach courses in evidence-based practice as well as interprofessional practice. She hastaught evidence-based medicine for 15 years and was the coordinator for a cumulative evaluation and a capstone assessment course in a physician assistant graduate program. She is an accomplished researcher and has a doctorate in adult and organizational learning. She is also an expert in online education. In addition to teaching in a graduate PA program, Dr. Howlett has also taught graduate-level classes for nurse practitioner, dental hygiene, and public health programs. She also taught a freshman seminar course for more than 10 years. Dr. Howlett has coordinated and designed clinical trials and has written numerous publications, national paper presentations, and international conference presentations. She is a recipient of the John L.V. Bobell Award for Outstanding Dedication and Devotion to the Field of Adult Learning from the American Society of Training and Development. Professor, Department of Dental Hygiene, Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho Physician Assistant, Boise, Idaho
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