Making Tinctures Beyond The Folk Method [Wisper, Th] (Tapa Blanda)

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-Autor: Wisper, Th
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Learn how to make herbal tinctures with more consistent potency and results than you get from making tinctures using the folk method. Go beyond the folk method, by learning the step by step process of the w/v method using formulas of strength and alcohol/water percentages. 46 formulas are included in this book! Learn how to find more formulas. Learn the equations that are used to determine what amounts of alcohol and water are needed for a specific herbal tincture. See how to use these equations in a spreadsheet to automate the calculations for each time you make a tincture. Written for all levels of herbalist, from the newbie to the Master Herbalist. I read it and thought it was very well done and would love to recommend it as a resource for our students and graduates. Dorene Petersen, President, American College of Healthcare Sciences
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