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  • Globo terraqueo de metal con base de madera (25.5 x 13 cm)
    Precio:  $15,249.00

    Globo terraqueo de metal con base de madera (25.5 x 13 cm)

    -Titulo Original : Deco 79 27939 Metal Wood Globe, 10 X 5-Fabricante : Deco 79-Descripcion Original: 10Inch decorative product // Suitable to be use as decorative items // This product is manufactured in India //...
  • Globo Terraqueo Mova Azul Giratorio Automatico 15cm
    Precio:  $123,999.00

    Globo Terraqueo Mova Azul Giratorio Automatico 15cm

    -Titulo Original : Mova Relief Map Blue Globe 6-Fabricante : MOVA-Descripcion Original: Mapa de relieve azul clásico con cambios de elevación, océanos azules y masas de tierra verde y marrón. Mide 5.9 in de diámetro. Después del montaje de la base, mide aproximadamente 10 pulgadas de altura y pesa 6 libras. MOVA Globe utiliza tecnología solar para girar silenciosamente por sí mismo con cualquier luz interior ambiente o luz solar indirecta, no requiere baterías o cables. Hecho a mano con conchas acrílicas y líquidos no tóxicos. El globo viene con un soporte acrílico de 3 puntas fácil de montar. Artículo de regalo único para decoración del hogar, geeks, viajeros del mundo, entusiastas de la astronomía, educadores, y mucho más. El movimiento silencioso del globo refleja la rotación constante de la tierra mientras chispa conversación y se pregunta por cualquiera que se cruza su camino...
  • Globo terraqueo Waypoint (30 cm diametro)
    Precio:  $22,769.00

    Globo terraqueo Waypoint (30 cm diametro)

    -Titulo Original : Waypoint Geographic World Globe For Kids - Scout 12” Desk Classroom Decorative Globe With Stand, More Than 4000 Names, Places - Current World Globe-Fabricante : Waypoint Geographic-Descripcion Original: A must have - beautiful, colorful world Globe makes a wonderful addition to your home, classroom and playroom decor. Help your kids understand the ideas of the world, continents, countries and cities with a well designed, interactive Globe. // Educational tool - teach kids about our world in an entertaining, fun and easy way. This 12” kid-friendly Globe accurately depicts the geography of our planet. Add this decorative globe to your classroom or homeschool supplies! // Up-to-date Globe - our Scout Globe depicts the latest geographical boundaries and features more than 4.000 name places and points of interest. Unlike most globes for kids, this desk globe identifies ocean topography, offering children a complete and accurate set of knowledge about our world. // High quality - world Globe with stand featuring an acrylic sphere with thick, plastic base and meridian. Smooth rotation allows for easy instruction and explanation. This sturdy world Globe comes fully assembled and ready to offer an amazing learning experience! Size: 16”h x 13.5”W x 12”d // Satisfaction guarantee - Waypoint Geographic offers you a 1-year manufacturer warranty! With nothing to worry about, it's the perfect gift idea, home decoration or classroom tool. //...
  • Globo Terraqueo De Metal Y Plastico (18x25 cm)
    Precio:  $12,329.00

    Globo Terraqueo De Metal Y Plastico (18x25 cm)

    -Titulo Original : Deco 79 Traditional Metal And Plastic Decorative Globe, 7 W X 10 H, Textured Multicolored Finish-Fabricante : Deco 79-Descripcion Original: Color: multi hues // Finish: smooth // Material: metal and plastic //...
  • Mini Globo Terráqueo TCP Dorado Con Rotación 360 (10cm)
    Precio:  $5,409.00

    Mini Globo Terráqueo TCP Dorado Con Rotación 360 (10cm)

    -Titulo Original : TCP Global 4 Old World Style Globe, 360° Rotation - Compact Gold Mini Globe, Swivels, Tilts In All Directions - Fun & Educational, Learn Earths Geography - Home, School, Office, Shelf, Desk Display-Fabricante : TCP Global-Descripcion Original: Premium quality 4" (10 cm) old world antique style globe has 360° of rotation and is mounted on a sturdy stable gold base. A great compact mini geographic globe that tilts and swivels in all directions. The globe is constructed from durable ABS plastic materials. Height: 5.5", Width: 4.75" // World globes are a fun and affordable way to provide geography education at home, in the classroom, or as a striking display piece on a bookshelf or office desk. // The globe has a world globe map display and has clearly labeled continents, countries, oceans, and national boundaries of the Earth. They also have easy-to-read parallel grids for longitude, latitude, equator, and meridian. // Globes are excellent educational tools and are used as the perfect way to inspire kids to learn and explore the world's geography at a very young age. World globes provide a fun way to introduce kids to geography without intimidating them from learning. They're an exceptional reference tool inside classrooms. // Buy with confidence, as our premium educational globes are built to last, and if you're not satisfied with them at any time, we'll provide a full refund. //...
  • Globo Terráqueo Decorativo De PVC Pulido y Aluminio 35x33cm
    Precio:  $16,149.00

    Globo Terráqueo Decorativo De PVC Pulido y Aluminio 35x33cm

    -Titulo Original : Deco 79 43499 Polished PVC And Aluminum Decorative Globe, 14 X 13, Silver/Blue-Fabricante : Deco 79-Descripcion Original: Dimensions: 13X5X14 Dimensions 2: GLOBE 5D Dimensions 3: BASE 4X4X3 Theme: Modern Reflection Assembly: No // Finish: Silver, polished Material: Pac, aluminum Color: Silver, blue // Ideal for contemporary-themed settings // Silver finishing adds elegance to your space // Elegant decor for homes and offices // Color:  |  Size: 13 x 14 Modern Reflections aluminum and plc. globe, features polished blue plc. globe with silver-finished markings, silver-finished aluminum axis and stand, silver-finished aluminum arrow sculpture accent, silver-finished aluminum cube bas...
  • Globo terraqueo de corcho 18 cm con 100 alfileres de colores
    Precio:  $23,619.00

    Globo terraqueo de corcho 18 cm con 100 alfileres de colores

    -Titulo Original : Globe Trekkers - Medium Cork Globe With 100 Different Colored Push Pins & Durable Steel Base - 7.3 Inches | Great For Mapping Travels & Educational Purposes | Does Not Have Plastic Strip Like Most-Fabricante : Globe Trekkers-Descripcion Original: ...
  • Globo Terráqueo Amarillo Giratorio Automático MOVA 11.5cm
    Precio:  $78,259.00

    Globo Terráqueo Amarillo Giratorio Automático MOVA 11.5cm

    -Titulo Original : MOVA Political Map Yellow Globe 4.5-Fabricante : Mova-Descripcion Original: Classic vintage-inspired world map with warm palette of yellow hues. Countries are shown in different colors and borders are easily distinguishable for a refined, yet antique look and feel // MOVA Globe utilizes solar cell technology to rotate silently on its own with any ambient indoor light or indirect sunlight, no batteries or wires required. Non-toxic fluids rest between the inner and outer acrylic shells for low-friction environment // Measures 4.5 inches in diameter, fitting in the palm of your hand; slightly larger than a softball. After base assembly, measures approximately 7 inches in height and weighs 4 pounds // Globe comes with easy-to-assemble 3-pronged acrylic stand and user manual, all in secure foam packaging // Unique gift item for home decorators, tech geeks, world travelers, astronomy enthusiasts, educators, corporation gifts and the person who already has everything. Globe's silent movement reflects the steady rotation of the earth while sparking conversation and wonder for anyone who comes across its path // ROTATING GLOBES. POWERED BY LIGHT. Every MOVA Globe combines brilliant graphics with our first-of-its-kind technology to create an instant conversation starter. Read more Read more Read more Read more HOW THEY WORK From their distinctive graphics to their advanced technology, it only takes one look to realize MOVA Globes are something special. MOVA Globes rotate with no batteries or wires using first-of-its-kind technology. Each globe has a transparent outer shell that remains stationary while an internal shell spins using advanced magnets for torque and solar cells to power the movement. Just turn on any light and MOVA Globes wake up and begin to rotate...
  • Globo Terráqueo De Madera Metal y Mármol 12.7x17.7cm
    Precio:  $8,539.00

    Globo Terráqueo De Madera Metal y Mármol 12.7x17.7cm

    -Titulo Original : Deco 79 Wood Metal MBL Globe 5 W, 7 H-94444, 5 X 7-Fabricante : Deco 79-Descripcion Original: Country Of Origin: India // Model Number: 94444 // Package Dimension: 31.2" L x 12.9" W x 4.9" H // Package Weight: 9.55 lb //...
  • Globo terráqueo con soporte de hierro y mármol 25.5x13cm
    Precio:  $11,999.00

    Globo terráqueo con soporte de hierro y mármol 25.5x13cm

    -Titulo Original : Deco 79 94474 Decorative Globe With Iron And Marble Stand, 10 X 5, Multi-Colored/Brown/Silver-Fabricante : Deco 79-Descripcion Original: Dimensions: 5X5X10 Dimensions 2: Globe 5D Dimensions 3: BASE 4D Theme: New Traditional Assembly: No // Finish: Stained, matte, distressed Material: Marble, iron, plastic, mango wood Color: Multi-colored, brown, silver // Design ideal for modern themed setting // Distressed finish adds a trendy look // Marble base provides stability //...
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