The Havamal [Gorgani, Cyrus] (Tapa Blanda)

Modelo 978173267051X
Fabricante o sello Jessica Jones Wilbanks
Peso 0.26 Kg.
Precio:   $2,289.00 $1,849.00
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-Autor: Gorgani, Cyrus
-Editorial: Odin's Eye Press
-Formato: Tapa Blanda
-Idioma: Ingles
-ISBN-13: 978173267051X
-Páginas: 160
-Dimensiones: 22.91cm. x 15.19cm. x 0.94cm.
-Peso (kg.): 0.27


Do you consider yourself an environmental ally? Maybe you recycle your household goods, ride a bike, and avoid too much air travel. But did you know that the primary driver of climate change isn't plastics, or cars, or airplanes? Did you know that it's actually our industrialized food system? In this fascinating new book, authors Nil Zacharias and Gene Stone share new research, intriguing infographics, and compelling arguments that support what scientists across the world are beginning to affirm and uphold: By making even minimal dietary changes, anyone can have a positive, lasting impact on our planet. If you love the planet, the only way to save it is by switching out meat for plant-based meals, one bite at a time.
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