Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America [Jeff Ryan] (Tapa Blanda)

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The first princess Mario saved was Nintendo itself.A In 1981, Nintendo of America was a one-year-old business already on the brink of failure. Its president, Mino Arakawa, was stuck with two thousand unsold arcade cabinets for a dud of a game (Radar Scope). So he hatched a plan.Back in Japan, a boyish, shaggy-haired staff artist named Shigeru Miyamoto designed a new game for the unsold cabinets featurA­ing an angry gorilla and a small jumping man. Donkey Kong brought in $180 million in its first year alone and launched the career of a short, chubby plumber named Mario.Since then, Mario has starred in over two hundred games, genA­erating profits in the billions. He is more recognizable than Mickey Mouse, yet hes little more than a mustache in bib overalls. How did a mere smear of pixels gain such huge popularity?Super Mario tells the story behind the Nintendo games millions of us grew up with, explaining how a Japanese trading card company rose to dominate the fiercely competitive video-game industry.
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