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  • Tapas De Óptica Capuchones Antipolvo 80mm (2 Unidades)
    Precio:  $63,469.00

    Tapas De Óptica Capuchones Antipolvo 80mm (2 Unidades)

    -Titulo Original : KOOMTOOM 80mm Rubber Housing Dustcover Cap For Headlight Install Conversion Kit Retrofit, Headlight Dust Cover For LED Conversion Kit,Pack Of 2 (80mm)-Fabricante : KOOMTOOM-Descripcion Original: DELUXE LIMITED Vinyl includes bonus CD of Home Recordings. 2XLP - Opaque Yellow w/ download card. This record is the product of a strange and interesting time. When I started writing Gathering, I felt tired of living in the shadow of my earlier self, my earlier work, but more than discouraged, I felt charged with the possibility and the freedom of cutting myself loose from my own and others expectations. I began with an exciting sense of dissatisfaction, and what emerged, as I began to find my voice, was a record full of storms. Some, like Feels Like Lightning or Friendamine, are physical storms. Others, like Dreams, are interior ones. Listening to these songs now, I hear uncertainty, mania, laughter and sadness, all vying for their place on the album. I was surprised by the new voice. I have been writing records for almost twenty years now. Each one has been different from the last in subject and form, but with Gathering I feel Ive found a new electric dissatisfaction, a new way to rejoice as the storm rolls in...
  • Tapas Óptica Cree Led Capuchones Extendidos (2 Unidades)
    Precio:  $86,299.00

    Tapas Óptica Cree Led Capuchones Extendidos (2 Unidades)

    -Titulo Original : KOOMTOOM LED Headlight Dust Cover Rubber Seal Cap LED Xenon Flexible Car Headlight Dustproof Housing Shell Cap 75mm 80mm 85mm 90mm 95mm 100mm, 2 Pack-Fabricante : KOOMTOOM-Descripcion Original: - Diseñados en colaboración con Sonos, estos soportes para altavoces SANUS se fabrican exclusivamente a medida para garantizar una experiencia auditiva óptima para los altavoces SONOS ONE, Play: 1 y Play: 3. Nuestros ingenieros diseñaron estos soportes premium con la máxima atención a los detalles y materiales de la más alta calidad para complementar la experiencia de audio premium de los altavoces Sonos. - Los soportes de altavoz SANUS WSSA, diseñados por expertos para los altavoces Sonos (ONE, Play: 1 y Play: 3), la altura se puede ajustar completamente sin herramientas, lo que permite que el altavoz se asiente a su altura de escucha ideal para un rendimiento óptimo y una experiencia personalizada . - El aluminio anodizado resistente y elegante le da a sus soportes de parlantes una apariencia elegante que combina con la hermosa estética de sus parlantes SONOS. El diseño bien pensado aún combina perfectamente con cualquier decoración. - Nuestros ingenieros pensaron en cada detalle. Gracias al sistema integrado de administración de cables de ajuste a presión, su configuración mantiene su atractivo superior al permitir una ocultación elegante de los cables. - Fácil instalación en 3 pasos en menos de 15 min, no requiere perforación, compatible con todos los pisos. Todo lo que necesita para instalar este kit de soportes para altavoces SANUS se encuentra en el paquete, incluidos clavos para alfombras, almohadillas de goma y el hardware necesario. Tenga la seguridad de saber que todos los productos SANUS se someten a pruebas de seguridad y se fabrican con calidad. Los soportes de altavoz de altura ajustable SANUS WSSA son la solución perfecta para colocar su SONOS ONE, ONE SL, Play: 1 o Play: 3 a la altura de escucha ideal. Con capacidad de ajuste de altura sin herramientas de 30 a 42, son fáciles de ajustar su altavoz para lograr un rendimiento óptimo. Con una instalación de 15 minutos, puede ensamblar sus parlantes y escucharlos en muy poco tiempo. Y no te preocupes por esos molestos cables. Con nuestra gestión de cables de ajuste a presión, simplemente pase los cables por la parte posterior de los soportes para ocultarlos por completo...
  • Tapas De Óptica Capuchones Antipolvo 80mm (2 Uni)
    Precio:  $76,939.00
    Expira: 15/04/2023

    Tapas De Óptica Capuchones Antipolvo 80mm (2 Uni)

    -Titulo Original : NewYall Pack Of 2 80mm Headlight Dust Cover Cap Rubber Seal With 20mm Hole-Fabricante : NewYall-Descripcion Original: Portraits are a fascinating form in painting and fiction. Someones presence and personality can be conjured with a mere sketch or with an abundance of detail, while the inner world and sensitivity of the artist is demonstrated by what he chooses to observe. Music is often used as a medium for self portrait; what if it could also convey the personalities of others? Portraits is an answer to that question, through the lens of Paris born and New York based drummer and composer Guilhem Flouzat. This sophomore album comes five years after his first release, One Way...Or Another, hailed by a French critic as the work of a musical architect to which you can listen again and again. In five years he built a brilliant and steadfast musical family, with mentors such as Eric Harland, Ben Wendel and Dan Weiss. He has played and recorded with the likes of Steve Wilson, Lionel Loueke, Gilad Hekselman and Dave Liebman, honing a musical language expressive and unique, somewhere between the fire of the New York scene and the introspective lyricism of French composer Francis Poulenc.When the opportunity came to join Sunnyside for his second album as a leader, Flouzat chose to honor his musical family, working for two years on a gallery of musical portraits, a thrilling aesthetic challenge for a young composer. Rather than dedicating finished pieces after the fact, he organized the writing process around his subjects: their musical influences and writing styles, favored harmonies and even personality traits were used in the making of the compositions. The process owes a great deal to sampling and impressionism, with all the tools of traditional composing: motifs, inversion, augmentation... The culmination of the project, however, was to invite the musicians, all of them part of the process from the start, to interpret their own songs. Improvisation completed the portrait, allowing for a new meaning with each performance.Flouzat curated a series of nine songs with five different line ups, creating a unique gallery over the course of two studio days. More than just sidemen, the musicians are close friends of Flouzat, and a written portrait accompanies each song...
Mostrar del 1 al 3 (de 3 productos)
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