Courage Rising (# 16 in The Bregdan Chronicles Historical Fiction Romance Series) [Dye, Ginny] (Tapa Blanda)

Modelo 9781086203707
Fabricante o sello Oxford University Press
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-Autor: Dye, Ginny
-Editorial: Independently published
-Formato: Tapa Blanda
-Idioma: Español
-ISBN-13: 9781086203707
-Páginas: 513
-Dimensiones: 20.32cm. x 13.34cm. x 2.95cm.
-Peso (kg.): 0.58


#15 in The Bregdan Chronicles by BestSelling Author, Ginny Dye.  The newly formed Bregdan Medical Clinic faces a challenge no one anticipated.  Carrie, Janie and Elizabeth are forced to make unimaginable choices.Carrie deals with another loss that shatters her heart.Florence and Silas, flush with the excitement of starting a practice in Paris, are embroiled in a new nightmare.Rose is presented an impossible choice by the Virginia Board of Education, but also welcomes two new teachers who guarantee to change life on the plantation. Marietta, eager to visit the plantation with the twins, faces the bigotry that sent her and Jeremy north.Abby and Thomas are caught up in violence in New York City as America struggles to deal with the huge influx of immigrants.When everyone really just wants a simple, clear future, each person finds they have to search for the courage to keep moving forward.How many books will be in the Bregdan Chronicles? No one knows yet… Ginny intends to write these character's stories, one year at a time, for as long as she is able to write. She is passionate about bringing history to life through historical fiction. Since she is amazingly healthy, that could be for a very long time! She doesn’t like stories to end any more than you do. This one won't end for a very long time!
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