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  • Set de Arte Dibujo Southsun [73R7YWMP]
    Precio:  $24,109.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo Southsun [73R7YWMP]

    -Titulo Original : 120 Oil Colored Pencils, Southsun Colored Pencils For Art Drawing, Sketching, Adult Coloring Books, Pre-sharpened, Fine Point Lead-Fabricante : Southsun-Descripcion Original: Nice range of 120 colors set in a convenient case, super smooth and thick leads are perfect for shading and shadows. // High quality color pencils for writing, drawing and sketching, soft core allows super smooth color laydown and seamless layering and blending. // The perfect choice no matter what your skill level is. Great for both adults and kids. // Hardened and resist cracking cores are great for adult coloring books. // It is easy to carry in a backpack and convenient when you need to move around, and it keeps the coloring pencils nicely organized. // A world of unlimited coloring creativity Southsun office-product is your gateway to a world of unlimited coloring creativity. We offer a huge variety of value and affordable pens. Our product line includes Watercolor Pencils, Coloring Gel Pens, Fineliner Planer Pens, Oil color pencils, Gel Ink Pens. All are comfortable to use and last long. Well, When you need precision and clarity in your colour drawings. There's no better way to get it than with a fineliner pen set! Southsun 120 Colored Pencils The Assorted Colored Pencils are Perfect for Adult Coloring Books, Artist, a session of Relaxation and Coloring or as a Gifts for Drawing lovers. Read more WIDE RANGE OF VIBRANT COLORS 120 Unique and Wonderful Color Each one pencil has a color number mark to save time for you every time to find colors, Vibrant colors and extra Smooth Premium Lead Soft Core Pencils Durably built with high quality wood, which makes them resistant to breakages. Premium Leads gives you smooth and uninterrupted coloring feeling Arts from Our Customers Perfect for Adult Coloring Books, Doodling, Artist, a session of Relaxation and Coloring or as a Gifts for Drawing lovers. Read more Relieve stress and anxiety Coloring is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety, Creatives or Relax. No matter you are painter or beginners , just draw what you imagine. Just enjoy the fun of painting. then you will love it Read mor...
  • lapiz Faber-castell Graphite matt 14b
    Precio:  $6,129.00

    lapiz Faber-castell Graphite matt 14b

    -Titulo Original : Faber-Castell Graphite Pencil Pitt Graphite Matt 14B-Fabricante : Faber-Castell-Descripcion Original: - USE – Extremely matt graphite pencil of supreme artists quality. These pencils have ultra-matt graphite laydown for reduced reflection on paper. - BRAND – Faber-Castel are globally renowned and loved. They are a world leading manufacturer of top-quality, innovative art materials. Faber-Castell have become the go-to brand for artists, for centuries, whether professional or hobbyist. - EFFECT – Highest tonal value density for maximum depth effect and smooth graphite application. - GRAPHITE – Different graphite can differ mainly in fineness, shape and carbon content. - HARDNESS – Available in 8 degrees of hardness – HB to 14B. 14B is a world s first! This pencil is 14B. Faber-Castell offer top quality graphite pencils. Break-resistant and available in 8 degrees of hardness being HB to 14B. These matt graphite pencils are of supreme quality. Different graphite can differ mainly in fineness shape and carbon content. These pencils have ultra-matt graphite laydown for reduced reflection on paper...
  • 24 Lapices De Dibujo Profesionales De Colores Derwent (xmp)
    Precio:  $40,179.00

    24 Lapices De Dibujo Profesionales De Colores Derwent (xmp)

    -Titulo Original : Derwent Colored Drawing Pencils, Metal Tin, 24 Count (0700672)-Fabricante : Derwent-Descripcion Original: El medio perfecto para barrer paisajes hasta estudios de naturaleza detallados. Los lápices de 8 mm de diámetro tienen conductores redondos suaves y cremosos de 5 mm. Los colores se colocan rápida y fácilmente en aplicaciones de ancho a delgado. Los lápices de dibujo producen un acabado rico y aterciopelado sobre papel. Lata metálica de 24 tonos y elección de tonos sepia tradicionale...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo COLOUR BLOCK [7GXJRWG2]
    Precio:  $24,049.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo COLOUR BLOCK [7GXJRWG2]

    -Titulo Original : COLOUR BLOCK Drawing Travel Art Set - 40 PC, Complete With 16 Drawing Colored Pencils Set, 12 Soft Pastels Set, 2 Sketching Pencils, Drawing Pad, And Assorted Tools In A Canvas Zippered Carry Case-Fabricante : COLOUR BLOCK-Descripcion Original: THE COMPLETE DRAWING SET for artists of all levels. Great for children, art students, beginner and enthusiasts. Everything you need to color, draw and quick sketch complete in one easy to carry canvas case. // NON-TOXIC & HIGH QUALITY COLORING SUPPLIES: 16 Soft-Core Cedar Handle Assorted Colored Art Pencils, 12 Soft Pastels in an organized plastic tray and 2 Sketching Pencils (2B & HB). // COMPLETE WITH HANDY ART TOOLS: 4 Blending Stumps, 1 Pencil Extender, 1 Pencil Knife, 1 Sanding Block, 1 Vinyl Eraser, 1 2-Hole Metal Sharpener, 1 Kneaded Eraser, and a 10 sheet, acid free drawing Pad. All the drawing supplies for hours of coloring and sketching fun. // TRAVEL SIZED ZIPPED PURPLE CANVAS CASE FOR DRAWING OUTDOORS, AT HOME OR IN THE CAR. Great inner case design with inside pockets, pencil holders and elastic loops for neat storage and organization. Fits easily in a backpack or travel case. // COLOUR BLOCK 40 Piece Drawing Travel Art Set in purple canvas zippered carry case with inner pocket for easy organization and carrying. Our goal is to give you a full, enjoyable and easily accessible art experience. We have chosen a variety of materials to give you all you need for practicing and creating many masterpieces. Inside your zippered case, you will find all the quality art materials needed to draw to your heart’s content without having to shop for additional tools. Draw, sketch, and color, you can do it all with this complete drawing set! Highly portable and durable, you can set your case up on your art table or take it with you on the road or to the studio. Everything you need for drawing is included in this complete travel art kit What's in the Box 16 Soft-Core Colored Pencils with Cedar Handles2 Sketching Pencils (2B & HB)12 Soft Pastels in Plastic Tray with Cover4 Blending Stumps1 Pencil Extender1 Vinyl Eraser1 2-Hole Metal Sharpener1 Kneaded Eraser1 10 sheet, 5” x 7”, 80 Lb. Drawing Paper1 Rich Purple Canvas Zippered Bag with Leather-Look binding and accents, and inside pocket Draw on the go with this travel art set in chic purple canvas zippered carry case All you need to draw, sketch, and color in one complete set This set includes all of the quality art media you need for drawing, sketching and coloring. No need to shop for additional tools, all the essentials such as eraser, sharpener and blending stumps are included. Have your kids immerse in hours of coloring fun Let your kids express their amazing creativity and experiment with all the different art mediums! This art set comes with a variety of drawing supplies; colored pencils, sketch pencils and soft pastels, so your kids can explore the different art mediums and textures. Portable zipped case design so you can draw anywhere! This portable and durable canvas carry case is perfect for class, travel, and outdoor drawing. Comes with elastic straps and inside pocket for easy organization and neat presentation! Read more A complete art set for drawing, sketching, and coloring Premium Colored Pencil Set Draw and express your ideas and inspiration in color using these 16 soft-core assorted colored art pencils with premium cedar handles. colors: white, cad yellow, yellow ochre, orange, magenta, vermilion, purple, light blue, blue, ultramarine, light green, dark green, burnt sienna, burnt umber, gray, black 12 Soft Pastel Set 12 chalk sticks provide vivid colors to enrich your artistic creations. Soft pastels are great for blending and shading large areas in a short amount of time. colors: white, yellow, orange-yellow, salmon, wine, purple, blue, navy, sea foam, emerald, tawny, lamp black Handy Drawing Art Tool Kit Handy art accessories are provided to support all your drawing requirements. Well organized inside the carry case, to let you easily find the tools you need. 2 Sketching Pencils (2B & HB)4 Blending Stumps1 Pencil Extender1 Vinyl Eraser1 2-Hole Metal Sharpener1 Kneaded Eraser Bonus Drawing Pad Can't wait to start your next drawing? Use the bonus drawing paper provided to start your art creations right away! 1 10-sheet, 5” x 7”, 80 Lb. Drawing Paper Read more A Gift That Lasts Give your art-loving kids, grandkids, family members and friends a gift that will provide them hours of satisfying and creative fun. A great gifting idea for any occasion: birthday, graduation, anniversary, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Non-toxic and safe to use. Read more Mixed Media Art Set - 181 PC (Wooden Box) Soft Pastel Art Set - 100 PCColored Pencil Set - 24 PCWatercolor Pencil Set -24 PCWatercolor Paint Set - 32 PCAcrylic Paint Set - 32 PCMedia TypeMixed Media Soft PastelColored Pencil Watercolor PencilWatercolor PaintAcrylic PaintPiece Count18110024243232Case MaterialWoodWoodTinTinHard CardboardHard CardboardNon-Toxic✓✓✓✓✓...
  • Koh-I-Noor Polycolor set de 72u de lápices para colorear
    Precio:  $51,459.00

    Koh-I-Noor Polycolor set de 72u de lápices para colorear

    -Titulo Original : Koh-I-Noor Polycolor set2 de lápices para colorear, Multicolor-Fabricante : Koh-I-Noor-Descripcion Original: Lápices de calidad profesional para dibujar, ilustrar y colorear El plomo de 3,8 mm contiene aceites especiales para crear trazos densos, uniformes y resistentes al agua sin usar mucha presión Los colores se superponen y se mezclan maravillosamente sin acumulación de cera Borde ancho excelente para sombrear; la punta fina y nítida crea un detalle exquisito Fabricado con los mejores colores Hardtmuth y revestido con cedro de California resistente y duradero...
  • 24 lapices de colores Staedtler (xmp)
    Precio:  $13,359.00

    24 lapices de colores Staedtler (xmp)

    -Titulo Original : Staedtler Noris colour 185 C24JB Buntstifte (erhöhte Spitzen-Bruchfestigkeit, sechskant, Set mit 24 brillanten Farben, Wopex Material, PEFC-Holz, DIN EN71)-Fabricante : Staedtler-Descripcion Original: Lápices Staedtler De Calidad Premium de colores pre-sharpened. 24 brillantes colores. barril ergonómica triangular de agarre fácil para comodidad añadida. fácil de afilar 2,9 mm Color Core. Cuerpo ergonómico triangular de agarre fácil para mayor comodidad. Noris colores lápiz, ergonómico ...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo Castle Art Supplies [7ZPCXKXS]
    Precio:  $19,209.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo Castle Art Supplies [7ZPCXKXS]

    -Titulo Original : Castle Arts Themed 24 Colored Pencil Set In Tin Box, Perfect Colors For ‘Botanical’ Art. Featuring, Smooth Colored Cores, Superior Blending & Layering Performance For Great Results-Fabricante : Castle Art Supplies-Descripcion Original: RECREATE THE BEAUTY IN NATURE…BEAUTIFULLY! with this *special edition* ‘Botanical Collection’ featuring ‘24 hand-picked premium colored pencils’ in perfect shades to capture the stunning flora and fauna that inspires you. The rich, velvety cores are highly pigmented, lay down color beautifully and are ideal for the precise work and finer detail required in this charming art form. If you’re passionate about plants and flowers, then this is the perfect set for you! // BLEND & LAYER TO ACHIEVE PERFECT DETAIL! We understand the attention to detail that is required when capturing Botanical illustrations and artwork. Tried and tested by thousands of Castle artists, you can really rely on these top-quality pencils featuring strong 3.3mm centred cores! They sharpen to a perfect point allowing artists to capture the most intricate features and finest details of their favourite wild flower, blossom, bud or leaf. // THE PERFECT GIFT FOR FLOWER LOVERS! This enviable selection of premium quality colored pencils is beautifully presented in a *Special Edition* Tin Box featuring an original Botanical Illustration of a White Lily. And for ‘budding’ artists inspired to try this style for the first time, we’ve included a handy step-by-step tutorial which illustrates the techniques required to achieve amazing results you will be excited to share. // CONVENIENT, LIGHT & STURDY FOR ‘ART ANYWHERE’! This lightweight and compact set of 24 top quality pencils travels perfectly giving artists the convenience to capture nature whenever and wherever they desire. Enjoy the freedom that this range of pencils gives you and ‘escape to create’ today! And don’t forget to share the wonderful results to inspire other artists. // BUY TODAY - WORRY & HASSLE FREE! Creating beautiful art should be easy and fun. Leave your worries behind and benefit from our renowned Quality Assurance. If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with your Castle Arts purchase, we offer customers complete piece of mind through our unique *Money Back Guarantee Plus* which means that if you are not entirely happy with your pencils, we will refund you ‘plus’ you keep the pencils. //...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo Royal and Langnickel [054TX6LW]
    Precio:  $33,889.00
    Expira: 01/04/2021

    Set de Arte Dibujo Royal and Langnickel [054TX6LW]

    -Titulo Original : Royal & Langnickel Essentials Clear View Drawing Set, Large-Fabricante : Royal & Langnickel-Descripcion Original: Model RSET-ART3204 is an expanded collection of the fine art materials you'll need to create realistic color sketches and drawings // Clear View, see-through plastic case with snap closures and recessed handle // Includes 12 quality color pencils, 6 woodless color pencils, 12 compressed color blocks charcoal pencils, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 knead able eraser // 1 White eraser, 1 sanding block, 1 blending stump, 19 by 12-inch drawing pad, 1 sketching and drawing guide and Clear view case // Case measures 14 1/8 by 10 1/2 by 1 3/8-inch // Style:The Essentials Clear view Sets by Royal & Langnickel are ideal for the artists on-the-go and students, alike. The compact design provides easy portability and safe storage. The sturdy clear case allows your art materials to be seen at a glance and the self-stowing plastic handle and snap-tight closures make it easy to tote and open. These sets feature Royal's quality Essentials art materials making them ideal for students, hobbyists and artists. Have some serious fun with the Essentials Clear view sets...
  • set dibujo sketching con cuadernillo de 100 hojas, free hand
    Precio:  $20,589.00

    set dibujo sketching con cuadernillo de 100 hojas, free hand

    -Titulo Original : Sketch Pencils Set - Drawing, Sketching and Charcoal Pencils. Includes 100 Page Drawing Pad and Kneaded Eraser. Art Kit and Supplies for Kids, Teens and Adults.-Fabricante : free hand-Descripcion Original: Luz de anillo LED regulable: tiene 80 bombillas LED para una vida útil prolongada sin cambiar las bombillas, puede elegir entre 3 colores de luz y brillo de 10 niveles para cada modo, control sencillo del cable para encender / apagar o cambiar al modo de iluminación que prefiera. este anillo de luz hace que cada foto y video se vea más profesional. ...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo US Art Supply [0FSVTAQG]
    Precio:  $55,949.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo US Art Supply [0FSVTAQG]

    -Titulo Original : U.S. Art Supply 68-Piece Artist Acrylic Painting Set With, Table Easel, 24-Acrylic, Colored Pencils, Graphite Pencils, Sketch & Painting Pad, Canvas Panels, Brushes & Everything To Get You Started-Fabricante : US Art Supply-Descripcion Original: Solana Adjustable Wood Desk Easel with Drawer that adjusts to four positions and will accommodate a canvas up to 11" x 14" // 50-Piece Acrylic Painting Set with 24 12ml Acrylic Colors, 12 Colored Pencils, 2 Graphite Pencils, 4 Artist Brushes, Manikin & More // 7-Piece Nylon Brush Set & Color Mixing Wheel // 9" x 12" Spiral Binding Acrylic Painting Pad 400Gsm, 12 Sheets, 5.5" x 8.5" Spiral Binding Sketchbook Pad 100Gsm, 100 Sheets, 5.5" x 8.5" Field Shetch Pad. Hard Bound Black Cover 110Gsm, 80 Sheets // 8" x 10" Professional Quality Canvas Panels 6 Pack //...
  • Juego de bolígrafos de gel 240 colores no tóxico
    Precio:  $38,379.00

    Juego de bolígrafos de gel 240 colores no tóxico

    -Titulo Original : 240 Color Artist Gel Pen Set, Includes 48 Glitter, 21 Metallic, 22 Pastel,18 Neon, 6 Rainbow, 5 Standard Colors, 120 Matching Color Refills, Largest Non-Toxic Art Pen For Adults Coloring Craft Books-Fabricante : DasKid-Descripcion Original: - Juego de bolígrafos de gel para artistas de 240 colores, incluye: 48 bolígrafos de gel con purpurina, 21 bolígrafos de gel metálicos y 22 bolígrafos de gel de neón, 18 bolígrafos de gel pastel, 6 arcoíris, 5 colores estándar, 120 recambios numerados de colores a juego, - Agarre cómodo: colorea y elimina el estrés del día con facilidad, cada bolígrafo está equipado con un agarre cómodo codificado por colores. - Incluye: Estuche de viaje y 120 recambios de tinta de gel con purpurina a juego - La fina punta de bolígrafo de 0,8 mm - 1,0 mm permite una aplicación de color suave y precisa. - Variedad de usos: los bolígrafos de gel de primera calidad son ideales para una variedad de usos, como manualidades, libros para colorear para adultos y niños, álbumes de recortes, proyectos escolares, invitaciones a fiestas, tarjetas de felicitación, garabatos, decoración de bricolaje y cartas a amigos y familiares. ¡Los usos son infinitos! - Seguro para usar: los bolígrafos para colorear son los mejores para que todos los usen en la vida diaria o en el trabajo escolar. Especialmente bueno para escribir, hacer garabatos, llevar un diario, garabatear, dibujar y colorear. - Juego de bolígrafos de gel de gran valor para niños y adultos, libro para colorear - Fácil de recargar: bolígrafos codificados por colores Para reemplazar los colores, simplemente haga coincidir el cilindro codificado con números con el cartucho de recarga de brillo. 240 Artist Gel Pen Kit con estuche de colores: incluye 48 Glitter, 21 Metallic, 22 Pastel, 18 Neon, 6 Rainbow, 5 Standard colors, 120 Matching Color numered Refills, Product DescriptionTodos nosotros podemos ser artistas siempre y cuando encendamos la chispa para hacer surgir la creatividad y las ideas. Esos bolígrafos de gel catalizarán el potencial creativo para mantener un flujo libre de aspiraciones. Garabatea, dibuja, dibuja todas tus ideas en un papel u otro artículo de manualidades con un juego de 48 bolígrafos de gel con purpurina, que te ofrece una gran cantidad de opciones. Fluye con tus ideas Cuando tus ideas fluyen sin problemas, tu molesto bolígrafo te distrae. ¡Qué lástima! A diferencia de otros bolígrafos de gel con saltos, estos bolígrafos adoptan la última tecnología de bolígrafo para garantizar un funcionamiento súper suave, para que pueda concentrarse en sus trabajos sin preocuparse por las trivialidades. Almacenamiento conveniente: el estuche portátil facilita el almacenamiento en una mochila, cajón, casillero o estante, ¡y puede encontrar el bolígrafo de gel que desea fácilmente! Cada bolígrafo de gel se puede almacenar en su propio inserto individual y viene con una tapa para un uso duradero. Usos ilimitados: puede usar estos bolígrafos para colorear para dibujar, dibujar, colorear, garabatear, escribir y ser creativo de una manera divertida y hábil. manera. Tarjetas de felicitación, invitaciones a fiestas, cartas a amigos y familiares, artes y manualidades, decoración, actividades de guardería, álbumes de recortes, los usos son infinitos. Haz un gran regalo: el juego de bolígrafos de gel con purpurina se convertirá en un regalo reflexivo y popular, ya sea para sus amigos, familiares o niños: a todos les resultará extremadamente útil y estos bolígrafos sin duda harán que sus vidas sean más coloridas...
  • Set De 36 Lapices Acuarela Derwent, Caja Metalica (xmp)
    Precio:  $35,209.00

    Set De 36 Lapices Acuarela Derwent, Caja Metalica (xmp)

    -Artista: Sweet-Actores: Michael Douglas - Sharon Stone - Julie Bond - William Duff-Griffin - George Dzundza - Bradford English - Mary Pat Gleason - Michael Halton - Juanita Jennings - Wayne Knight-Director: Paul Verhoeven-Compositor: Jerry Goldsmith - -Formato: Lapices acuarela-Sello: Bmg Int'L-Detalle: acuarela-Discos: 1 -Duracion: 56 min.-Fecha de Lanzamiento: 0000-00-00-UPC: -Opciones de Lenguaje: english - Subtitled || spanish - Subtitled || english - Original Language ||...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo ADAXI [7V4JWL2M]
    Precio:  $33,799.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo ADAXI [7V4JWL2M]

    -Titulo Original : ADAXI Drawing Pencils With Sketch Book 50 Pages, 35 Piece Sketch Pencils Professional Drawing Kit In Zipper Case, Sketching Art Set With Graphite Charcoal Sticks Tool For Adults Kids(All In One Case)-Fabricante : ADAXI-Descripcion Original: ☑【Drawing Pencils Packing】35 Piece Sketching Art Set, with Portable kit allows you to easily store and save your drawing pencil combination without having to worry about lost things and easily get sketches. The use of charcoal sketch pencil sets anytime and anywhere will be an excellent piece of art for drawing or painting // ☑【sketch pencil set includes】14 x drawing pencil ; 1 woodless graphite pencil (6B); 3 x charcoal pencils; 1 x double-head extender; 1 x metal utility knife; 3 x blending paper stumps; 3 x graphite sticks; 3 x charcoal sticks; 1 x sandpaper; 1 x soft rubber; 1 x white rubber; 1 x double hole metal pencil sharpener; 1 x single hole pencil sharpener;1 sketch paper // ☑【WIDE VARIETY】Art supplies graphite pencils range from 8B to 6B, 5B, 4Bx2, 3B, 2Bx2, B, HB, 2H, 3H, 4H and 5H, charcoal pencils & sticks and graphite sticks comes with various hardness: soft/ medium/ hard.It is a truly versatile art set for you whether you are beginners or professional artists // ☑【SUPERIOR QUALITY &SAFE】All the leads and sticks are non-toxic,firm that won’t be easy to break off. Sketch pencils as well as sticks provide you with smooth gliding and comfortable hand feeling. All the materials are environmentally friendly. Sketch pencils are made of 100% log material. Blending paper stumps are made of good quality compressed is really a great gift on Birthday ,Christmas or New Year's Holiday for adults ,kids who are interested in sketch // ☑【Ideal Gift】They are suitable for children and adults, 35 piece professional sketch and Drawing Pencil Set Suitable for beginner and professional artist // Read more Read more Features: 1. All our drawing pencils use high-quality lead, are with distinct grayscale , super smooth writing, no paper scrapping, not slippery and reflective and easy to modify. 2. The blue pencils set has many specifications of pencils, completely an ideal tool for painters and graphic designers. 3. Come with a zip bag, which can store a sketchbook and all the drawing kits, extremely easy to carry and meet your needs of drawing and sketching 4. Professional sketching - the color gamut is heavy, easier to deal with the effect of black and white of the picture. 5. Our drawing kits has a wide variety of grayscale and will bring you rich painting effects. 6. This sketch kit is not easy to get broken, easy to sharpen but not easy to get the lead snapped while sharpening. 7. This set of art supplies is an ideal gift for the one you love, no matter she/he is a beginner or an expert. Warm Tips: 1. 100% Brand new and high quality 2. Non-toxic 3. Great fit for artists, hobbyist and crafters 4. Not suitable for child under 3 years old...
  • Goma Prismacolor Magic Rub (san70503) x3
    Precio:  $4,959.00
    Expira: 04/12/2021

    Goma Prismacolor Magic Rub (san70503) x3

    -Titulo Original : Prismacolor Premier Magic Rub Vinyl Erasers, 3-Count-Fabricante : Prismacolor-Descripcion Original: 1. Este adaptador es compatible con todo tipo de auriculares sin función de micrófono. Si su auricular / auricular con función de micrófono, verifique que sea un conector estándar OMTP o conector estándar CTIA, ya que este adaptador solo es adecuado para auriculares con conector estándar OMTP pero no es compatible con el auricular con conector estándar CTIA. 2. Interfaz estándar VS de cuerpo pequeño, fácil de usar, convierta el conector de interfaz de auriculares de 2,5 mm en un conector de interfaz de audio de 3,5 mm 3. Adaptador de audio macho de 3,5 mm a hembra de 2,5 mm, adopta el proceso de galvanoplastia, carcasa de aluminio, antiarañazos más duradero, resistencia a la corrosión antioxidante. 4. La interfaz chapada en oro se asegura de reducir eficazmente la pérdida de señal. 5. Dispositivos aplicables: teléfono / computadora con auriculares / altavoces antiguos de 2,5 m...
  • 12 Lapices De Colores Prismacolor, Jardín Botanico (xmp)
    Precio:  $9,779.00

    12 Lapices De Colores Prismacolor, Jardín Botanico (xmp)

    -Titulo Original : Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, Botanical Garden Set, 12 Count-Fabricante : Prismacolor-Descripcion Original: Hermosa gama de colores seleccionados para dar vida a Lush flores y árboles De Lápices de colores para cada nivel de experiencia – perfecto para libros para colorear Pigmentos de alta calidad para rica saturación de color Núcleos suaves y gruesos para una aplicación y excelente mezcla suave y sombreado El juego incluye lápices: Granada, rosa, rosa, rojo, amarillo limón, verde oliva, verde primavera, Verde zacate, azul pizarrón, non Dalia Photo azul, lavanda y púrpur...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo Art 101 USA [02KW3OVS]
    Precio:  $34,119.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo Art 101 USA [02KW3OVS]

    -Titulo Original : Art 101 173-Piece Wood Art Set-Fabricante : Art 101 USA-Descripcion Original: Drawing and coloring inspired kit comes with high quality art components // 36 Premium Core Colored Pencils color, shade, and blend beautifully with high pigment content // Includes 20 kid-friendly markers great for coloring or drawing // 70 colorful crayons provide hours of coloring fun for your young artist // Product DescriptionArt 101's Creativity Art Set with 173 Pieces in a Wood Carrying Case includes a variety of artistic mediums for the beginner or advanced artist! Perfect for the young artist who loves to color, this set includes 20 kid-friendly markers that are short and wide, making it easy for little hands to grip and use. The water-based ink formula makes our markers washable off non-pouruous surfaces. Also included are 70 colorful crayons with fun, memorable names to color and create! Did you run out of your favorite color? No worries! This kit has a couple sets of all of our colors to make sure you have enough to last for all of your coloring sessions. You will also find 36 mini versions of our colorful Premium Core Colored Pencils, which lay down smooth and pigmented on your paper. Build up the color and opacity by varying the pressure on your pencil, and blend different colors together to create different shading effects. Create additional masterpieces with the 12 oil pastels, sketch pencil, or 20 watercolor cakes, all conveniently organized in a wooden carrying case so you can create easily on-the-go!Set Includes: • 36 Premium Core Colored Pencils• 70 crayons• 20 watercolor cakes• 20 markers• 12 oil pastels• 3 paint brushes• 5 paper clips• 1 sponge• 1 paint palette• 1 sketch pencil• 1 ruler • 1 eraser• 1 sharpener • 1 wood carrying caseFrom the Manufacturer173 Pc Wood Art Set. 5 Drawing and painting art mediums. Crayons, pencils, oil pastels, markers, watercolor painting and other accessories. Professional wood case. Unlock the inner artist insider. Complete art set for hours of satisfying and creative fun...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo PRO ART [027AC9FK]
    Precio:  $7,809.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo PRO ART [027AC9FK]

    -Titulo Original : PRO ART 3049 All In One Drawing Set-Fabricante : PRO ART-Descripcion Original: Drawing set // Includes 4 pencils of different degrees // 2 Charcoal pencils // Includes an artist eraser and blending stumps plus two different sharpeners // Great for the beginner // Style:Pro Art All in One drawing kit includes pencils and accessory items required to begin your drawing or sketching session. Set contains four graphite drawing pencils: HB, 2B, 4B and 6B; two charcoal pencils: soft and medium; a soft artist eraser, 2 blending tortillons, a 2 paper stump, a sandpaper pointer and an aluminum pencil sharpener...
  • CARAN DACHE Neocolor II 84 Pasteles solubles en agua
    Precio:  $204,959.00

    CARAN DACHE Neocolor II 84 Pasteles solubles en agua

    -Titulo Original : CARAN DACHE Neocolor II Pasteles solubles en agua Caja de madera para regalo - 84 colores-Fabricante : CARAN DACHE-Descripcion Original: Artists will love this gift-boxed set of 84 Neocolor II Water-soluble Artists' Pastels from Caran d'Ache // For over 80 years, Caran d'Ache has inspired amateur and professional artists, providing top quality pastels, pencils, paints, brushes and more // Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Pastels conform to EN71 (CE) and ASTM D4236 safety standards for art materials // Use Neocolor II artist crayons on various materials including paper, cardboard, glass, even illuminated signs and panels // Neocolor II Pastels have exceptional covering power and can be used dry or wet, on a wide variety of materials // Artists will love this gift-boxed set of 84 Neocolor II Water-soluble Artists' Pastels from Caran d'Ache // Neocolor II Pastels have exceptional covering power and can be used dry or wet, on a wide variety of materials // Product Description Artists will love this gift-boxed set of 84 Neocolor II Water-soluble Artists' Pastels from Caran d'Ache. These superior-quality artists' pastels meet the exacting requirements of fine artists, illustrators, graphic artists and teachers. Use these soft, water-soluble pastels to create beautiful watercolor effects. Simply make a sketch with Neocolor II pastels, then sprinkle it with water and allow the colors to dilute. Use a brush to pick up colors and paint as though with watercolors. You can also draw on moistened paper for a wash and varnish effect. Neocolor II Artists' Pastels have a high pigment concentration that results in bright, opaque colors, suitable for many techniques on dry or wet paper. Neocolor II water-soluble wax pastels are a product of Caran d'Ache innovation. They combine the expertise of a color specialist with the great ''Swiss Made'' tradition. Neocolor II wax pastels are exceptional, both for their quality and the techniques they make possible. Neocolor provides inspiration and opportunity for all professional and amateur artists to fully express their talent and imagination. Set is packaged in a beautiful wooden box. Conforms to EM-71 (CE) and ASTM D4236 safety standards, suitable use in for U.S. schools. Caran d'Ache products are ideal for sketching, figure drawing, and portraits. Caran d'Ache uses high-quality pigments for colorfastness and excellent lightfastness. For over 80 years, Caran d'Ache has inspired amateur and professional artists, providing top quality pastels, pencils, paints, brushes and more. From the Manufacturer Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Pastels (Box Set 84 Colors...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo Dinonano [8933ST42]
    Precio:  $27,989.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo Dinonano [8933ST42]

    -Titulo Original : Dinonano School Art Supplies For Kids - Painting And Drawing Kit For Girls Boys Ages 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Years Old - Art Set Sketch Pad Easel Oil Pastels Crayons Watercolor Pencils Markers-Fabricante : Dinonano-Descripcion Original: HAND LETTERING SET: Crayola Crayoligraphy Hand Lettering Art Set features 15 pages of Instructions, 12 Dual-Tip Markers, 2 Gel Pens, 3 Frameable Art Pages, 1 Photo Frame, 4 Place Cards, and 8 Gift Tags. // BEGINNER CALLIGRAPHY SET: Calligraphy set for beginners provides hand lettering instructions and practice space. // CALLIGRAPHY MARKERS:Dual-ended markers allow you to choose from super tip, fine point, and brush tip markers. // SIMPLE DIY CRAFTS: Use the included markers or metallic gel pens to make a variety of included DIY crafts. // Style:Create elegant calligraphy-like lettering with the Crayola Signature Crayoligraphy Hand Lettering Art Set. This 45-piece art kit helps enhance any collection of art supplies for teens and adults who want to learn or perfect hand lettering techniques. With 12 dual-ended markers, you can switch from ultra fine point markers to brush tip markers with ease. Fill in the details on the provided projects with smooth lines by using one of the 2 gel pens. When it’s time to move on to the next project, pack the non-toxic markers and pens away in the calligraphy set box to keep it all organized...
  • Set De 32 Piezas Profesionales Para Dibujo Sketching (xmp)
    Precio:  $18,649.00

    Set De 32 Piezas Profesionales Para Dibujo Sketching (xmp)

    -Titulo Original : H & B Sketching Pencils Set, Drawing Pencils and Sketch Kit, 32-Piece Complete Artist Kit Includes Graphite Pencils, Pastel Stick and Eraser, Professional Sketch Pencils Set for Drawing-Fabricante : H & B-Descripcion Original: DE PRINCIPIANTE A PROFESIONAL: comience a dibujar tan pronto como abra la caja. Todo lo que necesitan para tener éxito en un paquete completo, desde dibujar hasta resaltar, retocar, borrar o enfocar, todo está aquí y bien organizado. CAPTURE SUS IDEAS EN PAPEL: nuestro conjunto de dibujos ofrece inspirar la creación de sus obras maestras artísticas en el hogar, la escuela, el papel y todas sus actividades. Con 26 piezas solo para dibujar y resaltar, tendrá todo lo que necesita. Necesito capturar perfectamente tus ideas en papel. EL PAQUETE INCLUYE - 12 LÁPICES DE GRAFITO PREMIUM (5H, 4H, 3H, 2H, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 8B) + 1 lápiz especialista en madera ULTRA SOFT ALL-GRAPHITE + 3 LÁPICES DE CARBÓN en suave, medio y duro + 3 GRAFITO + 3 PALABRAS DE CARBÓN en suave, medio y duro + 1 BORRADOR DESNUDO + 1 PLÁSTICO / BORDE DE VINILO + 2 AFILADORES para lápices de grafito y carbón REGALO DE VACACIONES PERSONAL: no tóxico y absolutamente seguro para la salud, fácil de transportar y hecho con una calidad superior, este exclusivo conjunto de suministros de dibujo es un maravilloso regalo de Navidad, cumpleaños o Año Nuevo para aquellos que aman ser creativos en el arte. mund...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo Royal and Langnickel [03W08SVS]
    Precio:  $17,409.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo Royal and Langnickel [03W08SVS]

    -Titulo Original : Royal & Langnickel Small Tin Still Life Drawing Art Set-Fabricante : Royal & Langnickel-Descripcion Original: The Small Tin Art Sets by Royal & Langnickel are ideal for any level artist from beginner to professional // This compact art tin features high quality drawing/sketching tools for anyone to experiment with; This tin offers a perfect storage container to keep your art tools organized at home, school, anywhere // Includes 5 color pencils, 6 compressed color sticks, 1 graphite pencil and 1 storage tin // Tin measures 7-1/2-inch by 4-1/2-inch by 1/2-inch // // Royal & Langnickel brings together sleek design, convenience and portability with these great aluminum art sets. Each set features fundamental tools for endless experimenting and creating. Create wonderful colored still life drawings with this essential set of drawing materials...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo Crayola [7N2X34Q9]
    Precio:  $15,269.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo Crayola [7N2X34Q9]

    -Titulo Original : Crayola Take Note Fine Point Permanent Markers For Adults And Kids, Assorted Colors, 24 Count, Multi-Fabricante : Crayola-Descripcion Original: One 24-ct pack of Crayola Take Note Fine Point Permanent Markers // Keep spirits high with creative at home crafts and indoor activities! Simple and fun crafts for kids are a great way to stay thoughtfully engaged and entertained. // Quick dry permanent markers with added cushion grip brings ease to drawing on most surfaces // Expand any collection of art supplies for teens and adults with 24 unique colors // Style:Make a statement and make it last with Crayola Take Note Fine Point Permanent Markers. With 24 vibrant colors that can be used just about anywhere, start creating with these fine point markers on photos, clothing, and more! An added cushion grip makes them a great addition to office or classroom supplies and brings comfort to taking class or meeting notes. Replace your favorite wood or fabric markers to create any number of arts and crafts for adults and teens. Show off your true colors with these low-odor, non-toxic art markers in shades like Bravocado Green and Persistent Peach...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo Sunnyglade [7SL4658J]
    Precio:  $31,219.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo Sunnyglade [7SL4658J]

    -Titulo Original : Sunnyglade 145 Piece Deluxe Art Set, Wooden Art Box & Drawing Kit With Crayons, Oil Pastels, Colored Pencils, Watercolor Cakes, Sketch Pencils, Paint Brush, Sharpener, Eraser, Color Chart-Fabricante : Sunnyglade-Descripcion Original: High Quality & Unique Design: This deluxe art wooden case with removal drawer to conveniently store art supplies. Sturdy protective wood case to keep supplies organized. Art set complete with all the necessary tools for a beginning artist all the way to a veteran. Perfect art set for adults and kids. // Safe & Environmental: This drawing and painting art set is no harm for children. All the art supplies are in one wooden case and each crayons, pencils and pastels in this art box are non-toxic, and conforms to ASTM D4236 (Standard Practice for Labeling Art Materials for Chronic Health Hazards). It is easy to carry and safe to use. // Widely Application: This versatile art set included all drawing and painting tools that suitable for hobbyists who love painting and even professional drawers working on craft or construction paper and detail sketching. It is best tools to showcase someone's awesome drawing talent. // Wood Box Drawing Set Includes: 60-Crayons,24-Colored pencils, 24-Oil pastels, 24-Watercolor cakes , 3-Palettes, 2-Sketch pencils, 2-Paint brushes, 2-Painting papers, 1- Pencil sharpener, 1- Ruler, 1-Eraser,1-Wooden art box // Quality Guarantee: Sunnygalde represents superior quality and customer service with your highest satisfaction or a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our drawing and painting art set, please contact us any time, we will get you back within 24 hours try our best to make things right. We are confident you will enjoy these art sets! // Sunnyglade wooden drawing & painting art set includes everything your needs to inspire artistic greatness. Art set complete with all the necessary tools for a beginning artist all the way to a veteran. Box including crayons ,colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolor cakes, brushes, sharpener and more... All neatly organized in a wooden case with a drawer. This set is best tools to showcase someone's awesome drawing talent and it will help them create their masterpieces and sharpen their artistic talents! What You Will Get: 60-Crayons, 24-Oil Pastels, 24-Premium core colored pencils, 24-Watercolor cakes, 3-Well plastic painting palettes, 2-Paint Brushes, 2-Sketch pencils, 2-Painting papers, 1-Pencil sharpener, 1-Eraser, 1-Color chart, 1-Wood case with drawer Note:Please check the product before giving it to your child. Item contains small parts, Not for children under 3 yrs. Read more High-Quality Art Set Art set complete with all the necessary tools for a beginning artist all the way to a veteran. All the art supplies are in one wooden case and each crayons, pencils and pastels in this art box are non-toxic, and conforms to ASTM D4236 (Standard Practice for Labeling Art Materials for Chronic Health Hazards)and it is no harm for children. Suitable for the Beginner and Advanced Artist This versatile art set included all drawing and painting tools that suitable for hobbyists who love painting and even professional drawers working on craft or construction paper and detail sketching. It is best tools to showcase someone's awesome drawing talent. Perfect Set for Coloring or Drawing There's something for everyone in our 145 Piece Art and Creativity wood art set, It’s open up a world of creative possibilities! Want to try your hand at painting? Try using the included sketch pencils to create your own masterpiece, then color it in with your medium of choice! You can have all the art tools you need whenever and wherever inspiration strikes with the this Art Case. Read more 60-Crayons The writing head is neat, the texture is even, the pencil core is firm and not easy to break, the pen holder is smooth, and it is comfortable to hold it. 24-Oil Pastels Rich colors, multiple color choices, free painting, stimulate creativity. 24-Watercolor cakes Rich colors give you more choices. Make more amazing colors according to your own hobbies...
  • Set de Arte Dibujo Royal and Langnickel [015S417O]
    Precio:  $11,529.00

    Set de Arte Dibujo Royal and Langnickel [015S417O]

    -Titulo Original : Royal & Langnickel RSET-KCWP Kc Watercolor Paint Set Keep And Carry, Multicolor-Fabricante : Royal & Langnickel-Descripcion Original: The customized zippered carrying case allows ease of travel while storing and protecting your art tools // The Keep N' Carry features elastic bands to hold all your tools in place for easy traveling and storage // Includes 6 watercolor paint tubes (5ml), 2 taklon brushes, 1 graphite pencils, 1 white eraser, 1 sharpener, 1 watercolor pad and 1 zippered carrying case // Keep N' Carry measures 6-inch by 10-3/4-inch // // Style:Everyone will love the Keep N' Carry Artist Sets from Royal & Langnickel. This customized zippered carrying case features 6 watercolor paint tubes, 2 taklon brushes, a pencil, an eraser, a sharpener, and an watercolor pad. Perfect for class, travel, or keeping your studio organized...
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