Migraine Journal Headache Book, Migraine Headache Log, Chronic Headache/migraine Management. Record Location, Severity, Duration, Triggers, Relief ... Symptoms & Notes, Black Cover (volume 25) [Publishing, Rogue P] (Tapa Blanda)

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Migraines? Recording your headache activity should not cause you any headaches anymore. Our migraine journal can help you keep track of any patterns and triggers to show your healthcare physician to come up with the best treatment plan. With 100 pages, there are 2 sections in this book: Section One is a master log to record information of- Date of Headache -Suspected Trigger (What caused it?) -Duration (How long did it last?) -Intensity (Was it mild, moderate or severe?) -Relieved By (What helped? Rest, Medication or other.) Section Two is a place to write more detailed information about each incident in case you need to reference each headache more thoroughly. Here are more features of our journal: USEFUL & CONVENIENT - Simple and easy to use, the pages are ready and waiting to be filled. It’s a fuss-free journal and easy to fill out with the necessary information. A NOTEBOOK BUILT TO LAST- We want your journal to last a long time so you can always look back on your previous entries without the worry that it will fall apart. The sturdy cover is made of tough paperback with strong, secure professional trade binding so the pages won’t fall out after a few months of use. WELL-CRAFTED INTERIOR- We used only thick, white paper to avoid ink bleed-through. PERFECT SIZE- With its 15.24 x 22.86 cm (6 x 9) dimensions, you can squeeze it into a purse with ease. It’s easier to transport, the perfect size- easy to carry! COOL COVERS!- To top it all, we have an array of cover designs for you to choose from. Get inspired by our collection of truly creative book covers. We stand for quality and aim to provide the best writing experience with our notebooks. Start your own journal that will allow you to track all pertinent headache information for your doctor. About the Author Rogue Plus Publishing publishes a wide variety of journals, diaries, log books, address books and more. We have an array of cover designs for you to choose from. Get inspired by our collection of truly creative books and book covers.
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