Be A Badass With A Good Ass Daily Food And Exercise Journal - 90 Day Weight Loss Journal [Creative, Nik] (Tapa Blanda)

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-Autor: Creative, Nik
-Editorial: Independently Published
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-Idioma: Español
-ISBN-13: 9781072644828
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Ready To Reach Your Weight Loss Goals? Are you committed to eating healthier? Are you committed to working out and getting into better shape? Do you want to track your meals, your workouts, and weight loss journey? Then this weight loss journal is just for you! This 90 day food and exercise journal is perfect for recording your meals, exercise, weight, and inches lost - you can even rate your hunger and become more mindful about your eating habits. Can keeping a food journal actually help someone trying to lose weight? Yes! Several studies have shown that people who keep food journals lose on average twice as much weight as people who dont record what theyre eating at all. There are several reasons for this, one reason is that by writing things down, people become much more aware of how much theyre actually eating. And then of course there is accountability, if you write it down, then you have to acknowledge that you really did eat an entire bag of potato chips, and you didnt just eat a few potato chips! Food Journal Features : Record your daily food intake with plenty of space to jot down breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Rate your hunger on a Hunger Scale so you can re-learn mindful eating. Monitor your daily water intake and other beverage consumption. Keep track of your daily exercise/activity. Monitor your cravings and how you respond to them. Every day youll reflect upon your progress and challenges so you can evaluate how you can improve moving forward. Weekly body measurement charts. Small enough to fit in your purse for record keeping at work or on the go. If youre ready to take action and set yourself up for success - get your personal 90 Day Food and Exercise Journal today - so youre more likely to lose weight and keep it off! Order yours now!
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