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  • Labeda Wheels Inline Roller Hockey Shooter 72/80 Hilo
    Precio:  $16,389.00

    Labeda Wheels Inline Roller Hockey Shooter 72/80 Hilo

    -Titulo Original : Labeda Wheels Inline Roller Hockey Shooter 72/80 Hilo-Fabricante : LABEDA-Descripcion Original: Labeda Inline 72/80mm // 83A Hardness // An all around wheel designed for the intermediate player looking for good speed, grip and wear. . HILO SETUP - 4 72mm, 4 80mm. Please check the items specific information, the wheel pictured is 80mm, but you will recieve the size that the auction is for...
  • Ruedas completas Neo 110 mm Pro Para sccoter  (2un) Blancas
    Precio:  $9,209.00

    Ruedas completas Neo 110 mm Pro Para sccoter (2un) Blancas

    -Titulo Original : Kutrick Scooter Wheels Pair - Complete 2pcs Neo 110mm Pro Stunt Scooter Replacement Wheels with ABEC-9 Bearing | Bearings Installed - Quality Scooter Wheels for Smooth Ride-Fabricante : Kutrick-Descripcion Original: ¡Las más vendidas ruedas de scooter de 110 mm de aluminio con estilo HERMOSAS NEO CORE Design en el mercado!: ¡Recibirá 2 piezas completas (significa un par) ruedas de scooter de 110 mm con entrega rápida! ?El 20% de los clientes comprarán un tamaño incorrecto si no conocen el tamaño de rueda original de su scooter? ?? Las ruedas de scooter de 110 mm se adaptan a todos los scooters profesionales con ruedas de 110 mm en la horquilla y la plataforma, como fuzion Z250 / Z300, MGP VX8, vokul K1, Lucky TFOX, Maythem V2, Mongoose Rise 110, etc. (compruebe primero las ruedas originales del scooter para evitar comprar una rueda incorrecta tamaño; ¡ESTE TAMAÑO DE RUEDAS ES DE 110 MM!) ?? Durable y liviano: este núcleo de metal significa núcleo de aleación CNC hecho con nivel de PU 88A, ruedas de alta calidad hechas de aluminio mecanizado CNC y PU 88A resistente de alto rebote (material de poliuretano). Muy buen desempeño. ?? Sin ruido y andar muy SUAVE: Rodamiento ABEC-9 Representa la velocidad de planeo, el mercado normalmente tiene abec-5 o 7, pero abec9 mejor, lo que sea para skatepark o street ride, el rodamiento te traerá más y te permitirá seguir tu corazón para aprender o haz más trucos de scooter...
  • Labeda WHEELS Inline Roller Hockey SHOOTER 8 Pack
    Precio:  $16,309.00

    Labeda WHEELS Inline Roller Hockey SHOOTER 8 Pack

    -Titulo Original : Labeda WHEELS Inline Roller Hockey SHOOTER 8 Pack-Fabricante : LABEDA-Descripcion Original: Hi-Fidelity Bluetooth 2.1V + EDR A2DP for Interference-free and Accurate Sound Quality BT-X3 delivers stereo music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled A2DP ready device. // Hands-free mobile calling, track control and volume control Easy controls on the ear cup let you control play/pause, previous/next track, volume up and volume down. Take calls with the push of a button! // Long-lasting & Rechargeable Battery The low energy consumption, 240mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion battery gives you up to 90 hours of standby time and 9 hours of talk time // Hear the music the artist intended Expertly engineered to produce excellent audio quality, BT-X3 is truly an excellent set of headphones that combines precision sound and multiple functionalities to bring you the ultimate music listening experience with wireless connectivity. Powerful 30 mm Neodymium driver delivers Crystal Clear Stereo Sound Proprietary technology allows BT-X3 to give unparalleled audio performance with impressive range. With high-accuracy sound reproduction and the latest Hi-Fi Bluetooth audio output, you can enjoy superb music experience with powerful bass, well-balanced mid tones and extended highs. Expertly engineered and tuned for unbeatable sound quality Sophisticated individual cabinet design allows more dynamic sound range and overall enhanced sound quality. Perfect thickness in the diaphragm design provides more accurate sound sensitivity and response. You can hear more details in your music. Extended Wearing Comforts with Breathable Cushions and Adjustable Headband Premium leatherette cushions let you enjoy your favorite music in extreme comfort. You can wear BT-X3 for extend hours without sacrificing any comforts. High Performance Microphone with Clear Voice Capture (CVC) Technology BT-X3 has an embedded microphone for hands-free conversation from Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices or video calls on your laptop. CVC Technology and Omni-directional design allow echo cancellation and noise suppression to give you enhanced audio quality...
  • Ruedas de patines en línea KSS 64 mm 82A con cubo de 5 radios (paquete de 4), 64 mm, negro / gris / rojo
    Precio:  $6,029.00

    Ruedas de patines en línea KSS 64 mm 82A con cubo de 5 radios (paquete de 4), 64 mm, negro / gris / rojo

    -Titulo Original : KSS 64mm 82A Inline Skate Rollerblade Wheels with 5-Spoke Hub (4 Pack), 64mm, Black/Grey/Red-Fabricante : KSS-Descripcion Original: 64mm Diameter // 82A Hardness // Includes 4 wheels // This listing contains 82a durometer inline wheels. These wheels are perfect for outdoor skating, and utilize the standard size 608 bearing hub. The 82a durometer rating provides a soft, smooth feel, with a decent life SPAN. For that reason, 82a is the most popular outdoor durometer rating. If you are looking for a longer lasting wheel, check out wheels with a durometer rating of 83a or higher. Wheels with a harder durometer rating will feel less smooth but last longer. Listing includes: quantity X4 wheels, measuring 64mm in diameter, and 82a in Hardness. Do you need bearings, spacers, oil, or a hop up kit make sure to check out our other listings for accessories you may need...
  • Paquete de 8 ruedas de patinaje en línea, ruedas de patinaje sobre ruedas de 70 mm 82A, cuchillas de rodillos de repuest
    Precio:  $12,049.00

    Paquete de 8 ruedas de patinaje en línea, ruedas de patinaje sobre ruedas de 70 mm 82A, cuchillas de rodillos de repuest

    -Titulo Original : 8 Pack Inline Skate Wheels, 70mm 82A Roller Skating Wheels, Heavy Duty Replacement Rollerblade Roller Blades with Bearings ABEC - Black-Fabricante : TOBWOLF-Descripcion Original: HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - Roller skate wheels adopted superior PU, wear-resistant & solid, offers durable use experience without easily cracking. Plus, its high performance ABEC-7 bearings ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. // MODERATE HARDNESS - The skate wheels hardness is 82A, mainly used indoors, not recommended to use on uneven ground. Compatible with most inline skates, casterboards, and even some luggage, etc. Perfectly suitable for daily practice, recreational, artistic skating and hockey skating, extremely handy and practical. // SIZE - Diameter: 70mm, 24mm wide, diameter of bearing is 8mm, please make sure to check specs first. // VALUE SET - With eight black skating wheels, just in line with the needs of one pair of roller shoes, extremely meets your needs. // WARRANTY - 12 MONTHS WARRANTY. Manufactured by TOBWOLF, a responsible team that provide high-quality inline roller skate replacement wheels for you. We provide a No-question-asked RETURN or REFUND service if not satisfied. // : ✔ 70 mm(Diameter), 24 mm(Width), 8 mm(Axle/Inner Diameter). ✔ 82A Moderate Hardness super high-rebound wear-resistant PU for a smoother and more comfortable ride.    Good shock absorption, strong grip, not easy to slip, ultra quiet. ✔ ABEC-7 Bearings have been installed. Improved precision, speed and durability. ✔ Compatible with most inline roller skates, rollerblades, and even some luggage suitcase, etc. 8 x Inline Skate Wheels : We not only provide you with quality products, but also provide you with better after-sales services. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us, thank you...
  • Bones Swiss Bearings 16 Pack
    Precio:  $48,439.00

    Bones Swiss Bearings 16 Pack

    -Titulo Original : Bones Swiss Bearings 16 Pack-Fabricante : BONES-Descripcion Original: Over 20 years of acceptance by the world's top professional skaters // Proven, professional competition grade speed and durability make Bones Swiss normally last several times longer than ordinary bearings // Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream racing lubricant // set of 16 - for one pair of roller skates // Skate Rated clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant provide the best performance and durability possible // The optimum combination of Bones Skate Rated design and Swiss precision manufacturing, create the standard by which all other bearings are measure...
  • 4 Ruedas Para Roller Con Led Consultar Color Y Diametro
    Precio:  $7,629.00

    4 Ruedas Para Roller Con Led Consultar Color Y Diametro

    -Titulo Original : you-beat-you-land Light Up Led Inline Skates Ripstik Caster Board Pu Wheels Outdoor and Indoor Rubber Wheels Pack of 4-Fabricante : YOU-BEAT-YOU-LAND-Descripcion Original: PU(Rubber),4-pack // Fit for outdoor and indoor. // Bearings and spacers(Included). // The wheels will light up when you are skating, not batteries need. // Replacement 88A hardness,64mm,68mm, 70mm,72mm,76mm and 80mm.Suitable for Inline Skates,ripstik,Caster Board. // -Material:PU(Rubber). -Lights’number:4 Led lights. -Hardness:88A. -Size of diameter: 64mm/68mm/70mm/72mm/76mm/80mm. -Color:white,blue,green,pink. multiple -Bearings:Standard ABEC 608zz inline skates bearings. -Spacer:Standard spacers. -Gift box:We send you a colourful gift box,you do not have to pay any money. -4 x LED Inline Skates ripstik,Caster Board Wheels. -Do not skate in the rain or on the wet ground: Skating on such a floor will make water and dirt into the ball bearing, the bearing sealing performance will be reduced. -Frequent exchange of wheel positions will greatly improve their service life. -Do not squeeze the bearing forcefully...
  • Razor RipStik Caster Board Replacement Wheel Set
    Precio:  $5,909.00

    Razor RipStik Caster Board Replacement Wheel Set

    -Titulo Original : Razor RipStik Caster Board Replacement Wheel Set -Fabricante : RipStik -Descripcion Original: Con todas las funciones, con salida analógica, salida digital coaxial / óptica, salida de auriculares, puede emitir a los auriculares, directamente como una tarjeta de sonido USB para usar Señal coaxial y de fibra óptica IC para datos de alta velocidad a través del plástico, la señal de salida es más estable, pura Transformadores de aislamiento de señal de salida digital fiebre DV709 filtro digital, el otro un sonido más puro Compacto, portátil, incluye tomas de entrada y salida Con fiebre mundialmente aclamado chip USB PCM270...
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