Microfono De Condensador Usb De Escritorio Ak-6 De Aokeo, Mejor Para Transmision En Vivo, Transmision, Skype, Youtube, G

Modelo 763TQNX2
Fabricante o sello AOKEO
Peso 0.63 Kg.
Precio:   $10,659.00
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-Titulo Original : Aokeo's AK-6 Desktop USB Condenser Microphone, Best For Live Podcasting, Broadcasting, Skype, YouTube, Recording, Singing, Streaming, Video Call, Conference, Gaming, Etc. With Mount Stand, Plug & Play

-Fabricante :


-Descripcion Original:

The Cable is updated to Majestic Blue. The Sample Rate and Bit Rate, up to 192kHz and 24bit separately, are higher than most of USB microphones’ in such low price in the marketplace, even blue, rode. USB Mic, featured 192000 samples of audio per second, means fast, sexy, full-bodied, rich voice. The logo on the face of the Mic indicates the front of the microphone, and the pick-up area of the cardioid pattern. // PLUG&PLAY - CATCH INSPIRATION: Just simply plug the USB cable into all kinds of PCs: Windows 8, Windows 7 (no driver required), Windows Vista, XP Home Edition or XP Professional, Windows and Mac OS and Linux OX and wear the in-earphone (included) for monitoring your voice in network chatting, Voiceover, Podcast, Facetime, YouTube, Skype, WhatsApp, MSN, Yahoo Recording, singing on Internet or karaoke, League of Legends (LOL), Hearthstone, Gaming, Etc // ADVANCED IN-BUILT REVERB CHIP, HEADPHONE OUTPUT SOCKET FOR REAL-TIME MONITORING: To perform as a professional musical instrument, the reverb chip, as the core of a condenser USB microphone, is made with the latest and the most compatible digital audio configuration by our own R&D team. This is the difference between AOKEO USB MICROPHONE and any others. High-quality components and meticulous engineering ensure the AOKEO USB Microphone offers remarkably clear, professional audio reproduction // SPEAK OUT YOUR DREAM CLEARLY, COMPATIBLE WITH BOOM ARM: No matter in playing games or recording videos online, a rustle and low sensitive microphone tool embarrassed you, which can’t stand, but AOKEO sensitive, clear, crisp and high-end USB MICROPHONE (Compatible with AOKEO's AK-35 and others by AOKEO) to show your taste and professional, with a frequency response of 35Hz - 18kHz and a sensitivity of -44 +/-3d (0dB= 1V/Pa @ 1khz. Accurate input and Real-time transmission allow you show yourself at will // HIGH-CLASS PODCAST KIT INCLUDES, THE BEST GIFT: (1) Aokeo's AK-6 USB Condenser Microphone + (1) Pair of Blue In-Earphone (BONUS)+ (1) Butterfly Clip Holder + (1) Desktop Tripod Stand + (1) USB Cable + (1) Manual *NOTE: Bonus Features: Mute Button - Mute Headphones to give more power to microphone for better sound quality.* // Package content usb cord condenser microphone tripod stand headphones user manual high steel, microphone holder Aokeo's usb condenser microphone is best suited for chatting, music, recording, singing, pod-casting, online tutorials, live performance, streaming, videos, gaming, home studio recording - vocals, home studio recording - guitar, voice-over use, etc. The usb microphones available that offer high-quality recordings and plug directly into your computer. This microphone work with any recording software or communication platform, so you don't have to download special drivers or tools. The microphone has an independent headphone output interface, support the earplugs or headphone for monitoring. Additionally, the microphone has volume switches to perfect your lovely vocal voice in clarity. An added function, we build the microphone with mute button, so you can mute your microphone at anytime for any occasions or events that occurred during the time of recording or speaking toward the microphone.
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