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  • Set de Arte Dibujo Jannay [7RBY8L9R]
    Precio:  $14,749.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo Jannay [7RBY8L9R]

    -Titulo Original : Jannay Drawing Set - Sketch Pencils And Tools, Professional Art Supplies In A Portable Case - 34 Pcs - Bonus: White Charcoal Pencil And 100 Pg Quality Paper Pad Notebook - No Sharp Knives-Fabricante : Jannay-Descripcion Original: UPGRADE YOUR SKETCHES WITH A WHITE CHARCOAL PENCIL - Highlight dark areas easily with this unique feature that will take your drawings to the next level // RUNING OUT OF PAPER SHEETS? - Our 100 page sketchbook will take you a long way // SAFETY COMES FIRST - The set does not include sharp knives and therefore is safe to use also by young artists // OUTDOOR SKETCHING IS TOO COMPLICATED? - All the tools you need are organized in a portable case, so it's easy to follow your inspiration wherever it lies // Want to improve your drawing skills but never seem to have the right tools to do so? Then our drawing set is perfect for you! The white charcoal can highlight certain areas of your sketch, by layering it over the black tones.Plus, if you wet the tip, you can use it to highlight watercolor drawings as well.White charcoal looks amazing on a black surface, and can be combined with black material on white or gray surfaces. The perfect sized sketchbook to carry with you. You could sketch anywhere you go.At school, at the park, or on your way home: A5 - 5.7 x 7.9 (14.5 x 20 cm).The paper is a fine tooth paper, acid free, so your drawings can last forever. The drawing set does not contain sharp edged knives of any kind - . 1. 12 graphite pencils from 6B to 5H.2. 1 ultra soft all-graphite pencil - 6B.3. 3 charcoal pencils - soft, medium and hard.4. 3 graphite sticks - soft, medium and hard.5. 3 charcoal sticks - soft, medium and hard.6. 3 blending stumps, used for blending and shading.7. 1 vinyl eraser.8. 1 kneaded eraser that can be easily shaped into any form you like.9. 1 double metal sharpener for graphite pencils.10. 1 plastic sharpener for charcoal pencils.11. 1 sandpaper block, used for sharpening both graphite and charcoal pencils, as well as blending stumps.12. 1 pencil extender - great for when your pencil becomes too short to handle.All the tools mentioned above (besides the sketchbook) come within a black organizer case. That way you never have to worry about losing any of them.Our drawing set is backed by our manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee, with 1 year free replacement warrant...
  • Koh-I-Noor Polycolor set de 24u en Caja de madera.
    Precio:  $21,129.00

    Koh-I-Noor Polycolor set de 24u en Caja de madera.

    -Titulo Original : Koh-I-Noor Polycolor Drawing Pencil Set, 24 Assorted Colored Pencils In Wooden Box, 1 Each (FA3818.24WB)-Fabricante : Koh-I-Noor-Descripcion Original: Lápices de calidad profesional para dibujar, ilustrar y colorear El plomo de 3,8 mm contiene aceites especiales para crear trazos densos, uniformes y resistentes al agua sin usar mucha presión Los colores se superponen y se mezclan maravillosamente sin acumulación de cera Borde ancho excelente para sombrear; la punta fina y nítida crea un detalle exquisito Fabricado con los mejores colores Hardtmuth y revestido con cedro de California resistente y duradero...
  • 12 Lapices De Grafito blando Derwant (xmp)
    Precio:  $11,259.00
    Expira: 30/04/2021

    12 Lapices De Grafito blando Derwant (xmp)

    -Titulo Original : Derwent Graphic Drawing Pencils, Soft, Metal Tin, 12 Count (34215)-Fabricante : Derwant-Descripcion Original: PRECISIÓN DEL ESTUDIO: con un barril hexagonal, obtiene mayor precisión para los dibujos. Los grados duros (H) tienen un núcleo de 2,2 mm para líneas nítidas. Los grados suaves negros (B) utilizan un núcleo de 3.5 mm para líneas más suaves AMPLIO RANGO: elige el lápiz que más te convenga. Derwent ofrece una amplia gama de 20 grados para ayudarlo a lograr su visión. Este conjunto contiene 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, 3H y 4H EJECUCIÓN VERSÁTIL: nuestra amplia gama le permite elegir el lápiz que se ajuste a su concepto artístico. Ya sea que se utilicen para mezclar, ilustrar o sombrear, nuestros lápices ayudarán a expresar su visión NÚCLEO FUERTE: el núcleo se agudiza a un punto fino y de larga duración, ideal para resaltar incluso los detalles más pequeños. El punto fino permite una precisión de nivel profesional en sus imágenes más complejas. ACCESORIOS: para obtener los mejores resultados, combínelos con otros productos Derwent, como el forro de lápiz de lienzo de Derwent, las almohadillas de papel para bocetos de Derwent, el sacapuntas de lápiz de Derwent y el borrador con pilas Derwent ...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo AONLSKH [8CHF6G97]
    Precio:  $10,969.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo AONLSKH [8CHF6G97]

    -Titulo Original : Sketching And Drawing Pencils Set-35pcs,Art Supplies Drawing Kit,Graphite Charcoal Professional Pencils Set, Kids & Adults (35PCS)-Fabricante : AONLSKH-Descripcion Original: Complete set: 35pcs sketch and drawing pencil includ 14 drawing pencil ; 3 charcoal pencils; 3 blending paper stumps; 3 graphite sticks; 3 charcoal sticks;1 woodless graphite pencil (6B); 1 double-head extender; 1 metal utility knife; 1 sandpaper; 1 soft rubber; 1 white rubber; 1 double hole metal pencil sharpener; 1 single hole pencil sharpener;16 pages paper. // Safety Commitment: Pencils and tools are made of environmentally friendly materials, they are acid-free and non-toxic, can safely use with family and children. // Gift Set:Give Friends and family,Drawing Lover,child(Not recommended for kids under 3 yrs) best gift. grant you all ranges of shades and enhance your sketching technique. It is suitable for beginners and professional artists. // Size Specification:11 IN Length,8 IN Width,1.3 IN Height,19.4 OZ,Suitable size ,easy to carry. // 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed: All our products are fullfilled by Amazon, so shopping is guaranteed. If you aren't happy, let us know and we will issue you a no questions asked refund. // Size:This set includ : 14 drawing pencils 3 charcoal pencils 3 blending paper stumps 3 graphite sticks 3 charcoal sticks 1 woodless graphite pencil (6B) 1 double-head extender 1 metal utility knife 1 sandpaper 1 soft rubber 1 white rubber 1 double hole metal pencil sharpener 1 single hole pencil sharpener;16 pages pape...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo Studio 71 [792FQTRZ]
    Precio:  $24,609.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo Studio 71 [792FQTRZ]

    -Titulo Original : Studio 71 126-Piece All-Media Art Set, 126Piece, Multicolor-Fabricante : Studio 71-Descripcion Original: 126-PIECE SET – This Studio 71 126-Piece All Media Art Kit includes a wide variety of art supplies for drawing, painting and more – it’s a great choice to experiment with an assortment of artistic media at a value price! // PAINT SET INCLUDES - The paint supplies included in this art paint set are: 10 (12 ml) acrylic paints, 12 (6 ml) oil paints, 12 (6 ml) watercolor paints, 3 plastic palettes, and 6 bristle brushes: round (sizes 6, 7 and 8) and flat (size 7). // DRAWING SET INCLUDES – The drawing supplies included in this draw art set are: 24 small oil pastels, 28 colored pencils, 28 watercolor pencils, a 2-hole metal pencil sharpener, and a vinyl eraser. // PORTABLE ART SET WITH CASE – An aluminum case holds all the art supplies and keeps them neat and organized. It’s portable, too, so you can easily bring it to wherever inspiration lies or use as a travel art set! // EASY ACCESS TO SUPPLIES – The convenient lift-out trays make it easy to access your supplies in this art supplies set – and keeps them organized, too! // Style Name:This Studio 71 126-Piece All Media Art Set overflows with color and creativity! This art supply set includes a wide variety of supplies for drawing, painting and more - it’s a great choice for kids and adults, too. As a drawing kit and paint kit, the supplies included are: 10 (12 ml) acrylic paints, 12 (6 ml) oil paints, 12 (6 ml) watercolor paints, 3 plastic palettes, and 6 bristle brush: round (sizes 6, 7 and 8) and flat (size 7), 24 small oil pastels, 28 colored pencils, 28 watercolor pencils, a 2-hole metal pencil sharpener, and a vinyl eraser. It’s an art pencil set, drawing art set, art watercolor set, pastels art set and much more – all in one compact storage case! The aluminum case keeps all the supplies organized and neat. Plus, it’s portable, so you can bring it to wherever inspiration lies or even use it as a car art set for long travel! This 126-piece deluxe art set makes a great art gift set – it’s a great value for a large amount of art supplies, and allows for experimentation with a variety of artistic media...
  • Lapices De Colores Y Acuarela, Barras Pastel Prismaco (myha)
    Precio:  $39,329.00

    Lapices De Colores Y Acuarela, Barras Pastel Prismaco (myha)

    -Titulo Original : Prismacolor 1794654 Premier Mixed Media Set, Colored Pencils-Art Stix-Pencil Sharpener, Assorted Colours, 79-Count-Fabricante : Prismacolor-Descripcion Original: Núcleos delgados son perfectos para detalles, bordes y letras El plomo resiste desmoronamiento, grietas y roturas Compuesto por saturados, pigmentos resistentes a la luz Núcleos endurecidos afilados a un punto ultrafino, ideal para libros para colorear para adulto...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo KIDDYCOLOR [7TWGDJ8D]
    Precio:  $15,989.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo KIDDYCOLOR [7TWGDJ8D]

    -Titulo Original : KIDDYCOLOR Portable Art Set For Kids 85 Pcs Painting & Drawing Oil Pastels Color Pencil With Wood Case-Fabricante : KIDDYCOLOR-Descripcion Original: 85pcs Perfect Set-Satisfy Your Different Needs: The wooden box painting set includes 24 oil pastels, 24 colored pencils, 24 watercolor cakes, 2 sketch pencils, 2 painting brushes, 3 coloring pages, 3 sandpaper, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener.A complete set of suits to meet your every need, no need to buy a variety of other products. // Awesome Gift- No worry about-No Longer Have To Worry About Giving A Gift: Whenever you have a birthday or a holiday, do you worry about giving a gift? Our products are of high quality, safe and reliable and are a very good gift choice. The exquisite wooden box set and the comfortable leather handle give a noble feeling to people. // Easy to Carry- Go anywhere you want to go:This painting set is light weight even for kids so that it can be used and taken to anywhere. It's the perfect travel companion for the outing,travel and other activities. // Educational and Fun-Inspire Your Kids Artist Creativity: In the age where so much of life is digital, this art set makes for the perfect fun non-digital toy.It is ideal for doodling, painting, recognizing colors and art to arouse the inspiration of children. // KIDDYCOLOR is a brand dedicated to children's drawing, helping children of all ages to cultivate and learn to draw. Over the years, the products have been exported to Europe and the United States and have accumulated a good reputation through high-quality products and refined product classification. Read more Contains:24 oil pastels24 colored pencils24 watercolor cakes2 sketch pencils2 painting brushes3 coloring pages3 sandpaper1 eraser1 sharpener. Versatile art box & safety The art set contains a lot of drawing kit, give painters a variety of ways to paint. All items are made of non-toxic materials. Perfect for child gift This painting set perfect gift for teens and kids for the Christmas, kids birthdays, New Year's Day, Halloween and parties. Popular accessory in classrooms, kindergartens and day cares. Easy to Carry- Go anywhere you want to go The art case is made of wooden is small and light with snap-shut handle organized and carry easily. Perfect for artists at travel, school, home and anywhere! Read more KIDDYCOLOR 135 Pcs Flamingo Art SetKIDDYCOLOR 150 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity SetKIDDYCOLOR 109-Piece Deluxe Art SetNon-Toxic✓✓✓How Much 19.5916.9914.99Target PersonChild and Beginner Child and Beginner Child and Beginner Portable✓✓...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo Akademie [02NP0UNW]
    Precio:  $43,469.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo Akademie [02NP0UNW]

    -Titulo Original : SCHMINCKE AKADEMIE Aquarell Solid Metal Box With 12 Large Pans - 75312 By Akademie-Fabricante : Akademie-Descripcion Original: SCHMINCKE AKADEMIEÂ Aquarell Solid metal box with 12 large pans - 75312 // // // // SCHMINCKE AKADEMIEÂ Aquarell Solid metal box with 12 large pans - 7531...
  • CARAN DACHE Tempera Gouache Studio Tubos 8 Colores (2001.408
    Precio:  $18,869.00

    CARAN DACHE Tempera Gouache Studio Tubos 8 Colores (2001.408

    -Titulo Original : CARAN DACHE Tempera Gouache Studio Tubos 8 Colores (2001.408)-Fabricante : CARAN DACHE-Descripcion Original: Bright colors, good light fastness levels and economy of use thanks to a high pigment concentration // Supplies // Product conforms to En71 (CE) // Techniques: opaque and transparent Painting. Easy color blending // Studio quality recommended for armature artists and School use // Creative art materials supplies, manufactures and distributes quality art products to art, hobby and craft retail outlets...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo Pro Art [7L62HGQ7]
    Precio:  $16,079.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo Pro Art [7L62HGQ7]

    -Titulo Original : Pro Art Drawing Set 29/Pkg, Multi-color-Fabricante : Pro Art-Descripcion Original: Artist Sketching Set // 29 Pieces // Includes dry and wet media for all types of drawing and sketching techniques // Assortment includes: graphite, charcoal, color, and watercolor pencils. Charcoal sticks, erasers, sharpeners, and much more! // //...
  • Caballete de madera ajustable 3 cajones para almacenamiento
    Precio:  $34,129.00

    Caballete de madera ajustable 3 cajones para almacenamiento

    -Titulo Original : U.S. Art Supply Grand Solana Adjustable Wooden 3-Drawer Storage Box Easel, Premium Beechwood - Portable Wood Artist Desktop Case with Fold Down Canvas Easel Book Stand - Store Art Paint, Markers, Pens-Fabricante : US Art Supplyply-Descripcion Original: Caja de almacenamiento de escritorio de 3 cajones portátil compacta de diseño inteligente que se convierte en un caballete de pintura. Una caja de caballete de color madera natural con acabado de aceite. Hecho con madera de haya envejecida de alta calidad lijada a mano que se cultiva en Alemania. Caballete de mesa resistente y liviano que se puede ajustar a cuatro posiciones de ángulo de inclinación diferentes según la necesidad, y se adapta a lienzos e impresiones de hasta 12 por 16. El caballete incluye dos cajones de almacenamiento con cinco compartimentos y el tercer cajón con un compartimento para organizar pinturas, pinceles, marcadores, bolígrafos, papel y otros materiales de arte esenciales. Es un trato para mantenerse organizado mientras pinta, dibuja y hace bocetos. Dimensiones plegadas: 15.75 de ancho por 10.25 de profundidad por 4.5 de alto, el caballete se ajusta a 13 de alto. Es un caballete de soporte para libros, estudio y arte duradero y fácil de usar que es ideal para niños, principiantes, estudiantes, así como para artistas y profesionales avanzados...
  • 12 Lapices De Colores Derwent, Caja Metalica (xmp)
    Precio:  $9,059.00

    12 Lapices De Colores Derwent, Caja Metalica (xmp)

    -Titulo Original : Derwent Colored Pencils, ColourSoft Pencils, Drawing, Art, Metal Tin, 12 Count (0701026)-Fabricante : Derwent-Descripcion Original: COLOR VIBRANTE: con un núcleo suave y redondo de 4 mm, los lápices se deslizan suavemente sobre una variedad de superficies de dibujo. Produce colores vibrantes con la aplicación rápida y fácil. TEXTURA SUAVE - El núcleo suave y aterciopelado ayuda a enfatizar la riqueza de cada color. Ideal para crear colores rápidamente, puede crear fácilmente dibujos dinámicos y audaces. NÚCLEO DURADERO: el núcleo resistente a la rotura le permite afilar los lápices hasta un punto fino y es ideal para una variedad de dibujos y estilos de coloración. Obtenga una mayor precisión en los dibujos detallados con una punta afilada. MEZCLA DE COLORES - Debido a su formulación mejorada, estos lápices son altamente mezclables. Crea una gama de tonos sutilmente diferentes combinando los colores. Perfecto para dibujos de bodegones. ACCESORIOS: para obtener los mejores resultados, combine con otros productos Derwent, como Derwent Blender and Burnisher y Derwent Battery Operated Eraser ...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo EEX [7TP8JJ7K]
    Precio:  $12,029.00
    Expira: 01/05/2021

    Set de Arte Dibujo EEX [7TP8JJ7K]

    -Titulo Original : EEX Art Supplies, Graphite Drawing Pencils And Sketch Set, Professional Artist Drawing Kit Includes Charcoal Pencils, Graphite Pencils, Sticks, Sharpeners, Erasers And Sketchbook-Fabricante : EEX-Descripcion Original: 33 Pieces of H&B Sketch Pencil Set - including 12 x sketch drawing pencils, a pencil, 3 charcoal pens as well as sharpeners, graphite rods, and pencil knives. The most suitable pencil tool for drawing, sketching and writing to meet the needs of sketch beginners and professionals // Portable Travel Handbag - All the tools are loaded in a small handbag, which is easy for storing and saving users’ drawing pencils and tools occupying less space. The handbag can be easily put into users’ schoolbag to meet their desire to take it with them and save space // You Don't Need to Buy Sketchbook: We provide the quality paper pad notebook, you can focus on training painting skills or sketching // Best Choice for Gift: May be you are in trouble for what's gift for your kids, family people, friends etc. if they like painting or art, our drawing pencils sets is the best choice // Our drawing pencils and sketch set have 33pcs including graphite, charcoal, soft pencils, eraser and sketchbook, this drawing kits can meet almost people meets, and we have full confidence in our drawing pencils kits, we believe high quality art supplies can create the best artwork, we hope our drawing pencils kits can be your best friend when you are drawing or sketching. Everyone has the potential to be an artist, if you choose the right art supplies, it can better stimulate your artistic potential, our drawing Pencils have graphite, pastel and charcoal pencils to make drawing, shading, blending and sketching gorgeous and lifelike. Perfect for beginners, teens, adult. Our drawing pencils kit with zipped carrying case and your sketching pencils will always stay organized, easy to carry, very convenient. A good gift for your family and your friends who are learning to sketch or interested in drawing. 12x Sketch Pencil(8B/1,6B/1,5B/1,4B/1,3B/1,2B/1,B/1,HB/1,2H/1,3H/1,4H/1,5H/1) 1 x lead pencil 6B 3 x charcoal pencil (Soft ,Neutral,Hard) 1 x metal pencil sharpener 1 x eraser 3 x paper pen 1 x pencil extender length 1 x soft eraser 3 x carbon rod 3 x graphite rod 1 x sandpaper 1 x plastic pencil sharpener 1 x metal sharpener 1 x Sketchboo...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo Royal and Langnickel [054TX6LW]
    Precio:  $12,859.00
    Expira: 01/04/2021

    Set de Arte Dibujo Royal and Langnickel [054TX6LW]

    -Titulo Original : Royal & Langnickel Essentials Clear View Drawing Set, Large-Fabricante : Royal & Langnickel-Descripcion Original: Model RSET-ART3204 is an expanded collection of the fine art materials you'll need to create realistic color sketches and drawings // Clear View, see-through plastic case with snap closures and recessed handle // Includes 12 quality color pencils, 6 woodless color pencils, 12 compressed color blocks charcoal pencils, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 knead able eraser // 1 White eraser, 1 sanding block, 1 blending stump, 19 by 12-inch drawing pad, 1 sketching and drawing guide and Clear view case // Case measures 14 1/8 by 10 1/2 by 1 3/8-inch // Style:The Essentials Clear view Sets by Royal & Langnickel are ideal for the artists on-the-go and students, alike. The compact design provides easy portability and safe storage. The sturdy clear case allows your art materials to be seen at a glance and the self-stowing plastic handle and snap-tight closures make it easy to tote and open. These sets feature Royal's quality Essentials art materials making them ideal for students, hobbyists and artists. Have some serious fun with the Essentials Clear view sets...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo US Art Supply [7ZTW2ZMS]
    Precio:  $23,629.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo US Art Supply [7ZTW2ZMS]

    -Titulo Original : U.S Art Supply 60-Piece Deluxe Acrylic Painting Set With Aluminum Tabletop Easel, 24 Acrylic Colors, Acrylic Painting Pad, Stretched & Canvas Panels, Brushes & Palette Knives-Fabricante : US Art Supply-Descripcion Original: Cabrillo Lightweight Aluminum Tabletop Easel // 24- Acrylic Paint Color Tubes, 10-Well Plastic Palette & 4" Color Mixing Wheel // 9" x 12" Professional Quality Canvas Panels (Pack of 3) -- 1-Each 11" x 14" Professional Quality Stretched Canvas & 1-Each 8" x 10" Professional Quality Stretched Canvas // 7 Piece Nylon Hair Brush Set & 15 Piece Multipurpose Brush Set // 9" x 12" Spiral Binding Acrylic Painting Pad 400Gsm, 12 Sheets & 5 Pack of Plastic Palette Knives //...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo Schmincke [012F64CA]
    Precio:  $29,399.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo Schmincke [012F64CA]

    -Titulo Original : Schmincke AKADEMIE Aquarell Watercolor Solid Compact Metal Box With 12 Half Pans - 75112-Fabricante : Schmincke-Descripcion Original: Artists' pigments in high concentration. // Fully reusable paint when dried on a palette. // Cadmiumfree colours. // Color: 222,225,332,333,443,445,551,553,660,666,665,782 // Fine artists' water-colours. Made in Germany...
  • CARAN DACHE Lápiz negro de 3mm - CA-3288 (3.288)
    Precio:  $14,929.00

    CARAN DACHE Lápiz negro de 3mm - CA-3288 (3.288)

    -Titulo Original : CARAN DACHE Lápiz negro de 3mm - CA-3288 (3.288)-Fabricante : CARAN DACHE-Descripcion Original: Fixpencil Black 3mm Pencil // Supplies // Quality Art Products // Creative Art Materials Supplies, Manufactures And Distributes Quality Art Products To Art, Hobby And Craft Retail Outlets...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo Royal and Langnickel [08EMNIB4]
    Precio:  $12,159.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo Royal and Langnickel [08EMNIB4]

    -Titulo Original : Royal & Langnickel Large Tin Sketching Art Set-Fabricante : Royal & Langnickel-Descripcion Original: Model RSET-ART2408 features a collection high quality drawing materials for the home studio or classroom // Keep your art materials organized at home, school or anywhere in the sturdy aluminum snap-close tin // Includes 8 graphite pencils, 6 graphite sticks, 4 woodless graphite pencils, 3 blending stumps, 1 sandpaper block // 1 Pencil sharpener, 1 knead able eraser and 1 storage tin // Tin measures 1365 by 7 by 125-inch // The Large Tin Art Sets by Royal & Langnickel are ideal for any level artist from beginner to professional. Sleek design, convenience and portability are brought together with these great aluminum tin art sets. Each set features an expanded range of fundamental tools for endless experimenting and creating. By using the quality pencils, charcoals and sketching sticks in this set, you can create professional sketches and drawings...
  • Derwent - Bloques De Grafito XL, Lata De Metal, 6 Unidades.
    Precio:  $18,369.00

    Derwent - Bloques De Grafito XL, Lata De Metal, 6 Unidades.

    -Titulo Original : Derwent XL Graphite Blocks, Metal Tin, 6 Count (2302010)-Fabricante : Derwent-Descripcion Original: - Los bloques de color terroso grueso dejan un brillo de grafito metálico. - Tacto suave distintivo y brillo plateado. - Úselos para trabajos de líneas sensibles y mezclas sutiles con marcas expresivas y efectos tonales profundos. - Agregue agua para una mayor versatilidad y un mayor potencial artístico, incluidos salpicaduras y lavados. - El juego de 6 colores incluye: verde oliva, prusiano oscuro, sombra cruda, sombra quemada, suave, muy suave...
  • 2 pack de 12 Lapices Sketching, Royal & Langnickel (xmp)
    Precio:  $5,699.00

    2 pack de 12 Lapices Sketching, Royal & Langnickel (xmp)

    -Titulo Original : Royal & Langnickel Essentials Sketching Pencil Set, 12-Piece (2)-Fabricante : Royal & Langnickel-Descripcion Original: Essentials de royal & Lang nickel son materiales imprescindibles para comenzar a explorar tu lado artístico. Este conjunto ofrece la gama principal de arneses de lápices de boceto de grafito para el dibujante de lápices. Incluye 12 lápices de grafito (5H, 4H, 3H, 2H, H, hb, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B) ...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo Lemecima [899TTBFY]
    Precio:  $11,579.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo Lemecima [899TTBFY]

    -Titulo Original : Sketch & Drawing Art Tool Kit,33 PCs Sketch Pencil Set Drawing Kit Art Supplies With Graphite Charcoal Sticks Tool Sketch Kit For Adults Kids Artists Drawing Sketching With 100 Pages Sketch Book-Fabricante : Lemecima-Descripcion Original: The drawing set includes 12 pre-sharpened graphite pencils ranging from 5H to 8B, 1 woodless graphite pencil (6B),3 charcoal pencils, 3 graphite sticks, and 3 charcoal sticks. // What’s more: 1 double-head extender, 1 mental utility knife, 3 blending paper stumps, 1 sandpaper 1 soft robber 1 white rubber 1 double hole mental pencil sharpener, 1 single hole pencil sharpener, and 1 premium sketch pad (100sheets 60 lb) // This complete set with everything allows you starting drawing as soon as you receive the parcel. // For both beginner & professional: The high quality tools are suitable for all levels, whether you are an artist or a 3 years old kid. This sketch set can also be a wonderful gift to your kids, friend and families with case that nice! // Customer service: If there is anything wrong with the product, do not hesitate to contact us please, We will solve your problem as soon as possible. // Charcoal pencil: Charcoal pencil stops reflecting when paint is applied, It also produces rich tones and high contrast. charcoal sticks: Exquisite charcoal sticks ,made of fine charcoal It can create quite dark blacks and is generally used to make the darkest dark on your sketch. 3 ways to sharpen your pencil: To sharpen the pencil to a nice sharp tip, you can use our sandpaper sharpening pad or ordinary sharpener, the pencil knife is also easy to use. Read more pencil extender paper blending stumps Kneaded & Vinyl Eraser Read more Now, Take this set home and create your own masterpiece...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo PRO ART [027AC9FK]
    Precio:  $4,909.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo PRO ART [027AC9FK]

    -Titulo Original : PRO ART 3049 All In One Drawing Set-Fabricante : PRO ART-Descripcion Original: Drawing set // Includes 4 pencils of different degrees // 2 Charcoal pencils // Includes an artist eraser and blending stumps plus two different sharpeners // Great for the beginner // Style:Pro Art All in One drawing kit includes pencils and accessory items required to begin your drawing or sketching session. Set contains four graphite drawing pencils: HB, 2B, 4B and 6B; two charcoal pencils: soft and medium; a soft artist eraser, 2 blending tortillons, a 2 paper stump, a sandpaper pointer and an aluminum pencil sharpener...
  • Sakura Pigma Micron 08 - 0.5 mm .Pack 3un(Negro)
    Precio:  $4,709.00
    Expira: 10/05/2021

    Sakura Pigma Micron 08 - 0.5 mm .Pack 3un(Negro)

    -Titulo Original : Sakura Pigma Micron 08 - Pigment Fineliners - 0.5mm - Black [Pack of 3]-Fabricante : Sakura-Descripcion Original: Paquete de 3 bolígrafos Black Pigma Fineliner de Sakura. La duradera punta de punto poroso de 0,5 mm ofrece una línea uniforme y una excelente transferencia de color. La tinta PIGMA exclusiva de Sakura es la primera en el mundo en combinar tintas a base de agua y pigmento, creando colores vibrantes que no se desangrarán a través del papel. La tinta de calidad de archivo también es indeleble, resistente a la luz y se seca a un pH neutro...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo Prismacolor [0M4L6MSW]
    Precio:  $4,359.00
    Expira: 27/02/2021

    Set de Arte Dibujo Prismacolor [0M4L6MSW]

    -Titulo Original : Prismacolor 2502 Scholar Graphite Drawing Pencil Set, Gray, 5-Piece Kit-Fabricante : Prismacolor-Descripcion Original: High-quality drawing pencils designed for beginning artists and crafters // 4 different types of lead from 2H for light details to 4B for rich, dark coverage // Hardened cores resist breakage but sharpen to a fine point // Kneaded eraser molds easily into the size and space of what you’re erasing // Style: | Size:Draw dark shadows, delicate highlights and sultry mid-tones with Prismacolor Scholar Graphite Drawing Pencils. This Prismacolor art kit comes with four different types of lead pencils designed to give everyone from beginning art students to experienced crafters the tools to develop as artists. That means you’ll have the art pencils you need to create detailed line work, shading and large-area coverage. This Prismacolor kit also comes with a kneaded eraser that can be shaped to the area you want to erase...
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