Herbal Medicine From The Heart Of The Earth [Sharol Marie Tilgner] (Tapa Blanda)

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-Autor: Sharol Marie Tilgner
-Editorial: Wise Acres LLC
-Formato: Tapa Blanda
-Idioma: Español
-ISBN-13: 9781881517054
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Written by the founder of Wise Woman Herbals, who shares all her herbal secrets gained from 30 years of experience as a clinician, herb farmer, herbal remedy maker and lover of herbs. Please see the second edition of this book for all the wonderful past reviews. This 3rd edition is simply bigger and better than the 2nd one. Please review this new book so others will know what to expect from it. An encyclopedia of 190 Herbs to know, use in formulas and make into healing herbal remedies or products. Learn to use these herbs in formulas or recipes for the most common health conditions. Learn which part of each herb is used, how it tastes and smells, tendencies of the herb, actions of the herb, dose, active herbal constituents, contraindications, as well as information on interactions with drugs is included. An introduction to herbal medicine product forms comparing the advantages and disadvantages of herbal tinctures, glycerites, capsules, salves, suppositories, steam inhalations, poultices, teas and many others. Herbal Formulations and recipes include doses for most common ailments with explanations of why each herb is in the formula. A detailed description of how to make the most common classifications of herbal products. How to harvest and collect herbs. How to preserve herbs. How to make herbal extracts. How to make tinctures. How to make salves. How to make herbal oils. How to make poultices. How to make steam inhalations. How to make glycerites. How to make elixirs. How to make herbal baths. How to make herbal capsules. How to make herbal suppositories. Materia Medica of 190 herbs. Chart for harvesting. Chart for dosing. Chart for making tinctures. Chart for how long your tincture will last at a set dose. Dictionary of herbal properties and actions. Dictionary of herbal preparations. Scientific citations to support the information. An herb book of remedies and recipes that will become a cherished reference. An herbal reference guide for the herbalist, nurse, physician, pharmacist, or lay person who wants a textbook level education on herbal remedies. A resource to help practitioners integrate herbal therapy into their practice with clients or patients. Review As a busy naturopathic physician who sees a wide range of patients, I found Dr. Tilgners book invaluable in researching effective formulas. Combining both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine perspectives, this book will be useful to traditional herbalists as well as TCM practitioners. This would be a primary reference book for conventional medical offices who seek to work with their patients using natural therapies. But Herbal Medicine is not just for the professional. Dr. Tilgners straight-forward writing style makes the book easy to use for those new to herbal remedies. Instructions on how and when to take, and not take, the herbs are clear and meet high standards for safe use. The directions for concocting and using formulas are concise. And I know from using them in my practice, the formulas are extremely effective. The section on making tinctures, salves, teas and capsules provides clear instructions and information for either creating your own remedies at home, or working in an herbal pharmacy. If you have to get one book on herbal medicine, this is it! No one who uses natural medicine should be without Herbal Medicine from the Heart of the Earth. It just as appropriate on the bookshelf of any family or individual interested in safe and effective self-care as it is in the office of a professional health care provider. --Dr. Pamela L. Taylor Herbal Medicine From The Heart of the Earth is broad enough in scope that it contains within it material enough for three books; One is an introduction to herbal medicine making and materia medica, a second on the art of herbal formulation and dosing, and finally a review o
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