Disco Sierra AMANA MB14108 Melamina de doble cara con bord

Modelo 00B5KA0O
Fabricante o sello AMANA TOOL
Peso 0.85 Kg.
Precio:   $42,569.00
Si compra hoy, este producto se despachara y/o entregara entre el 07-06-2020 y el 15-06-2020
-Titulo Original : Amana Tool - Mb14108 Carbide Tipped Double-face Melamine 14 Dia X 108t H-atb, -6 Deg

-Fabricante :

Amana Tool

-Descripcion Original:

(D) diameter: 14 (350mm) // Teeth: 108 // (D) Bore: 1 // Tooth grind: Hi-ATB // Hook angle: -6° // Designed specifically to cut melamine, this blade does just that without chipping on the top or bottom edges. (Your Table saw must be properly tuned, of course.), the special high-atb grind (with 25° bevels) slices cleanly through fragile surface coatings like melamine and laminate. Coupled with a thick, heavy-duty plate for added stability, This blade produces extremely smooth cuts. It is easily resharpened., #MB14108, (D) diameter: 14 (350mm), teeth: 108, (D) bore: 1, tooth grind: Hi-ATB, hook angle: -6°, kerf (B): .126 (3.2mm), Plate (C): .102 (2.6mm), MB14108 carbide Tipped double-face melamine 14 inch dia X 108T Hi-ATB, -6 deg, 1 inch bore
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