Bateria J1KND 11.1V 48Wh Dell Inspiron N5110 M5040 N5010 N70

Modelo 7TZ3Q76J
Fabricante o sello TCORE
Peso 0.39 Kg.
Precio:   $8,769.00
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-Titulo Original : J1KND Laptop Battery 11.1V 48Wh Compatible with Dell Inspiron N5110 M5040 N5010 N7010 N4110 N7110 N4050 N4010 N5050 N5040 N5030 M5010 M5110 N3010,Vostro 1450 1440 1540 1550 3750 3550 3450 0JXFRP 9T48V

-Fabricante :


-Descripcion Original:

POWER SPECS: Type: J1KND, Capacity: 48Wh, Voltage: 11.1V, Battery type: 6 A+ Cells / Lithium-Ion, 100% brand new. We have concentrated on the laptop batteries production for more than twenty years. We are professional in laptop batteries. You can use it safely and buy it with confidence at any time. // COMPATIBLE PART NUMBERS: J1KND 0JXFRP 04YRJH 9T48V 0GK2X6 07XFJJ TKV2V 0W7H3N 8NH55 JXFRP 4YRJH YXVK2 08NH55 W7H3N 4T7JN 06P6PN 383CW 9TCXN FMHC10 312-1205 312-1201 312-0234 312-0233 451-11510. // COMPATIBLE MODELS: Dell Vostro 1440 1450 1540 1550 3450 3550 3555 3750 Series, Dell Inspiron 13R N3010 N3010D N3010R N3110 Series, 14R N4010 N4010D N4010R N4110 N4040 N4050 M4040 M411R Series, 15R N5010 N5010D N5010R N5011 N5011R N5020 N5030 N5030D N5030R N5040 N5050 N5110 M501 M501R M501D M5010 M5010D M5010R M5110 M5020 M5030 M5030D M5030R M5040 Series, Dell Inspiron 17R N7010 N7010D N7010R N7011 N7110 Series, Dell Inspiron 3520 3420 Series. // TOP QUALITY MATERIAL THAT LASTS AND EASY TO INSTALL: Our J1KND battery for Dell is an upgraded version. In order to increase the operating time, our batteries are assembled from top quality material to ensure fast charges and low power consumption. It works exactly as described. It is easy to install, no need to worry about that. It is also portable and you can take it along on the journey or any other places. // 30 DAYS FREE TRIAL AND 24 MONTHS FREE EXCHANGE: 30 Days no-questions-asked full money back and 24 Months Free Exchange Guarantee. The return window will be closed a month after you received the the product. CONTACT US, we will make it up and solve it more efficiently. We have warehouses in NY, make sure that you could have a high-quality after-sales service. Press [CTRL + F] to search your laptop model/part number. // Welcome to TCORE's store! We have concentrated on laptop battery production for more than twenty years. We promise that our batteries are selt directly from the factory to the customers. You can use it safely. J1KND 11.1V 48Wh 6 A+ cells / Lithium-ion 100% Brand New J1KND 0JXFRP 04YRJH 9T48V 0GK2X6 07XFJJ TKV2V 0W7H3N 8NH55 JXFRP 4YRJH YXVK2 08NH55 W7H3N 4T7JN 06P6PN 383CW 9TCXN 312-1205 312-1201 312-0234 312-0233 451-11510 FMHC10 N3010D-148 N3010D-168 N3010D-178 N3010D-248 N3010D-268 3010-D330 3010-D370HK 3010-D370TW 3010-D381 3010-D430 3010-D460HK 3010-D460TW 3010-D480 3010-D52 3010-D621 Dell INS13RD-348 INS13RD-448 INS13RD-448LR Dell Inspiron 13R T510432TW T510431TW N4010D-158 N4010D158 N4010D-248 N4010D-258 4010-D330 4010-D370HK 4010-D370TW 4010-D381 4010-D382 4010-D430 4010-D460HK 4010-D460TW 4010-D480 4010-D520 Dell INS14RD-438 INS14RD-448B INS14RD-458 Dell Inspiron 14R T510401TW T510402TW T510403TW N5010D-148 N5010D-168 N5010D-258 N5010D-278 5010-D330 5010-D370HK 5010-D382 5010-D430 5010-D460HK 5010-D480 5010-D481 5010-D520 Dell INS15RD-458B INS15RD-488
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