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  • Competitive Maze Book, How Many Can You Do? 50 Levels of Increasing Difficulty [Nelson, Allen] (Tapa Blanda)
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    Competitive Maze Book, How Many Can You Do? 50 Levels of Increasing Difficulty [Nelson, Allen] (Tapa Blanda)

    -Autor: Nelson, Allen-Editorial: Independently published-Formato: Tapa Blanda-Idioma: Ingles-ISBN-13: 9781718039889-Páginas: 105-Dimensiones: 27.94cm. x 21.59cm. x 0.61cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.29-Descripcion: What is terroir? How do grapes become wine? What are tannins? This delightful and portable guide has all the answers to these questions and much more. Bernard Klem has whipped up a fun, easily digestible handbook that explains everything the novice needs to know to speak intelligently about wine at the store, restaurant, or table. From bottles and labels to the oenophile's lingo, it describes wine essentials: smell, taste, color, effervescence, dry and sweet, finish and quality. On the left-hand of each page, Klem provides the most basic terminology, while the right-hand side features more advanced language. For a tasty finale, there's practical information about what to drink when, matching wine with food, shopping for wine and even what wine to bring as a guest. It's the witty, wise Wine 101 that every would-be expert should have...
  • Value-Based Software Engineering (Tapa Dura)
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    Value-Based Software Engineering (Tapa Dura)

    -Autor: Greenstein, Shane-Editorial: Springer-Formato: Tapa Dura-Idioma: Ingles-ISBN-13: 9783540259930-Páginas: 388-Dimensiones: 23.40cm. x 15.60cm. x 2.38cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.82-Descripcion: Examines how the military experience of three religious founders shaped their spiritual legacy. It is one of the more startling facts of military history that the founders of three of the four "great religions"--Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam--were also accomplished field generals with extensive experience in commanding men in battle. One of these, Muhammad, fought eight battles and was wounded twice, once almost fatally. Another, Siddhartha Gautama (later to become the Buddha), witnessed so much battlefield carnage that he suffered a psychological collapse. Moses had become so much a "god-intoxicated" personality that it is a reasonable suspicion that he, like the Buddha, was murdered. Indeed, had the experiences of these men in war not been so successful, it is quite possible that their achievements as religious leaders would never have occurred. For all three, war and religion were so closely intertwined in their personalities that it is difficult to discern where the influence of one ended and the other began. This book attempts to explore the military lives of Moses, the Buddha, and Muhammad, and the role their war experiences played in their religious lives...
  • How To Be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul [Shaughnessy, Adrian] (Tapa Blanda)
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    How To Be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul [Shaughnessy, Adrian] (Tapa Blanda)

    -Autor: Shaughnessy, Adrian-Editorial: Princeton Architectural Press-Formato: Tapa Blanda-Idioma: Ingles-ISBN-13: 9781568985596-Páginas: 160-Dimensiones: 23.11cm. x 19.56cm. x 1.52cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.45-Descripcion: Have you ever wanted to sell your handmade crafts or artwork at local craft fairs, but have no idea where to start? Or maybe you've taken the first step and have tried selling your art at a craft show or two, but now you're looking for ideas on how to sell more, how to make your booth more appealing to customers and where to find more venues to sell your handmade goods? You've come to the right place! I've been selling my own handmade creations, as well as the work of other artists, at a variety of craft shows and other events since 2004. I've learned a lot of lessons the hard way, and now I'm sharing them here with you so that you can learn from my experiences! In this book, I'll cover the basics of getting started selling at craft fairs, as well as how to design a great looking booth, how to give outstanding customer service & sell more and even how to find and create additional events at which to sell your handmade work. WHAT IT INCLUDES: - how to define your target market - where to find good shows - how much should I spend on a booth fee at a show? - how to make your booth look great - promoting your show & getting your customers there - my craft show tips & tricks - dealing with crazy weather & unexpected events - theft prevention - craft show supply checklist - how to give great customer service - how to use craft shows to create after-the-show sales - alternative venues to sell your work, beyond traditional craft shows - how to create your own events to sell at - tracking your inventory - how to create a personal & business spending plan - big hunkin' list of craft show resources WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR: This book will be most useful for someone new to selling at craft shows. I do cover more advanced topics as well though, including how to define your target market, visual merchandising, inventory tracking, and creating a business spending plan. The book includes worksheets along the way to help you. The information in this book is based on my experiences, selling in the United States, mostly in Louisiana. However, most of the information contained here is useful to anyone around the world who is interested in setting up a booth at craft shows, festivals or conventions. WHY I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT: I did my first craft show in 2004. It was the Alternative Media Expo, put on by Antigravity Magazine here in New Orleans. I sold a few things, and learned a LOT of things. And I haven't looked back! I've done all sorts of events since then. I have sold regularly at the Frenchmen Art Market, and have done festivals around the New Orleans area including Bayou Boogaloo, Gretna Heritage Festival, Freret Market, New Orleans Earth Day Festival, and many, many more. As one of the founding members of the New Orleans Craft Mafia, I've even organized a variety of events, both with the group and on my own. As a group, we've created a monthly art market and the annual Last Stop Shop holiday market. On my own, I've also hosted home shopping parties, trunk shows and pop-up shops. In 2007, as one of the winners of Etsy's Upcycling contest, I even traveled cross-country to San Francisco to participate in Bazaar Bizarre at Maker Faire...
  • Treasures Of A Womans Heart [Walker, Charmaine] (Tapa Blanda)
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    Treasures Of A Womans Heart [Walker, Charmaine] (Tapa Blanda)

    -Autor: Walker, Charmaine-Editorial: Tapa Blanda-Idioma: Ingles-ISBN-13: 9780557357710-Páginas: 110-Dimensiones: 22.86cm. x 15.24cm. x 0.71cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.19-Descripcion: In times of need, the authorities of Israel consulted an Oracle (Goral) to learn the will of Ha-Shem (the Lord) and to receive answers to their questions. Conceived by Ahitophel, special adviser of King David, the Goraloth elicit the intercession of 117 Angels in order to receive an answer directly from God concerning matters which we take at heart...
  • Magically Betrayed (Hunted Witch Agency) (Volume 3) [Medhurst, Rachel] (Tapa Blanda)
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    Magically Betrayed (Hunted Witch Agency) (Volume 3) [Medhurst, Rachel] (Tapa Blanda)

    -Autor: Medhurst, Rachel-Editorial: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform-Formato: Tapa Blanda-Idioma: Ingles-ISBN-13: 9781985680593-Páginas: 266-Dimensiones: 20.32cm. x 12.70cm. x 1.70cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.39-Descripcion: Everything you need to learn the 200 essential Japanese kanji characters is here in this boxed kit! Flash cards are an essential tool in memorizing words when you are learning a new language. In Japanese Kanji Flash Cards Kit, Volume 1, you'll get all the tools needed to learn the basic 200 Japanese kanji, including: 200 hole-punched flash cards featuring the most commonly-used characters. An organizing ring to hold the cards you are actively studying. Audio recordings of over 1,200 words and phrases from a native speaker. A 32-page study booklet with sorting indexes and practice tips.Each expertly–designed Japanese flash card in this boxed set offers core information about the meanings, pronunciations, vocabulary and usage for each character along with memorable phrases and drawings to help you learn the Kanji. A stroke-order diagram shows how to write the Kanji correctly. Plus, the hole-punched cards and organizing ring allow you to sort the cards into smaller sets so you can learn or review them in batches and help to remember the kanji character efficiently. This kit covers the first half of all characters needed for the Japanese AP exam, and all N5 Level and many N4 Level kanji required to pass the standard Japanese Language Proficiency Test or JLPT. Watch your ability to learn kanji, read kanji, write kanji, and remember kanji grow each day steadily with Japanese Kanji Flash Cards Kit, Volume 1...
  • The Trouble with Lawyers [Deborah L. Rhode] (Tapa Dura)
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    The Trouble with Lawyers [Deborah L. Rhode] (Tapa Dura)

    - Autor: Deborah L. Rhode- Idioma: Ingles- Formato: Papel -Tapa Dura- Editorial: Oxford University Press- ISBN-13: 9780190217228- Páginas: 248- Dimensiones: 16.26cm. x 23.37cm. x 2.54cm.- Peso: 0.50 kg.- Descripción:By any measure, the law as a profession is in serious trouble. Americans' trust in lawyers is at a low, and many members of the profession wish they had chosen a different path. Law schools, with their endlessly rising tuitions, are churning out too many graduates for the jobs available. Yet despite the glut of lawyers, the United States ranks 67th (tied with Uganda) of 97 countries in access to justice and affordability of legal services. The upper echelons of the legal establishment remain heavily white and male. Most problematic of all, the professional organizations that could help remedy these concerns instead jealously protect their prerogatives, stifling necessary innovation and failing to hold practitioners accountable.Deborah Rhode's The Trouble with Lawyers is a comprehensive account of the challenges facing the American bar. She examines how the problems have affected (and originated within) law schools, firms, and governance institutions like bar associations; the impact on the justice system and access to lawyers for the poor; and the profession's underlying difficulties with diversity. She uncovers the structural problems, from the tyranny of law school rankings and billable hours to the lack of accountability and innovation built into legal governance-all of which do a disservice to lawyers, their clients, and the public. The Trouble with Lawyers is a clear call to fix a profession that has gone badly off the rails, and a source of innovative responses...
  • Threats to Homeland Security: Reassessing the All-Hazards Perspective (Tapa Blanda)
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    Threats to Homeland Security: Reassessing the All-Hazards Perspective (Tapa Blanda)

    -Autor: Denison, David G. T. - Holmes, Christopher C. - Mallick, Bani K. - Smith, Adrian F. M.-Editorial: Wiley-Formato: Tapa Blanda-Idioma: Ingles-ISBN-13: 9781119251811-Páginas: 576-Dimensiones: 25.15cm. x 17.53cm. x 3.30cm.-Peso (kg.): 1.10-Descripcion: A Companion to Analytic Philosophy is a comprehensive guide to many significant analytic philosophers and concepts of the last hundred years. Provides a comprehensive guide to many of the most significant analytic philosophers of the last one hundred years. Offers clear and extensive analysis of profound concepts such as truth, goodness, knowledge, and beauty. Written by some of the most distinguished philosophers alive, some of whom have entries in the book devoted to them...
  • Redcoat [Bernard Cornwell] (Tapa Blanda)
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    Redcoat [Bernard Cornwell] (Tapa Blanda)

    - Autor: Bernard Cornwell- Idioma: Ingles- Formato: Papel -Tapa Blanda- Editorial: Harper Perennial- ISBN-13: 9780060512774- Páginas: 485- Dimensiones: 20.32cm. x 13.49cm. x 2.08cm.- Peso: 0.53 kg.- Descripción:This book is in very good condition, free from highlighting or writings on pages. Some scratches on cover...
  • Black Men, Obsolete, Single, Dangerous?: The Afrikan American Family in Transition [Haki R Madhubuti] (Tapa Blanda)
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    Black Men, Obsolete, Single, Dangerous?: The Afrikan American Family in Transition [Haki R Madhubuti] (Tapa Blanda)

    - Autor: Haki R Madhubuti- Idioma: Ingles- Formato: Papel -Tapa Blanda- Editorial: Third World Press- ISBN-13: 9780883781357- Páginas: 276- Dimensiones: 21.62cm. x 13.74cm. x 1.78cm.- Peso: 0.40 kg.- Descripción:Here is the seminal and critical work that helped solidify Haki Madhubuti as an informed, passionate, and caring commentator on Black life, culture, relationships, and the development and stability of the Black community. In ""Black Men,"" an integral text for anyone with vested interest in building healthy, thriving Black families and communities, Madhubuti takes aim at some of the critical issues facing the African American family. He offers useful, pointed, practical solutions for overcoming these obstacles and challenges...
  • Rhetoric Retold: Regendering the Tradition from Antiquity Through the Renaissance [Cheryl Glenn] (Tapa Blanda)
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    Rhetoric Retold: Regendering the Tradition from Antiquity Through the Renaissance [Cheryl Glenn] (Tapa Blanda)

    - Autor: Cheryl Glenn- Idioma: Ingles- Formato: Papel -Tapa Blanda- Editorial: Southern Illinois University Press- ISBN-13: 9780809321377- Páginas: 248- Dimensiones: 22.86cm. x 15.24cm. x 2.03cm.- Peso: 0.25 kg.- Descripción:After explaining how and why women have been excluded from the rhetorical tradition from antiquity through the Renaissance, Cheryl Glenn provides the opportunity for Sappho, Aspasia, Diotima, Hortensia, Fulvia, Julian of Norwich, Margery Kempe, Margaret More Roper, Anne Askew, and Elizabeth I to speak with equal authority and as eloquently as Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, and Augustine. Her aim is nothing less than regendering and changing forever the history of rhetoric.To that end, Glenn locates womens contributions to and participation in the rhetorical tradition and writes them into an expanded, inclusive tradition. She regenders the tradition by designating those terms of identity that have promoted and supported mens control of public, persuasive discourseA the culturally constructed social relations between, the appropriate roles for, and the subjective identities of women and men.Glenn is the first scholar to contextualize, analyze, and follow the migration of womens rhetorical accomplishments systematically. To locate these women, she follows the migration of the Western intellectual tradition from its inception in classical antiquity and its confrontation with and ultimate appropriation by evangelical Christianity to its force in the medieval Church and in Tudor arts and politics...
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: How to Create Extraordinary Products for Tomorrow's Customers [Jan Chipchase - Simon Steinhardt] (Tapa Dura)
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    Hidden in Plain Sight: How to Create Extraordinary Products for Tomorrow's Customers [Jan Chipchase - Simon Steinhardt] (Tapa Dura)

    - Autor: Jan Chipchase, Simon Steinhardt- Idioma: Ingles- Formato: Papel -Tapa Dura- Editorial: HarperBusiness- ISBN-13: 9780062125699- Páginas: 256- Dimensiones: 22.86cm. x 15.24cm. x 2.26cm.- Peso: 0.45 kg.- Descripción:Hidden in Plain Sight by global innovation consultant Jan Chipchase with Simon Steinhardt is a fascinating look at how consumers think and behave.Chipchase, named by Fortune as "one of the 50 smartest people in tech," has traveled the world, studying people of all nations and their habits, paying attention to the ordinary things that we do every day an how they effect our buying decisions. Future-focused and provocative, Hidden in Plain Sight: How to Create Extraordinary Products for Tomorrow's Customers illuminates exactly what drives consumers to make the choices they do, and demonstrates how all types of businesses can learn to see and capitalize upon what is hidden in plain sight today to create businesses tomorrow...
  • The Shotgun Lawyer [Methos, Victor] (Tapa Blanda)
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    The Shotgun Lawyer [Methos, Victor] (Tapa Blanda)

    -Autor: Methos, Victor-Editorial: Thomas & Mercer-Formato: Tapa Blanda-Idioma: Ingles-ISBN-13: 9781503902299-Páginas: 352-Dimensiones: 20.95cm. x 13.97cm. x 2.54cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.40-Descripcion: ''Probably the most readable, exciting and authoritative writer on science we have. A new Lawrence Krauss book always goes to the top of the curious mind''s wish list.'' Stephen Fry "I loved the fight scenes and the sex scenes were excellent." (Eric Idle) ''In the span of a century, physics progressed from skepticism that atoms were real to equations so precise we can predict properties of subatomic particles to the tenth decimal place. Lawrence Krauss rightly places this achievement among the greatest of all stories, and his book--at once engaging, poetic and scholarly--tells the story with a scientist''s penetrating insight and a writer''s masterly craft.'' (Brian Greene, author of The Elegant Universe, and Director, Center for Theoretical Physics, Columbia University) "Unlike some very clever scientists, Lawrence Krauss is not content to bask on the Mount Olympus of modern physics. A great educator as well as a great physicist, he wants to pull others up the rarefied heights to join him. But unlike some science educators, he doesn''t dumb down. In Einstein''s words, he makes it ''as simple as possible but no simpler.''" (Richard Dawkins, author of The Magic of Reality) "In every debate I''ve done with theologians and religious believers their knock-out final argument always comes in the form of two questions: Why is there something rather than nothing? and Why are we here? The presumption is that if science provides no answers then there must be a God. But God or no, we still want answers. In A Universe From Nothing Lawrence Krauss, one of the biggest thinkers of our time, addressed the first question with verve, and in The Greatest Story Ever Told he tackles the second with elegance. Both volumes should be placed in hotel rooms across America, in the drawer next to the Gideon Bible." (Michael Shermer, Publisher Skeptic magazine, columnist Scientific American, Presidential Fellow Chapman University, author The Moral Arc.) "A Homeric tale of science, history, and philosophy revealing how we learned so much about the universe and its tiniest parts." (Sheldon Glashow, Nobel Laureate, 1979 in physics) "The Greatest Story Ever Told--So Far ranges from Galileo to the LHC and beyond. It''s accessible, illuminating, and surprising--an ideal guide for anyone interested in understanding our accidental universe." (Elizabeth Kolbert, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Sixth Extinction) "College students, hippies, squares, Christians, Muslims, democrats, republicans, libertarians, theists, even atheists--all of us--sit around BS-ing like: ''So, how did all this, I mean everything, all of us, the whole universe, you know, man, everything, how did this all get here?'' While we were doing that, Lawrence Krauss and people like him were doing the work to figure it out. Then Krauss wrote this great book about it. ''Wow, man, you mean, like we''re getting closer to really knowing? I guess we''ll have to go back to talking about politics and sex.''" (Penn Jillette, author of Presto!) "Discovering the bedrock nature of physical reality ranks as one of humanity''s greatest collective achievements. This book gives a fine account of the main ideas and how they emerged. Krauss is himself close to the field, and can offer insights into the personalities who have led the key advances. A practiced and skilled writer, he succeeds in making the physics ''as simple as possible but no simpler.'' I don''t know a better book on this subject." (Martin Rees, author of Just Six Numbers) "It is an exhilarating experience to be led through this fascinating story, from Galileo to the Standard Model and the Higgs boson and beyond, with lucid detail and insight, illuminating vividly not only the achievements themselves but also the joy of creative thought and discovery, enriched with vignettes of the remarkable individuals who paved the way. It amply demonstrates that the discovery that ''nature really follows the simple and elegant rules intuited by the 20th- and 21st-century versions of Plato''s philosophers'' is one of the most astonishing achievements of the human intellect." (Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor & Professor of Linguistics (Emeritus), MIT) "Charming... Krauss has written an account with sweep and verve that shows the full development of our ideas about the makeup of the world around us... A great romp." (Walter Gilbert, Nobel Award, Chemistry, 1980) "History of science with an edge--humorous, personal, passionate, yet intellectually serious and authoritative." (Frank Wilczek, Nobel Laureate, Physics) In the beginning there was light but more than this, there was gravity. After that, all hell broke loose... This is how the story of the greatest intellectual adventure in history should be introduced - how humanity reached its current understanding of the universe, one that is far removed from the realm of everyday experience. Krauss connects the world we know with the invisible world all around us, which is removed from intuition and direct sensation. He explains our current understanding of nature and the struggle to construct the greatest theoretical edifice ever assembled, the Standard Model of Particle Physics -- and then to understand its implications for our existence. Writing in the critically acclaimed style of A Universe from Nothing, Krauss celebrates the beauty and wonders of the natural world and details our place within it and how this shapes our understanding of it. Krauss makes this story accessible through profiles of the scientists responsible for these advances, and clear explanations of their discoveries. Krauss takes us on a tour of science and the brilliant personalities who shaped it, often against political and religious indoctrination, enduring persecution and ostracism. Krauss creates a captivating blend of research and narrative to invite us into the lives and minds of these figures,creating a landmark work of scientific history...
  • She Can Laugh at the Days to Come [Bell, Valerie] (Tapa Dura)
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    She Can Laugh at the Days to Come [Bell, Valerie] (Tapa Dura)

    -Autor: Bell, Valerie-Editorial: Zondervan-Formato: Tapa Dura-Idioma: Ingles-ISBN-13: 9780310205692-Páginas: 208-Dimensiones: 21.59cm. x 15.88cm. x 2.54cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.45-Descripcion: In 1790, two events marked important points in the development of two young American institutions--Congress decided that the new nation's seat of government would be on the banks of the Potomac, and John Carroll of Maryland was consecrated as America's first Catholic bishop. This coincidence of events signalled the unexpectedly important role that Maryland's Catholics, many of them by then fifth- and sixth-generation Americans, were to play in the growth and early government of the national capital. In this book, William W. Warner explores how Maryland's Catholics drew upon their long-standing traditions--advocacy of separation of church and state, a sense of civic duty, and a determination "to live at peace with all their neighbors," in Bishop Carroll's phrase--to take a leading role in the early government, financing, and building of the new capital. Beginning with brief histories of the area's first Catholic churches and the establishment of Georgetown College, At Peace with All Their Neighbors explains the many reasons behind the Protestant majority's acceptance of Catholicism in the national capital in an age often marked by religious intolerance. Shortly after the capital moved from Philadelphia in 1800, Catholics held the principal positions in the city government and were also major landowners, property investors, and bankers. In the decade before the 1844 riots over religious education erupted in Philadelphia, the municipal government of Georgetown gave public funds for a Catholic school and Congress granted land in Washington for a Catholic orphanage. The book closes with a remarkable account of how the Washington community, Protestants and Catholics alike, withstood the concentrated efforts of the virulently anti-immigrant and anti-Catholic American nativists and the Know-Nothing Party in the last two decades before the Civil War. This chronicle of Washington's Catholic community and its major contributions to the growth of the nations's capital will be of value for everyone interested in the history of Washington, D.C., Catholic history, and the history of religious toleration in America...
  • Jock of the Bushveld [Fitzpatrick, Percy] (Tapa Blanda)
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    Jock of the Bushveld [Fitzpatrick, Percy] (Tapa Blanda)

    -Autor: Fitzpatrick, Percy-Editorial: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform-Formato: Tapa Blanda-Idioma: Ingles-ISBN-13: 9781976270246-Páginas: 206-Dimensiones: 22.86cm. x 15.24cm. x 1.19cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.32-Descripcion: Loving and Learning: Life With Lisa and Down Syndrome recounts experiences about raising a child with Down syndrome and how to cope when there are stumbling blocks along the way. There are heart-warming, encouraging and personal narratives that occur during Lisa's middle school and high school years. Some sensitive stories such as Inclusion, Transition Issues, Manifestation Determination troubles and Guardianship depict a number of challenges Lisa and her family confront. You will discover that life with Lisa continues to be a learning process, full of challenges, a roller coaster of ups and downs and most of all, a life filled with love...
  • Ill Have It My Way Taking Control of End of Life Decisions a Book about Freedom & Peace [Bryant, Hattie] (Tapa Blanda)
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    Ill Have It My Way Taking Control of End of Life Decisions a Book about Freedom & Peace [Bryant, Hattie] (Tapa Blanda)

    -Autor: Bryant, Hattie-Editorial: Deep River Books-Formato: Tapa Blanda-Idioma: Ingles-ISBN-13: 9781632694850-Páginas: 216-Dimensiones: 22.86cm. x 15.24cm. x 1.24cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.37-Descripcion: As a manager, you are a role model to your staff - so what sort of an example are you setting? In this progamme you will find out what being a role model really means and how to consciously set a good example in behaviour and attitudes. We will also consider how you can use role models yourself to improve the example you set for others...
  • Beaded Ornament Covers, Book 2 [Root, Sheila K] (Tapa Blanda)
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    Beaded Ornament Covers, Book 2 [Root, Sheila K] (Tapa Blanda)

    -Autor: Root, Sheila K-Editorial: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform-Formato: Tapa Blanda-Idioma: Ingles-ISBN-13: 9781478303060-Páginas: 32-Dimensiones: 27.94cm. x 21.59cm. x 0.20cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.11-Descripcion: Five new beaded ornament covers are included with detailed step-by-step photo illustrated instructions in full color. Create beautiful ornaments for your own holiday decor or dazzle your friends and family with heirloom quality gifts to treasure. Each design is created with a variety of seed beads, pearls, crystals, and glass beads readily available at most local bead stores or online. The only tools needed are a needle and scissors. The ornamental globes are available wherever holiday ornaments are sold. The Getting Started chapter includes advice for the beginner or intermediate beader on bead and ornament selection, keeping a proper tension, selecting needles and thread, and basic stitches used frequently in ornament covers. Appropriate for all levels of beading experience. If you can thread a needle and like detail work, you can make ornament covers...
  • No B.S. Guide to Powerful Presentations: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Plan to Sell Anything with Webinars, Online Media, Speeches, and Seminars [Dan S. Kennedy - Dustin Mathews] (Tapa Blanda)
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    No B.S. Guide to Powerful Presentations: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Plan to Sell Anything with Webinars, Online Media, Speeches, and Seminars [Dan S. Kennedy - Dustin Mathews] (Tapa Blanda)

    - Autor: Dan S. Kennedy, Dustin Mathews- Idioma: Ingles- Formato: Papel -Tapa Blanda- Editorial: Entrepreneur Press- ISBN-13: 9781599186078- Páginas: 224- Dimensiones: 22.86cm. x 15.24cm. x 1.02cm.- Peso: 0.30 kg.- Descripción:Can One Great Presentation Make You Rich? The answer is YES. Packed with battle-tested strategies and formulas to craft audience-retaining powerful presentations, this No B.S. guide is designed to turn any ordinary business into an extraordinary sell. Millionaire maker Dan S. Kennedy and public speaking expert Dustin Mathews teach you their blueprint for creating life-changing presentations and prove that your success is not just determined by what you're presenting―but also why you're presenting, how you're presenting it, and who you're presenting to. Kennedy and Mathews cover: The 12-Step Speaker's Formula A Blueprint for Creating Irresistible Offers The 4 Secrets of Mass Persuasion The 7-Minute Rule of Audience Engagement How to Automate Your Webinars and Your Profits How to Double Your Sales with a Multimedia Follow-up System Discover the battle-tested, carefully-crafted, revenue-generating tools to creating, delivering, and marketing presentations that can change everything...
  • Indole [Clorinda Matto De Turner] (Tapa Blanda)
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    Indole [Clorinda Matto De Turner] (Tapa Blanda)

    -Autor: Clorinda Matto De Turner-Editorial: Stockcero-Formato: Tapa Blanda-Idioma: Ingles-ISBN-13: 9789871136438-Páginas: 188-Dimensiones: 22.91cm. x 15.19cm. x 1.09cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.27-Descripcion: Esta no es la historia de una princesa cualquiera, es la de una niña valiente y feliz con una condicion que la hacia especial. Es un cuento sobre la amistad para amar y respetar. Una lectura dirigida a adultos y niños inteligentes con ganas de aprender y aventurarse con historias diferentes...
  • Boko Haram: Inside Nigerias Unholy War [Mike Smith] (Tapa Blanda)
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    Boko Haram: Inside Nigerias Unholy War [Mike Smith] (Tapa Blanda)

    - Autor: Mike Smith- Idioma: Ingles- Formato: Papel -Tapa Blanda- Editorial: I.B.Tauris- ISBN-13: 9781784535537- Páginas: 272- Dimensiones: 21.59cm. x 12.70cm. x 2.54cm.- Peso: 0.39 kg.- Descripción:An insurgency in Nigeria by the Islamist extremist group Boko Haram has left thousands dead, shaken Africa's biggest country and worried the world. Yet they remain a mysterious―almost unknowable―organisation. Through exhaustive on-the-ground reporting, M.J. Smith takes readers inside the violence and provides the first in-depth account of the conflict. He traces Boko Haram from its beginnings as a small Islamist sect in Nigeria's remote northeast, led by a baby-faced but charismatic preacher, to its transformation into a hydra-headed monster, deploying suicide bombers and abducting innocent schoolgirls. Much of the book is told through the eyes of Nigerians who have found themselves caught between the violence of a shadowy group of insurgents, brutal security forces accused of horrifying abuses and an inept government led by an accidental president. It includes the voices of a forgotten police officer left paralysed by an attack, women whose husbands have been murdered and a sword-wielding vigilante using charms to fend off insurgent bullets. It journeys through the sleaze and corruption that has robbed Africa's biggest oil producer of its potential, making it such fertile ground for extremism. Along the way it questions whether there can be any end to the violence and the ways in which this might be achieved. Interspersed with history, this book delves into the roots of this unholy war being waged against the backdrop of an evolving extremist threat worldwide...
  • Fighting Dirty: An MMA Romance (An Ultimate Novel) [Lori Foster] (De Bolsillo)
    Precio:  $829.00

    Fighting Dirty: An MMA Romance (An Ultimate Novel) [Lori Foster] (De Bolsillo)

    - Autor: Lori Foster- Idioma: Ingles- Formato: Papel -Tapa Blanda de Bolsillo- Editorial: HQN Books- ISBN-13: 9780373789177- Páginas: 448- Dimensiones: 16.59cm. x 10.74cm. x 3.02cm.- Peso: 0.20 kg.- Descripción:He's the hottest MMA fighter in the game, but one woman is ready to try out a few steamy moves of her own in an unforgettable new novel from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster With the life he's led and the muscles he's gained, Armie Jacobson isn't afraid of anything. Except maybe Merissa Colter's effect on him. It's not just that she's his best friend's little sister. Fact is, she deserves better. Women pursue him for one night of pleasure, and that's all he wants to offer. Until rescuing Merissa from a robbery leads to the most erotic encounter of his life.  Good girl meets bad boy. It's a story that rarely ends well. But Merissa is taking matters into her own hands. No matter how he views himself, the Armie she knows is brave, honorable and completely loyal. And as past demons and present-day danger collide, they're both about to learn what's truly worth fighting for.....
  • Why Leaders Can't Lead: The Unconscious Conspiracy Continues [Warren Bennis] (Tapa Blanda)
    Precio:  $3,059.00 $2,029.00
    Expira: 18/05/2019

    Why Leaders Can't Lead: The Unconscious Conspiracy Continues [Warren Bennis] (Tapa Blanda)

    - Autor: Warren Bennis- Idioma: Ingles- Formato: Papel -Tapa Blanda- Editorial: Jossey-Bass- ISBN-13: 9780787909437- Páginas: 192- Dimensiones: 23.14cm. x 15.14cm. x 1.27cm.- Peso: 0.38 kg.- Descripción:A Selection of the Executive Program and Fortune Book Clubs Leaders beware. There's an unconscious conspiracy afoot, aiming to sabotage your plans and undermine your vision. Entrenched bureaucracy, ominous social trends, and mind-numbing routine are among its members?and their proliferation is an unfortunate sign of our times. But take heart. In this highly acclaimed work, legendary management consultant Warren Bennis unmasks the culprits, analyzes their tactics, and offers new insights for change agents struggling to take charge in an era that conspires against effective leadership. The best book on how leaders can lead. --Peter Drucker Bennis teaches leaders to maximize their virtues, correct their faults, face change successfully, and love their work. Leaders will win, but so will their organizations: Bennis advocates a collaborative leadership that empowers employees and enhances organizational effectiveness. A priceless gift to those seeking to be accountable leaders. --Max De Pree, author of Leading Without Power So learn why leaders can't lead. Then learn how they can lead. This book--alive with warmth and wisdom--is essential reading both for leaders and for the human resource professionals who teach them...
  • A Daily Dose of Inspiration & Wisdom 365 Powerful Messages and Quotes to Transform Your Life. [Geier, Kimberly] (Tapa Blanda)
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    Expira: 18/05/2019

    A Daily Dose of Inspiration & Wisdom 365 Powerful Messages and Quotes to Transform Your Life. [Geier, Kimberly] (Tapa Blanda)

    -Autor: Geier, Kimberly-Editorial: Independently published-Formato: Tapa Blanda-Idioma: Ingles-ISBN-13: 9781796203417-Páginas: 161-Dimensiones: 19.84cm. x 12.85cm. x 0.94cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.18-Descripcion: Now a New York Times bestseller! "Intriguing...thought provoking...delightful." --The Washington Post From Mike Pesca, host of the popular Slate podcast The Gist, comes the greatest sports minds imagining how the world would change if a play, trade, injury, or referee's call had just gone the other way. No announcer ever proclaimed: "Up Rises Frazier!" "Havlicek commits the foul, trying to steal the ball!" or "The Giants Lose the Pennant, The Giants Lose The Pennant!" Such moments are indelibly etched upon the mind of every sports fan. Or rather, they would be, had they happened. Sports are notoriously games of inches, and when we conjure the thought of certain athletes - like Bill Buckner or Scott Norwood - we can't help but apply a mental tape measure to the highlight reels of our minds. Players, coaches, and of course fans, obsess on the play when they ask, "What if?" Upon Further Review is the first book to answer that question. Upon Further Review is a book of counterfactual sporting scenarios. In its pages the reader will find expertly reported histories, where one small event is flipped on its head, and the resulting ripples are carefully documented, the likes of... What if the U.S. Boycotted Hitler's Olympics? What if Bobby Riggs beat Billie Jean King? What if Bucky Dent popped out at the foot of the Green Monster? What if Drew Bledsoe never got hurt? Upon Further Review takes classic arguments conducted over pints in a pub and places them in the hands of dozens of writers, athletes, and historians. From turning points that every sports fan rues or celebrates, to the forgotten would-be inflection points that defined sports, Upon Further Review answers age old questions, and settles the score, even if the score bounced off the crossbar...
  • Chopin -- 14 of His Easiest Piano Selections A Practical Performing Edition (Alfred Masterwork Edition) (Tapa Blanda)
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    Chopin -- 14 of His Easiest Piano Selections A Practical Performing Edition (Alfred Masterwork Edition) (Tapa Blanda)

    -Autor: Rachmaninoff, Serge-Editorial: Alfred Music-Formato: Tapa Blanda-Idioma: Ingles-ISBN-13: 9780739022283-Páginas: 32-Dimensiones: 29.21cm. x 22.23cm. x 0.64cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.18-Descripcion: Includes theme from "Raindrop" Prelude, "Minute" Waltz, "Lullaby," "Fantaisie-impromptu," "Butterfly" Etude, "Military" and "Heroic" Polonaise, plus melodic highlights from the most familiar preludes, mazurkas, waltzes, and etudes. Features 23 piano arrangements. Bonus MP3 downloads are included for each song...
  • The Adventures of Young Shep Young Shep Saves the Game [Ashleigh Shepard - Sterling Shepard] (Tapa Dura)
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    The Adventures of Young Shep Young Shep Saves the Game [Ashleigh Shepard - Sterling Shepard] (Tapa Dura)

    -Autor: Ashleigh Shepard - Sterling Shepard-Editorial: Mascot Books-Formato: Tapa Dura-Idioma: Ingles-ISBN-13: 9781684011582-Páginas: 38-Dimensiones: 26.04cm. x 20.95cm. x 1.27cm.-Peso (kg.): 0.43-Descripcion: Tomas loves to disguise himself and scare everyone who comes to his house. One day, his ""victims"" decide to give him a dose of his own medicine...
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