Hendees Radiation Therapy Physics [Pawlicki, T] (Tapa Dura)

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-Autor: Pawlicki, T
-Editorial: Wiley-Blackwell
-Formato: Tapa Dura
-Idioma: Español
-ISBN-13: 9780470376515
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The publication of this fourth edition, more than ten years on from the publication of Radiation Therapy Physics third edition, provides a comprehensive and valuable update to the educational offerings in this field. Led by a new team of highly esteemed authors, building on Dr Hendee’s tradition, Hendee’s Radiation Therapy Physics offers a succinctly written, fully modernised update. Radiation physics has undergone many changes in the past ten years: intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) has become a routine method of radiation treatment delivery, digital imaging has replaced film-screen imaging for localization and verification, image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) is frequently used, in many centers proton therapy has become a viable mode of radiation therapy, new approaches have been introduced to radiation therapy quality assurance and safety that focus more on process analysis rather than specific performance testing, and the explosion in patient-and machine-related data has necessitated an increased awareness of the role of informatics in radiation therapy. As such, this edition reflects the huge advances made over the last ten years. This book: Provides state of the art content throughout Contains four brand new chapters; image-guided therapy, proton radiation therapy, radiation therapy informatics, and quality and safety improvement Fully revised and expanded imaging chapter discusses the increased role of digital imaging and computed tomography (CT) simulation The chapter on quality and safety contains content in support of new residency training requirements Includes problem and answer sets for self-test This edition is essential reading for radiation oncologists in training, students of medical physics, medical dosimetry, and anyone interested in radiation therapy physics, quality, and safety. Review The book is well structured and gives an excellent overview on all practical aspects of modern radiotherapy and the physics involved. The many examples and problems allow for immediate check of the understanding of the text and make it fun to read. The new editors certainly did a very good job in carrying on the tradition of the original book Physica Medica, Feb 2017. The newly published fourth edition of Hendee’s Radiation Therapy Physics (Authors: Todd Pawlicki, Daniel J. Scanderbeg, George Starkschall) provides an updated overview, analysis and practical guidance of the various aspects of the radiation therapy physics. Published ten years after the publication of the third edition, this book reviews all newly introduced modalities and approaches in Radiation therapy - intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), digital imaging, CT simulation, proton therapy, radiation therapy informatics. An important part of the book is the focus on the professional approaches in radiation protection, patient safety, quality assurance, quality improvement and even training for residents. The book is written by experts in the field - all three authors are well known professionals working in the field of Radiation Physics and Radiation Medicine. Throughout this book the reader finds scientific, educational and practical information from the very basics of radiation physics to the latest achievements in the field of Radiation Therapy. Each chapter is well structured, giving a good balance between the theoretical and practical aspects. The appendix is dedicated to solving practical problems and provides professional advice, as well as self-tests......This book is both an excellent reference which will be useful in all medical physics departments and at the same time a perfect guidance material for professionals in related specialties. It continues very well the line set by Prof. William Hendee (past IOMP ExCom member). The Content and Structure of the book are excellent. These are really necessary for a book with such coverage and volume. Thefourth edition of Hendee
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