Otter Wax Saddle Soap | 5 oz | Limpiador de cuero universal

Modelo 05PQQH2O
Fabricante o sello OTTER WAX
Peso 0.30 Kg.
Precio:   $105,829.00
Si compra hoy, este producto se despachara y/o entregara entre el 01-05-2024 y el 09-05-2024
-Titulo Original : Otter Wax Saddle Soap | 5 oz | Limpiador de cuero universal totalmente natural | Hecho en EE.UU

-Fabricante :


-Descripcion Original:

Beeswax and Castile Soap Leather Cleanser // Non-Toxic, No Silicone, No Petroleum // All-Natural Ingredients // Great for use on Leather Shoes, Hats, Bags, Furniture, Auto Interiors, & More // Gently Cleans, Restores Moisture, and Revives Leather // Specially formulated using a proprietary blend of all-natural beeswax, castile soap, and essential oils, Saddle Soap gently cleans, protects, and revives leather. Made without harsh detergents, chemicals, or dyes, this product is safe to use on all types and colors of leather. After cleaning or applying product, you will usually experience temporary darkening. This is completely normal, and leather will return to original coloration within a few days.
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