Adolf Hitler no se suicido:: Cronica de su fuga con la ayuda del Servicio de Inteligencia Britanico [de Ruiter, Robin] (Tapa Blanda)

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-Autor: de Ruiter, Robin
-Editorial: Mayra Publications
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-ISBN-13: 9789079680467
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Before you turn the next 613 pages, I want you to know that travel by airplane is still the safest mode of transportation available,--so far,--in this millennium. There are unannounced drug & alcohol checks for the entire crew, --------------Crews & Stews-------------. These inspections are made prior to going to work at Volume I of Flying High occurred mostly in the last of the Whoring Sixties". Television was playing in the display window of your local department store. >Dick Tracy and buddies had the only "Cell Phones". Mary-juanna" started taking money away from the liquor and tobacco industry. The hippies were moving into the Haight-Ashberry area. The "pill" had become the Catholics answer to birth control. That didn't work. The world's population has doubled since one-ninner-six-zero.-------- Jet airplanes were leaving contrails in the sky for the first time. Aviating, at that point in time, was a litta, no a lottaloosa, than it is now. I have written in Co-Pilots and Flight Engineers as Captains if later on in the course of FLYING GIANT AIRLINES they achieve the- And by the way, ---some of the players names have been changed to protect the guilty. ALL I CAN TELL YOU IS--- ---"IF I HAD MY LIFE TO LIVE OVER AGAIN"--- ---"I WOULD DO IT EXACTLY THE SAME WAY"--- What you are about to enter now is the Flylight Ozone. This book is 613 pages
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