Bateria Para Asus X550 A41-x550 A41-x550a F550 K550 A550 F552 K450 P450 P550 R409 R510 X452 Series Li-ion 4 Celdas 15v 2

Modelo 757M8KLN
Fabricante o sello POWEROST
Peso 0.26 Kg.
Precio:   $7,289.00
Si compra hoy, este producto se despachara y/o entregara entre el 28-10-2020 y el 05-11-2020
-Titulo Original : Powerost High Performance Laptop Battery for Asus X550 A41-X550 A41-X550A F550 K550 A550 F552 K450 P450 P550 R409 R510 X452 Series [Li-ion 4-Cell 15V 2950mAh/44Wh]

-Fabricante :


-Descripcion Original:

Battery type: Li-ion; Capacity: 2950mAh/44Wh; Cells: 4-cell; Voltage: 15V. // 100% New from Manufacturer. High Performance; Up to 600 recharge cycles over the life of the battery. // CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified for safety. 24 x 7 email support, 12-month hassle-free warranty. // Grade A high capacity cells ensure low power consumption and Long standby; Built-in circuit protection ensures both safety and stability. // Operation time: Around 3-5 hours, the actual operation time will depend on how much electricity is required by the device and how you use it. // Powerost is a leading high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service of laptop battery pack and AC adapters. With 15 years’ precipitation and accumulation in this industry, to making each purchase Powerost brand products’ customers, can experience high quality products and distinguished service. A550 Series A550, A550C, A550Ca, A550Cc, A550L, A550La, A550Lb, A550Lc, A550V, A550Vb, A550Vc Asus F550 Series F550, F550C, F550Ca, F550Cc, F550Dp, F550E, F550Ea, F550L, F550La, F550Lb, F550Lc, F550V, F550Vb, F550Vc Asus F552 Series F552, F552C, F552Cl, F552E, F552Ea, F552Ep, F552V, F552Vl Asus K450 Series K450, K450C, K450Ca, K450Cc, K450L, K450La, K450Lb, K450Lc, K450V, K450Vb, K450Vc, K450Ve Asus K550 Series K550, K550C, K550Ca, K550Cc, K550L, K550La, K550Lb, K550Lc, K550V, K550Vb, K550Vc Asus P450 Series P450, P450C, P450Ca, P450Cc, P450L, P450La, P450Lb, P450Lc, P450V, P450Vb, P450Vc Asus P550 Series P550, P550C, P550Ca, P550Cc, P550L, P550La, P550Lc Asus R409 Series R409, R409C, R409Ca, R409Cc, R409L, R409La, R409Lb, R409Lc, R409V, R409Vb, R409Vc, R409Ve Asus R510 Series R510, R510C, R510Ca, R510Cc, R510D, R510Dp, R510E, R510Ea, R510L, R510La, R510Lb, R510Lc, R510V, R510Vb, R510Vc Asus X452 Series X452, X452C, X452Cp, X452E, X452Ea, X452Ep Asus X550 Series X550, X550A, X550C, X550Ca, X550Cc, X550Cl, X550D, X550E, X550X X550 / X550A / X550B / X550D / A41-X550 / A550C 12-Month Warranty Ship next business day 24 x 7 Email Support
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