The High Triglycerides Diet The Ultimate Guide To Lowering Your Triglycerides [Keating, A] (Tapa Blanda)

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If your blood test result says you should rethink the consumption of fatty stuff, it is time for some major dietary changes. Living with elevated triglyceride levels can be dangerous to your overall health, but not everyone needs medication to knock down these unhealthy fats. A simple change in the way you eat and live is all it takes for you to join the heart healthy. Curious about how to bring your triglycerides back to their normal range? This book covers everything you need to know: Understanding triglycerides and their function Detecting and diagnosing triglycerides The connection between cholesterol and triglycerides Simple lifestyle changes that lower triglycerides A glimpse into the Mediterranean diet A detailed list of foods you shouldn’t be eating A detailed list of foods that lower the triglycerides Common myths about triglyceride-increasing foods debunked The ultimate cooking tips that contribute to the drop of triglycerides A full 21-day meal plan to get you started Eating to lower triglycerides is neither tasteless nor boring. This book offers you tons of irresistible and delightful meal ideas and ensures that you will be both healthy and satisfied. Ready to take the plunge and healthify your diet? The beginning of your journey to your healthy heart is just a click away.
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