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  • 6 Perchas Organizadores Colgantes Para Ahorrar Espacio (xsr)
    Precio:  $14,169.00

    6 Perchas Organizadores Colgantes Para Ahorrar Espacio (xsr)

    -Titulo Original : HOUSE DAY 6 Pack Metal Wonder Magic Hangers Space Saving Hangers Closet Space Saving Wardrobe Clothing Hanger Oragnizer, Updated Hook Design -Fabricante : HOUSE DAY-Descripcion Original: 1. IRobot Roomba Serie 700 compatible con todos los Roomba 700 720 750 760 765 770 772 772 775 776 776p 780 782 782e 785 786 786 786p Serie 790 2. El reemplazo regular de los filtros hepa de vacío cada 2-3 meses mantendrá el rendimiento de limpieza de roomba mientras reduce la infiltración de polvo 3. El producto está rigurosamente probado y está hecho de material de alta resistencia y protección ambiental. 4. Cada paquete incluye: 10 x filtro, 3 x cepillo lateral de 3 brazos, 2 x cepillo de cerdas, 2 x cepillo flexible para batir ...
  • Organizador de armario para colgador de corbatas
    Precio:  $7,489.00

    Organizador de armario para colgador de corbatas

    -Titulo Original : Z ZICOME 3 Pack Twirl Ties Rack Closet Organizer Tie Hanger Hook Headband Holder (White)-Fabricante : Z ZICOME-Descripcion Original: - HERMOSA DECORACIÓN: Esta guirnalda colgante de flores verdes está hecha de tela, los tallos están hechos de plástico. Se incluyen 4 plantas colgantes artificiales. Hojas bien formadas y tonos verdes, se ven realistas y agregarán elegancia a su paisaje. - TAMAÑO ADECUADO: Longitud de la guirnalda: aprox. 79 pulgadas / 6,5 pies. Esta guirnalda de flores artificiales de glicinia infundirá color donde falta y no requiere ningún tipo de cuidado especial. - AMPLIAMENTE UTILIZADO: se puede usar para bodas, dormitorios, jardines, balcones, columpios, centros comerciales, decoración de escaleras, fácil de instalar y desmontar. Estas plantas colgantes artificiales son hermosas para cualquier proyecto de decoración o decoración del hogar...
  • Organizador de ropa Lifewit
    Precio:  $38,239.00

    Organizador de ropa Lifewit

    -Titulo Original : Lifewit Under Bed Clothes Organizer Large Adjustable Dividers Storage Bag With Durable Fabric, Reinforced Handle, 4 Clear Window For Clothing, Shoes, Blankets, Sweaters, Toys, Black, 2 Pack-Fabricante : Lifewit-Descripcion Original: Afel Bocoum is among the last of a breakthrough generation of African musicians who cross-pollinated their own traditional music with the new sounds that arrived from all over the world throughout the 20th century. Hailing from Niafunke in Mali, an area that straddles the cultural riches and political tensions between the northern and southern areas of the country, Bocoum spent decades touring and recording with desert blues pioneer Ali Farka Toure. His debut album ‘Alkibar’ (1999, World Circuit) propelled him to international recognition, leading him to work with Damon Albarn & Toumani Diabate on 2002’s Mali Music, as well as contributing regularly to the famed Africa Express projects, and collaborating with Bela Fleck, Habib Koite, and Tartit Ensemble among others. Linde, named after the wild expanse near his hometown that he spent his childhood exploring, is a remarkable blend of deep tradition and audacious innovation. With the support of executive producers Damon Albarn & Nick Gold, Linde stitches together the age-old music of the Niger bend, featuring performances from eminent Malian musicians including Madou Kouyate, the late ‘Hama’ Sankare and Madou Sidiki Diabate, with interventions as diverse as the drums of Afrobeat pioneer Tony Allen, the trombone of Vin Gordon (Bob Marley / Skatellites), and the violin of Joan as Police Woman. Traditional instruments like the ngoni, the njurkele, the kora and the calabash blend with guitars, percussion and call-and-response vocals. The result is a gently undulating flow that emanates from a source hidden deep in the historical and mystical traditions of Bocoum’s native land, enriched along its way by tributaries and cross-currents. It’s music that rolls rather than rocks, graceful, unforced and minimal by design. Its also an album with a message - in the face of an uncertain and turbulent world, and a homeland struggling with jihad, poverty and tribal war, Afel Bocoum urges hope, solidarity and unity. “We have to meet each other, talk to each other, look each other in the eye and tell the truth,” Afel says. “Our social security is music. That’s all we’ve got left. People love music, so we have to make use of that fact....
Mostrar del 1 al 3 (de 3 productos)
Páginas de Resultados:  1