Disco Sierra FREUD borde cónica 125 mm x 24 t (LI25M31FB3)

Fabricante o sello Freud
Peso 0.85 Kg.
Precio:   $20,209.00
Si compra hoy, este producto se despachara y/o entregara entre el 03-06-2020 y el 11-06-2020
-Titulo Original : Freud 125 Mm X 24t Conical Scoring (li25m31fb3)

-Fabricante :


-Descripcion Original:

ATB 6° tooth with positive cutting angle. // Silver I.C.E. Coating prevents build up on the blade surface and keeps the blade running cooler and cleaner // Freud is one of the few manufacturers of woodworking tools in the world that produces its own Micrograin Carbide for each tool application. 125 mm Blade Diameter, 22 Arbor, 24 Teeth, Conical Grind, 3.1-4.3 Kerf (K), 0° Hook Angle, 2.2 Plate (P) Ideal For: Scoring sawblades for cutting coated panels, on sizing machines. Application: To score the coating on bilaminated panels. Made In Italy.
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