Complete Herb List Guide Over 100 Herbs; Their Benefits And Effects On The Immune System, Brain, Ageing, Bodybuilding And More [Otote, P] (Tapa Blanda)

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-Autor: Otote, P
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Herbs can heal and rejuvenate but the art of herbalism is not understood as much as it should be; especially amongst generation Y and Z. This book aims to change that. It takes the reader on a journey including: History of herbs Menstrual benefits Bodybuilding benefits Anti inflammation Fasting & fasting with herbs Anti Ageing This guide is jam packed with information and helps the beginner understand herbs, how they impact the body and their potential impacts on the nervous system, weight loss, digestion, inflammation and more. Including a revolutionary tickbox system that categorises over 100 herbs. It is written in a witty and personable way that is enjoyable, easy to understand and digest. There is something to learn on each page. Written by Paul Otote. Paul is a trained herbalist, nutritionist, entrepreneur, bodybuilder and founder DunguBook. He is also the author of Vegan Bodybuilding Made Easy and Complete Nutrient List Guide For Vegans.
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