Lean And Strong Eating Skills, Psychology, And Workouts [Hillis, J] (Tapa Blanda)

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-Autor: Hillis, J
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-ISBN-13: 9781931046404
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The biggest problem in the fitness industry is that it keeps creating products and programs for trainers and athletes, and then marketing those programs to regular folks. Look, the super optimized macro program a fitness model uses to drop to superhuman bodyfat percentages, or that a pro athlete uses to compete at the highest level has NOTHING to do with the problem most folks have with snacking in the afternoon when theyre stressed out. They’re entirely unrelated. They need completely different tool sets. And there really aren’t any effective programs or tools for the person whos stress snacking, or doesn’t know why she’s hungry all the time. The other 90% of us are a completely under-served market. The goal with this book was to bring advanced tools to solve the problems most people really have, all the different ways people feel they aren’t in the driver’s seat with their eating. And thats what its about: Eating skills put you in the drivers seat with your eating choices. The strength program works really well as a pair with it because it’s such a good metaphor for practicing eating skills. Eating skills have more to do with strength training or practicing an instrument than they do with dieting or rule following. And, of course, getting stronger can do really cool things for how we relate to our bodies. This book is about expanding the reach of fitness pros. Instead of helping the fittest folks get a little fitter, it’s full of effective tools we can make available for a much broader pool of people.
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