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  • Disk Magneto Optical HP 2.6GB
    Precio:  $6,859.00

    Disk Magneto Optical HP 2.6GB

    -Titulo Original : Hewlett Packard 92290F Write-Once Magneto-Optical 5.25 Disk 2.6 GB, 1024 Bytes/Sector (1-Pack)-Fabricante : HP-Descripcion Original: Store reference data for long periods of time without degradation // Gain access to data in seconds // Rewritable // 2.6-GB capacity // HP magneto-optical rewritable cartridges allow virtually unlimited read/write cycles making them the ideal choice for data management in information-intensive environments. HP writeoncecartridges are designed for permanent storage of data that can't be altered or erased. Both disk formats have an archival life of 100 years and are engineered to HP's exacting quality standards. Select HP optical disks to enhance the reliabilityperformance and longevity of your drive.Each HP optical disk is encased in a sturdy poly-carbonate casing to inhibit both the attraction of dust particles and static build up.Primary InformationMedia Type :  WORM disk Media FormFactor :  5.25 Storage Removable Capacity (Native) :  2.6 GB PC Compatibility :  PC; Mac Storage RemovableRecording Format :  1024 bytes/sector Service&SupportService &Support Type :  Limited lifetime warranty Special FeatureCOO :  Japan TAA :  Yes UNSPSC CodeUNSPSC Code :  43202000 Product IDUPC:  088698074688ManufacturerPart:  92290...
  • Data Cartridge IMATION 300MB
    Precio:  $2,209.00
    Expira: 27/04/2021

    Data Cartridge IMATION 300MB

    -Titulo Original : Imation 3480 Royal Guard (300 MB, 807')-Fabricante : IMATION-Descripcion Original: Imation 43401 - 1/2 Inch, 3480 Data Cartridge, Royal Guard, 300MB Capacity, 807', Backup Tape Medi...
  • Data Cartridge Hp Ultrium Lto-6 6.25tb C7976a
    Precio:  $8,449.00

    Data Cartridge Hp Ultrium Lto-6 6.25tb C7976a

    -Titulo Original : HP HEWC7976A LTO-6 Ultrium 6.25TB MP RW Data Cartridge-Fabricante : HP-Descripcion Original: na // Imported // Cartridge can write or read data at 1.4 TB per hour // Stores, encrypts and protects up to 3TB on a single cartridge // "Smart grabber" mechanism and mechanical interlock prevent leader pin from being pulled inside tape housing // Exhaustively tested, LTO-6 Ultrium cartridge meets all your demands for maximum reliability when restoring data, offering high storage density, ease of management and scalable storage and backup performance. Cartridge can write or read data at a blistering 1.4 TB per hour, storing, encrypting and protecting up to 3TB on a single cartridge, making it the big hitter in large-scale, 24x7, mission-critical IT environments. Memory chip delivers faster access time and enhanced media monitoring. Superior smart grabber mechanism and mechanical interlock prevent the leader pin from being pulled inside the tape housing. Sensors detect proper connection and prevent leader loss that would ruin the tape. LTO-6 Ultrium 6.25TB MP RW Data Cartridge also features data encryption for enhanced data security on and covers six generations of capacity: LTO-1 (200GB), LTO-2 (400GB), LTO-3 (800GB), LTO-4 (1.6TB), LTO-5 (3TB), and LTO-6 (6.25TB or up to 2,176 tracks)...
  • Data Cartridge HP DLT 320GB C7980A
    Precio:  $3,679.00

    Data Cartridge HP DLT 320GB C7980A

    -Titulo Original : Hewlett-Packard C7980A HP SDLT-320 Data Cartridge-Fabricante : HP-Descripcion Original: This product is by HP // Ideally suited for data center and departmental backups where capacity, performance and cost are critical. Provides improved transfer speed and storage volume over standard DLT technology. Combines the best of proven optical and magnetic technologies to offer users superior reliability. Solid and liquid lubricants in tape binder system reduce tape and drive head wear. Rigorously tested to ensure optimal data integrity. For Drive Type: SDLT Compatibility: SDLT 220 SDLT 320 Maximum Native Data Capacity: 110 GB Maximum Compressed Data Capacity: 220 GB...
  • Data Cartridge VERBATIM Travan 1GB
    Precio:  $3,119.00

    Data Cartridge VERBATIM Travan 1GB

    -Titulo Original : Verbatim 500MB/1.0GB Travan Tr1 1Pk-Fabricante : VERBATIM-Descripcion Original: Product description Travan TR-1 - 512 MB (Native)/1 GB (Compressed) From the Manufacturer Verbatim TR-1 Extra Data Cartridges offer up to four times more storage capacity than conventional mini-cartridges, while providing a low cost per megabyte. The cartridges are compatible with QIC, QIC-Wide, and Travan style drives. Plus you get up to 37 percent more capacity than other Travan style cartridges. Verbatim Corporation is currently the only firm in the world that designs, develops, and manufactures high-performance, high-quality CD-Recordable, CD-Rewritable, DVD-Recordable and Rewritable DVD media products, and a complete family of 3.5-inch and 5.25-inch MO media, as well as magnetic media and imaging products...
  • Data Cartridge FUJI DDS-3 12/24GB 125M
    Precio:  $3,459.00

    Data Cartridge FUJI DDS-3 12/24GB 125M

    -Titulo Original : Fujifilm 26047300 4MM 125 Meter (12GB) DDS-Fabricante : FUJI-Descripcion Original: 125-meter 4-millimeter DDS data cartridge // Minimal error rate, higher efficiency // Exceptional durability // Static resistant // DDS (4mm) data cartridges are the ideal solution to high-volume backup and archiving requirements.These easy-to-handle compact cartridges provide cost-efficient backup...
  • Data Cartridge MAXELL DDS 40GB
    Precio:  $3,139.00

    Data Cartridge MAXELL DDS 40GB

    -Titulo Original : MAX200028 - Maxell 1/8amp;quot; DDS-4 Cartridge-Fabricante : MAXELL-Descripcion Original: For_Drive_Type - DDS // Compatibility - DDS-4 // Maximum_Native_Data_Capacity - 20 GB // Maximum_Compressed_Data_Capacity - 40 GB // This premium cartridge delivers high output and stable signal characteristics. Advanced anti-dust/antistatic design ensures contamination-free recording. Superior data-grade tape is formulated for a low error rate and long archival life. For Drive Type: DDS Compatibility: DAT 40 DDS-3 DDS-4 Maximum Native Data Capacity: 20 GB Maximum Compressed Data Capacity: 40 GB...
  • Data Cartridge TDK 8MM
    Precio:  $2,909.00

    Data Cartridge TDK 8MM

    -Titulo Original : TDK 2.5/5.0GB 8MM 112M Cart 367Ft for Helical Scan Drives-Fabricante : TDK-Descripcion Original: 8mm data cartridge // 2GB storage capacity // Product description 2GB, 8mm data cartridge From the Manufacturer TDK's Data Cartridges offer high-capacity data storage, low error rates, and longevity. Exclusive TDK technology ensures dependable operation and durabilty. TDK Data Cartridges are encoded with a special Media Recognition System to ensure compatibility with a wide range of computer drives. This is a single, 8-mm 2.5/5 GB data cartridge...
  • Data Cartridge SONY Ultrium LTO-2 400GB
    Precio:  $3,869.00

    Data Cartridge SONY Ultrium LTO-2 400GB

    -Titulo Original : Sony 1PK 200/400GB LTO2 ULTRIUM Tape (LTO200G/3)-Fabricante : SONY-Descripcion Original: Catalog Publishing Mask - 6/10/08 // Catalog Publishing Type - LTO // Compatibility - Ultrium LTO 2 // For Drive Type - LTO // GL08 Old Page - 695 // This high-capacity cartridge uses advanced LTO technology to provide you with a superior data backup and archiving solution. Proprietary Advanced Alloy Armored Metal Particle (A3MP) coating provides high-output characteristics and outstanding resistance to stressful environmental conditions. Superior tracking stability and an ultrasonically welded shell contribute to this cartridge`s reliability and long life span. For Drive Type: LTO; Global Product Type: Data Cartridges Tapes; Compatibility: Ultrium LTO 2; Maximum Native Data Capacity: 200.0 GB...
  • Cleaning Cartridge QUANTUM SDLT 20 Usos
    Precio:  $3,909.00

    Cleaning Cartridge QUANTUM SDLT 20 Usos

    -Titulo Original : Sdlt Cleaning Cart Quantum No Returns-Fabricante : Quantum-Descripcion Original: For_Drive_Type - DLT // Recycled_Comments - N/A // Number_Of_Cleanings - 20 // Total_Recycled_Content_Percent - 0 % // Quantum Corporation is the world's leading storage supplier in six of the seven markets. It serves: desktop hard disk drives cleaning media tape drives work attached storage (NAS) appliances solid state systems and hard disk drives for the emerging personal video recorder (PVR) market and DLT tape automation systems. Quantum's production is a perfect solution right for your needs.Primary InformationMedia Type :  Cleaning Cartridge Media Form Factor :  N/A Storage Removable Capacity (Native) :  N/A Storage RemovableRecording Standard :  Super DLT Special FeatureCOO :  Japan UNSPSC CodeUNSPSC Code :  4320200...
  • Data Cartridge IMATION DLT 20GB
    Precio:  $25,689.00

    Data Cartridge IMATION DLT 20GB

    -Titulo Original : Imation 84980238293 Black Watch DLTtape III (1-Pack)-Fabricante : IMATION-Descripcion Original: 4MM/8MM/Quarter Inch/Travan/Standard - DLT Tape Cartridge // Capacity - 10-20GB // For Drive Type - DLT III // Standards/Compatibles - DLT III // DLT - Yes // DLT III Tape Cartridge, 10/20GB (IMN11774...
  • Data Cartridge SONY 72GB
    Precio:  $9,139.00

    Data Cartridge SONY 72GB

    -Titulo Original : Sony DAT 72 4MM Data Cartridge-Fabricante : SONY-Descripcion Original: Manufacturer: Sony // 1/8quot; DAT 72 Cartridg...
  • Data Cartridge IMATION  240MB DC2120
    Precio:  $3,869.00
    Expira: 22/04/2021

    Data Cartridge IMATION 240MB DC2120

    -Titulo Original : Imation DC2120 Ximat - QIC - 120 MB / 240 MB - QIC-80 - storage media-Fabricante : IMATION-Descripcion Original: Cartridge Type - DLT-S4 // Catalog Publishing Type - Data Cartridges Tapes-LTO/DLT/Etc // Compatibility - DLT-S4, DLT-S4A // Coupon Cannon - 05-08-09 // For Drive Type - DLT S4 // Unique Ceramic Armor and High-coercity Metal Particle technologies provide superior remanence for long-term magnetic stability. High-performance dual binder system results in superior durability and excellent data life stability. Cartridge withstands impact during use, shipping and handling. It also resists abrasion during drive insertion and ejection. For Drive Type: DLT S4; Compatibility: DLT-S4; DLT-S4A; Maximum Native Data Capacity: 800.0 GB; Maximum Compressed Data Capacity: 1.6 TB...
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