The Wizard Of Oz: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Modelo 794043158711
Fabricante o sello WaterTower Music
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-Artista: Soundtrack
-Formato: Audio CD
-Sello: WaterTower Music
-Edicion: 75th Anniversary ed.
-Detalle: Soundtrack
-Discos: 1
-Fecha de Lanzamiento: 2014-01-28


Disco: 1
1: Main Title - M-G-M Studio Orchestra & Chorus
2: Over The Rainbow - Judy Garland
3: Cyclone - M-G-M Studio Orchestra
4: Come Out, Come Out... - Billie Burke & The Munchkins
5: It Really Was No Miracle - Judy Garland/Billy Bletcher & The Munchkins
6: We Thank You very Sweetly - Joseph Koziel/Frank Cucksey
7: Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead - The Munchkins
8: As Mayor of the Munchkin City - Billy Bletcher/Pinto Colveg/J.D Jewkes
9: As Coroner, I Must Aver - Harry Stanton
10: Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead (reprise) - The Munchkins
11: The Lullaby League - Lorraine Bridges/Betty Rome/Carol Tevis
12: The Lollipop Guild - Billy Bletcher/Pinto Colveg/Harry Stanton
13: We Welcome You to Munchkinland - The Munchkins
14: Follow the Yellow Brick Road/You're Off to See the Wizard - Judy Garland/The Munchkins
15: If I Only Had A Brain (extended version) - Ray Bolger/Judy Garland
16: We're Off To See The Wizard (duo) - Judy Garland/Ray Boger
17: If I Only Had A Heart (extended version) - Judy Garland/Ray Bolger
18: We're Off To See The Wizard (trio) - Bert Lahr/Ray Bolger,Buddy Ebsen
19: If I only had the Nerve - Ray Bolger/Jack Haley/Judy Garland
20: We're Off To See The Wizard (quartet) - Judy Garland/Roy Bolger/Buddy Ebsen/Bert Lahr
21: Optimistic Voices - M-G-M Studio Orchestra/The Debutantes/The Rhythmettes
22: The Merry Old Land Of Ozz - Frank Morgan/Judy Garland/Ray Bolger/Jack Haley/Bert Lahr/Tyler Brook/Ralph Sudam/Boby Watson/Ol....
23: If I were King of The Forest (extended version) - Bert Lahr/Judy Garland/Ray Bolger/Jack Haley/Buddy Ebsen
24: The Jitterbug (outtake) - Judy Garland/Ray Bolger/Jack Haley/Buddy Ebsen/Bert Lahr
25: Ding Dong! Emerald City (outtake) - Ken Darby/The M-G-M Studio Orchestra & Chorus
26: Delirious Escape (extended version)/Delirous Escape Continued/End Title - The M-G-M Studio Orchestra
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