The New Carbohydrate, Fat, Protein & Calories Counter Easy-to-follow Guide For Beginners On Keto Diet, Atkins Diet, Paleo Diet. With Glycemic Index And Glycemic Load Tables. [Maher, Dr.] (Tapa Blanda)

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-Autor: Maher, Dr.
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The NEW Carbohydrate, Fat, Protein & Calorie Counter is a simple, powerful, easy-to-follow, and complete guide to a healthy weight loss and health management diets counting. This go-to reference has everything you need to know to use the Net Carb grams count, Fat grams count, the Protein grams count, Calories, Fiber grams count, Glycemic index, Glycemic load, sodium milligrams count whether you are trying to lose weight, prevent weight gain or manage a chronic disease like diabetes, hypertension. The GI and GL tables provide a comprehensive list of foods with their glycemic index and glycemic load values to unlock the health benefits of a low GI / low carb diet. This book also provides nutritional data for more than 6,500 popular foods, guidelines for choosing healthy fats, fatty acids, and proteins. The NEW Carbohydrate, Fat, Protein & Calorie Counter provides the following for more than 6500 foods commonly eaten: Calorie counts Carbohydrate grams Net Carbohydrates grams Protein grams Fiber grams Fat grams Cholesterol milligrams Sodium milligrams
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