No More Heartburn Stop The Pain In 30 Days--naturally! The Safe, Effective Way To Prevent And Heal Chronic Gastrointestinal Disorders [Rogers, Sherry] (Tapa Blanda)

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-Autor: Rogers, Sherry
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Cure Heartburn and Indigestion Forever-Without Drugs! Did you know . . . * Traditional gastrointestinal treatment is virtually guaranteed to cause illness * Popular antacids and prescription acid blockers actually aggravate your condition * Bad breath can be a signal of a serious gastrointestinal disorder You’ve felt the burning, bloating, and painful gas of heartburn and indigestion. But you may not be aware that such pain may signal a far more serious medical condition, that left untreated, can lead to cancer. In this remarkable book, Dr. Sherry Rogers, a leading expert in drug-free gastrointestinal therapy, explains how you can pinpoint the causes of your stomach distress and offers easy-to-follow advice for creating an effective, personalized program for achieving and maintaining total gastrointestinal health. Unlike traditional therapies, which merely mask the symptoms and ignore the underlying causes, the cutting-edge methods detailed here go right to the root of the imbalance, ending years of chronic pain and illness and returning your body to its natural state of health-without the risks and side effects of prescription drugs. With sample menus of tasty, easy-to-prepare meals, clear, explanatory charts and tables, and an extensive list of gastrointestinal health resources, this is vital reading for anyone suffering the chronic agony of heartburn. About the Author Sherry A. Rogers, MD, specializes in environmental medicine. Her published works include No More Heartburn: The Safe, Effective Way to Prevent and Heal Chronic Gastrointestinal Disorders, Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?, Detoxify or Die, and The High Blood Pressure Hoax. Dr. Rogers has lectured throughout the world, from China to England, and continues to explore various illnesses influenced by environmental exposures.
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