Bateria Lenovo 24wh 68 0c52861 45n1124 45n1775 45n1126 45n1127 Para Lenovo Thinkpad X240 X240s X250 X260 X270 T440 T440s

Modelo 757NM7ZS
Fabricante o sello SANISI
Peso 0.30 Kg.
Precio:   $11,259.00
Si compra hoy, este producto se despachara y/o entregara entre el 29-09-2020 y el 07-10-2020
-Titulo Original : SANISI Lenovo 24WH 68 Notebook Battery 0C52861 45N1124 45N1775 45N1126 45N1127 for Lenovo ThinkPad X240 X240S X250 X260 X270 T440 T440S T450 T450S T460 T460P T470P T550 T560 W550 L450 L460 etc

-Fabricante :


-Descripcion Original:

Battery Type : 3 Cell Lithium-Ion // Voltage &Capacity :11.1V 24WH 2.09AH or 11.4V 24WH 2.06Ah // Warranty: you can return SANISI Battery products within 12 months if you dislike it for any reason , we give back refund // SANISI Concept: Customer is god , Product Quality and Service must be perfect ! We do let every customer feel satisfied // Package Contents: 1 pcs Brand New Battery // *This 3cell Battery for Lenovo Thinkpad 68 is compatible with X240, X240S ,X250 ,T440, T440S ,T450,T450S,T460, T460P, T470P, T550, T560, W550, L450 ,L460 systems * This battery utilises Lithium-Ion technology and allows you to stay unplugged longer, providing the longest possible battery life. The battery can provide power for approximately 24 watt hours and it is rechargeable. A safe flow of power is ensured by the over-discharge protection, which prevents damage due to incorrect voltage. * Battery life differs due to a multitude of factors, including: features, battery conditioning, power management, applications, screen brightness, and other customer preferences. * Battery energy (Watt-hours): 24Wh Battery Safeguard chip authenticates with Lenovo systems. 0C52861,45N1124,45N1775,45N1126 ,45N1127 LENOVO ThinkPadX240 X240S X250 X260 X270 T440 T440S T450 T450S T460 T460P T470P T550 T560 W550 L450 L460 etc
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