Therapy In The Real World Effective Treatments For Challenging Problems [Boyd-Franklin, Na] (Tapa Blanda)

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-Autor: Boyd-Franklin, Na
-Editorial: The Guilford Press
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Helping beginning and experienced therapists cope with the myriad challenges of working in agencies, clinics, hospitals, and private practice, this book distills the leading theories and best practices in the field. The authors provide a clear approach to engaging diverse clients and building rapport; interweaving evidence-based techniques to meet therapeutic goals; and intervening effectively with individuals, families, groups, and larger systems. Practitioners will find tools for addressing the needs of their clients while caring for themselves and avoiding burnout; students will find a clear-headed framework for making use of the variety of approaches available in mental health practice. Review This groundbreaking book is a powerful and extremely relevant discussion of the real world of clinical practice today. It is a necessary addition to the library of every experienced and early career therapist and mental health practitioner. The book is also an excellent text for graduate-level courses seeking to provide students with a thorough overview of the mental health field.--Joseph L. White, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Psychiatry, University of California, Irvine Boyd-Franklin and her colleagues have written a landmark book that, for the first time, brings together multiple therapeutic modalities, multiculturalism, evidence-based practice, and recommendations for therapist self-care, in a highly accessible, engaging style. The volume provides therapists with the empirical basis for therapeutic interventions and with practical guidance for implementation. Both beginning and experienced therapists working in the real world will breathe a sigh of relief for the integration and wisdom the authors provide. I will use this as a core text in my family and couple therapy courses at the masters and doctoral levels.--Peter Fraenkel, PhD, Department of Psychology, The City College of the City University of New York This extremely helpful book offers practitioners a readable and comprehensive primer for current, culturally sensitive clinical practice. It incorporates a strong focus on dealing with the diversity of the cases that present for mental health services. And it makes accessible for marginalized populations the latest modalities: cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, mindfulness- and acceptance-based approaches, motivational interviewing, recovery approaches, and others. Outstanding case examples illustrate ways to effectively counter societal discontinuities and fragmented services for multi-needs clients. The guidelines for supervision and therapist self-care are clear and useful. This is a book that all those entering the profession will want to have as a guide.--Monica McGoldrick, LCSW, PhD (h.c.), Director, Multicultural Family Institute, Highland Park, New Jersey I used this book in my second-year Advanced Clinical Practice course, and my students liked it. It is one of the most useful and appropriate books Ive seen for teaching social work students about the wide spectrum of evidence-based practice issues. Readers are given the opportunity to explore skills, practice models, and theoretical frameworks, within a contemporary lens that incorporates culture and diversity. I appreciate the coverage of clinician self-care and the importance of awareness of burnout in our field.--Oren Shtayermman, PhD, MSW, School of Social Work, Portland State University You have to be robust to work well in front-line mental health services. This book is a companion, and a very valuable one. It builds bridges, clarifies commonalities across treatments, and helps you to approach complex scenarios with awareness of what might make a difference to the lives of people from diverse backgrounds. The authors are champions of compassionate and competent practice. This book is a considerable achievement.--Stephen Rollnick, PhD, School of Medicine, Cardiff University, W
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