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  • Microfono Blue Ember Small Diaphragm Studio Condenser with P
    Precio:  $88,139.00

    Microfono Blue Ember Small Diaphragm Studio Condenser with P

    -Titulo Original : Blue Ember Small Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone with Polsen HPC-A30 Monitor Headphones, XLR Cable & Pop Filter Bundle-Fabricante : Blue-Descripcion Original: Custom hand-tuned condenser capsule for superbly clear, open and detailed performance for voice and instruments // Cardioid pickup pattern provides excellent off-axis rejection, minimizing room noise for clean recording and streaming // Compact side-address design enables precise mic placement // Comes with windscreen & XLR Cable //...
  • Microfono ZINGYOU ZY-UA1 USB Bundle ZY-UA1 PC Laptop Recordi
    Precio:  $27,619.00

    Microfono ZINGYOU ZY-UA1 USB Bundle ZY-UA1 PC Laptop Recordi

    -Titulo Original : ZINGYOU USB Microphone Bundle ZY-UA1 PC Laptop Recording Condenser Mic Kit for Podcasting Gaming Streaming YouTube on macOS and Windows with Adjustable Scissor Arm Metal Shock Mount Pop Filter(Gray)-Fabricante : ZINGYOU-Descripcion Original: ?1?Upgrade sound quality - Upgrade and improve circuit board to reduce the noise and can increase mic volume. The high sample rate of 192KHz/24 bit and smooth frequency response of 20-16000Hz make a clearer and more realistic sound. Mic net head built-in sponge clears up vocal pop plosives. The cardioid pickup pattern focuses on picking up the sound from the front of the microphone, reducing extra noise and background sounds. It means you need to face the ZINGYOU logo when you speak // ?2?Intimate upgrade of materials - ZINGYOU USB Microphone with sturdy and durable broadcast suspension boom scissor arm is made out of all-aluminum construction. 1-The microphone shell is more sturdy and the appearance is more advanced appearance. 2-Upgraded table clamp base to Integrated that is firmer and can attach to tables and counters. 3-The shock mount adds a layer of felt to prevent friction, which can give the microphone better protection and support // ?3?Easily and widely - This USB microphone kit can direct integration with desktop or laptop computers, truly plug & play. No matter the macOS or Windows system, the ZY-AU1 USB Microphone gives you the ease of operation and high-quality audio capture. Designed for podcasting, gaming, streaming, YouTube videos, singing, voice acting. Not recommend for phones. Not compatible with Xbox, PS4 // ?4?What’s in the box - The microphone bundle comes with a ZY-UA1 USB Microphone. Sturdy and durable, an all-metal shock mount, an adjustable suspension scissor arm, a dual-layered pop filter, a 5 ft USB cable, and a user manual. Start your project with this ZY-UA1 plug & play microphone kit // ?5?ZINGYOU Service - Please follow the instructions in the box to install and use the microphone set. We provide 24h friendly customer service and e-mail support, 30-day replacement, 1-year maintenance service. If you have any questions during using our product, please do not hesitate to tell us //...
  • Microfono Shure MX202B/C Condenser - Cardioid
    Precio:  $176,099.00

    Microfono Shure MX202B/C Condenser - Cardioid

    -Titulo Original : Shure MX202B/C Condenser Microphone - Cardioid-Fabricante : Shure-Descripcion Original: Black mini-condenser Cardioid mic, w/cable, in-line preamp, stand adapter // Balanced, transformer less output for increased immunity to noise over long cable runs. // Supplied stand-mount adapter for portable applications // When combined with the high sensitivity cartridge's wide frequency response, these microphones provide accurate sound reproduction with minimum RF interference or electromagnetic hum //...
  • Microfono Shure PG Alta 5-Piece Drum Kit for Performing and
    Precio:  $322,129.00

    Microfono Shure PG Alta 5-Piece Drum Kit for Performing and

    -Titulo Original : Shure PG Alta 5-Piece Drum Microphone Kit For Performing And Recording Drummers, Includes Mics, Mounts And Cables With Options For Kick Drum, Snare And Tom (PGADRUMKIT5)-Fabricante : Shure-Descripcion Original: 1x PGA52 Cardioid Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone // 3x PGA56 Cardioid Dynamic Snare/Tom Microphones // 1x PGA57 Cardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone // 1x A25D Break-resistant Microphone Clip // 3x AP56DM Break-resistant Drum Rim Mounts // 5x C15J 15 foot (4.6 m) XLR-XLR cables // 1x 95F16526 Zippered Carrying Case // Size: The PGADRUMKIT5 Drum Microphone Kit is an essential package of professional quality microphones, designed to provide excellent sound for close-mic kick drum, snare and tom performance and recording. Included in the PGADRUMKIT4 are one PGA52 kick drum microphone, three PGA56 drum microphones and one PGA57 instrument microphone, along with three drum mounts, five XLR-XLR cables, and a carrying case...
  • Microfono Pyle PDWMU103 UHF Wireless System - Handheld Mic &
    Precio:  $38,339.00

    Microfono Pyle PDWMU103 UHF Wireless System - Handheld Mic &

    -Titulo Original : Pyle (PDWMU103) UHF Wireless Microphone System - Handheld Mic & Wireless Transmitter with Universal Plug-and-Play Audio, for Karaoke Singing, Wedding, DJ, Party, Speech, Class Use-Fabricante : Pyle-Descripcion Original: UHF NARROW BAND: These cordless microphones for singing feature UHF audio transmission for unsurpassed performance w/ high signal over noise ratio for clear, distortion-free, crisp vocal & excellent sound reproduction unlike low-grade VHF unit // SELECTABLE FREQUENCY RANGE: This wireless professional microphone features digital display w/ 32 channel selectable mic frequency range w/ low distortion. Enjoy cordless singing to karaoke music & mobility for energetic on-stage performance // AUDIO RECEIVER: Pyle wireless microphone system includes a plug-in audio adapter receiver with ¼” (6.3mm) jack. Features integrated antenna for extended wireless range. It directly connects to amplifier, stereos, audio processors, and DJ mixer // 165' FT OPERATION RANGE: The wireless microphone set features up to 165'+ ft. operation range & lets you move w/ ease without those annoying cords. Used for karaoke, classroom, office/business applications. Perfect for public audio & studio use // EASY TO OPERATE: This microphone system is battery-operated & easy to control. Equipped w/ a convenient power ON/OFF switch, LED indicator lights, & LCD digital display screen for frequency read-out & comes w/ a USB connection cable // Style: Features: - Wireless Handheld Microphone System - UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) Mic Design - Easy Plug-and-Play Audio - Simple & Hassle-Free Operation - Reliable, Distortion-Free Performance - Battery-Operated for Wireless Mobility - Receiver Features 1/4’’ Jack for Additional Connection - Auto-Search Mic Adapter Syncing with Microphone - LCD Digital Display Screen for Frequency Read-Out - LED Indicator Lights - Power ON / OFF Switch - Single Channel Selectable Frequency Design (Only 1 Mic Per Receiver) - Used for Home Theater Party Karaoke or Stage & Studio DJ Recording - Connects to PA Speaker Systems, Amplifiers, Audio Receivers, Mixers What's in the Box: - Handheld Microphone - Receiver Unit - USB Connection Cable - (2) x ‘AA’ Batteries - (2) x ‘AAA’ Batteries Technical Specs: - Microphone System: UHF, PLL 32-Channel Selectable Frequencies - Wireless Operation Range: Up to 165’+ ft. - Pickup Pattern: Uni-Directional, Cardioid - Receiver Interface: 1/4’’ Audio Connector Jack - T.H.D: 40dB - Audio Dynamic Range: >100dB - S/N Ratio: >96dB @ 1kHz, A-Weighted - Battery Operated Microphone, Requires (2) 'AA' Batteries - Battery Operated Receiver, Requires (2) 'AAA' Batteries - *Receiver Can Also be Powered via USB Cable - Microphone Dimensions (L x D): 9.8’’ x 1.5’’ -inches - Receiver Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.4’’ x 2.4’’ x 0.8’’ –inche...
  • Microfono Shure Instrument Condenser  12 Gooseneck MX412/S
    Precio:  $0.00

    Microfono Shure Instrument Condenser 12 Gooseneck MX412/S

    -Titulo Original : Shure Instrument Condenser Microphone, 12 Gooseneck (MX412/S)-Fabricante : Shure-Descripcion Original: Attached XLR Preamp, Shock & Flange Mount, Snap-Fit Foam Windscreen // Wide dynamic range and frequency response for accurate sound reproduction across the audio spectrum // Interchangeable cartridges provide the right polar pattern for every application // Balanced, transformerless output for increased immunity to electromagnetic hum and RF interference over long cable runs // Shock mount provides over 20 dB isolation from surface vibration noise // Locking flange mount for permanently securing microphone to lecterns, pulpits, or conference tables // Snap-fit foam windscreen // Size:  |  Style: Microflex Standard Gooseneck microphones bring a whole new meaning to the word flexible with their fully adjustable gooseneck. Designed for easy replacement and available in cardioid, supercardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns, the interchangeable cartridges offer wide frequency response and accurate sound reproduction for a wide variety of applications, such as houses of worship, courtrooms and conference centers. Plus, the condenser cartridges fit every model in the Microflex product line for enhanced convenience and consistent sound...
  • Microfono Audio-Technica AT899 Condenser
    Precio:  $159,969.00

    Microfono Audio-Technica AT899 Condenser

    -Titulo Original : Audio-Technica Condenser Microphone (AT899)-Fabricante : Audio-Technica-Descripcion Original: Audio-Technica’s omnidirectional AT899 is engineered for intelligible, accurate voice reproduction. Its low-profile design (a mere 5 mm in diameter) assures minimum visibility. The mic may be worn as a lavalier and is easily hidden in clothing or hair. It offers the convenience of battery or phantom power; its switchable low-frequency roll-off reduces popping. Features: Maximum intelligibility and clean, accurate reproduction for vocalists, lecturers, stage and television talent, and houses of worship Low-profile design (a mere 5 mm in diameter) is ideal for applications requiring minimum visibility Operates on battery or phantom power All wireless models available in either low-reflectance black or beige Extensive array of provided accessories includes a clothing clip, viper clip, magnet clip and lanyard (black models only), windscreens, element covers, interchangeable single and double mic holders Accessories available separately include complete accessory kits, clothing clips, three-pack element covers and three-pack windscreens 9.8' (3.0 m) cable permanently attached to mic, TA3F connector at power module RoHS compliant—free from all substances specified in the EU directive on hazardous substances Specifications: Transducer: Fixed-charge plate, permanently polarized condenser Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz Dynamic Range (Typical): Phantom: 108dB, 1kHz at Max SPL, Battery: 86dB, 1kHz at Max SPL Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 64dB, 1kHz at 1Pa Maximum Input Sound Level: Phantom: 138dB SPL, 1kHz at 1% THD, Battery: 116dB SPL, 1kHz at 1% THD Power Requirements: Phantom: 11-52V DC, 2mA typical, Battery: 1.5V AA/UM3 Output Impedance: Phantom: 200 ohms, Battery: 250 ohms Output Connectors: Mic Cable: TA3F output, Power Module: Balanced 3-pin XLR Pad: No Low Frequency Roll-Off: Low Frequency Roll-Off Switch Dimensions: Microphone: 0.63x0.20" / 1.60x0.50 cm, Power Module: 5.71x0.83" / 14.50x2.10 cm(Length x Diameter) Weight: Microphone: 0.02 oz / 0.56 g, Power Module: 3.6 oz / 102.05 g //...
  • Microfono HollyView Wireless Lavalier 2.4G Dual-Channel Holl
    Precio:  $223,499.00

    Microfono HollyView Wireless Lavalier 2.4G Dual-Channel Holl

    -Titulo Original : Wireless Lavalier Microphone 2.4G Dual-Channel Hollyland Lark 150 with Charging Case,2&20g Ultra-Light Transmitters Built-in Hi-Fi MEMS Mic 5ms Latency &100m DSP with Cameras iPhone Mixer PC-Fabricante : HollyView-Descripcion Original: ??MULTI-FUNCTIONAL CHARGING CASE ?The charging case can store, pair and charge, upgrade the kits. Simply put transmitters and receiver into the case, they are automatically paired and automatically start to charge. The case can charge the whole kits up to 2.5 times when fully charged. The whole system can be used up to 18 hours for recording one sound source. The case is small and portable. So the kits are ready to use anytime anywhere. // ?? 2 Transmitters and 1 Receiver ?Hollyland Lark150 wireless mic includes 2 transmitters and 1 receiver. It can record two sound sources simultaneously. Used as lavalier mic/headphone mic/omnidirectional condenser mic/supply for braodcast level, can easily install on DSLR digital camera(Canon,Sony etc) or other mobile equipment on stands. Excellent signals, equipped with 3.5mm headphone real-time monitoring interface, you can test whether it works properly during voice recording. // ??Small and Light?The coin-sized mic weights only 20.5g, equivalent to the weight of a walnut. It can be easily clipped to collar/lapel of shirt and hardly to be felt the weight. It has lavalier microphone and wind-muff included. No need spend extra money to buy these accessories. // ??Stable Transmission and Professional Sound Quality ?It supports stable transmission up to 100m. And you can still get perfect voice when the talents turn back. The voice picked are broadcast-grade. Lark150 wireless mic has Audio Pops Preventive Design. The solution of safety track records in dual-channel, allowing post-processing to eliminate pops on microphones. It is widely used for short video shooting studio indoors and v-loggings and supports real-time monitoring. // ??Wide Compatibility and Using Scenario?It's compatible with your audio recorder, camera, camcorder, iPhone/iPad/Android smartphone, DSLR cameras(Sony, Canon, etc.), laptops, computer, etc. It's suitable to be used in voice recording scenario like Youtube , commercials, v-logging, interviews, podcast, filming, church shootings and live streaming. Lark 150 wireless microphone system includes One Year Warranty. We offer professional service directly from the manufacturer. //...
  • Microfono Shure MX153T Earset Headworn Tan
    Precio:  $256,819.00

    Microfono Shure MX153T Earset Headworn Tan

    -Titulo Original : Shure MX153T Earset Headworn Microphone (Tan)-Fabricante : Shure-Descripcion Original: Subminiature omnidirectional cartridge offers superior clarity and enhanced plosive protection with no proximity effect // Terminated with TQG / TA4F connector for direct connectivity to Shure wireless body pack transmitters // Color: Shure MX153T/O-TQG Omnidirectional Earset Headworn Microphone, Tan View larger Lifestyle View larger Shure Omnidirectional Earset Headworn Microphone The Shure Microflex MX153 is a professional subminiature earset microphone ideal for speech and other applications requiring low-profile discreet placement where improved gain before feedback over lavalier microphones is desired. Delivering exceptional speech clarity, the MX153 is ideal for corporate presentations, houses of worship, A/V conferencing and live sound reinforcement. CommShield Additionally, CommShield Technology offers superior RF immunity from cellular devices and digital bodypack transmitters. Available in three color options and direct TA4F connectivity to Shure bodypacks, the MX153 provides outstanding clarity in an extremely comfortable, over the ear design. Details The MX153 can be connected to all bodypack transmitters from Shure. When connecting the microphone to anything other than a Shure wireless bodypack, make sure the device provides a regulated +5 V DC. To connect the MX153 earset to an XLR microphone input, use the RK100PK pre-amplifier. Features: Subminiature, omnidirectional cartridge offers superior speech clarity and enhanced plosive protection with no proximity effectTerminated with TQG/TA4F connector for direct connectivity to Shure wireless bodypack transmittersUltra-lightweight, comfortable, flexible design is stable and easy to place over either earCommShield Technology guards against interference from cellular RF devices and digital bodypack transmittersKevlar reinforced, soft flex cableMatte black, tan, and cocoa color options availableIncludes protective storage pouch, three windscreens, and collar cli...
  • Microfono Shure PGA58-XLR Cardioid Dynamic Vocal
    Precio:  $40,819.00

    Microfono Shure PGA58-XLR Cardioid Dynamic Vocal

    -Titulo Original : Shure PGA58-XLR Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone-Fabricante : Shure-Descripcion Original: Tailored microphone cartridge design for natural clarity in the frequency range of vocal performance // Cardioid polar pattern picks up audio from the source while rejecting unwanted noise // Updated industrial design with black metallic finish and grille for unobtrusive visual presence // Three available options: (1) with 15-foot XLR-XLR cable, (2) with 15-foot XLR-QTR cable, and (3) without cable // On/Off switch for discrete control of microphone operation // Stand adapter for mounting to a microphone stand // Zipper pouch included for additional protection during storage or transport // Legendary Shure quality design and construction for exceptional performance in rigorous environments // Style: The PGA58 dynamic vocal microphone is a professional quality microphone featuring highly durable design and construction that delivers excellent sound. Ideal for use in lead and backup vocal performance applications, The PGA58 comes with an on/off switch, swivel adapter, carrying pouch and choice of XLR cable, qtr ( 1/4 ) cable or without cable...
  • Microfono Prodipe SB-21 for Saxophones and Brass Instruments
    Precio:  $109,429.00

    Microfono Prodipe SB-21 for Saxophones and Brass Instruments

    -Titulo Original : Prodipe SB-21 Microphone For Saxophones And Brass Instruments-Fabricante : Prodipe-Descripcion Original: Excellent natural sound; very high acceptable sound pressure level (140 dB) // Flexible gooseneck for fast, easy mounting; Lightweight rubber clamp specific to the instrument // Mic stem with a fixed and a flexible component; great adjustability and stability // Suspension system reduces noise from they keys; clamp specially adapted for a tight fit to the bell // Mini XLR to XLR connector adapter ensures the mic lead is properly positioned on the instrument; 48V phantom power supply required for wired connection //...
  • Microfono Audio-Technica ATM250 Hypercardioid Dynamic Instru
    Precio:  $199,119.00

    Microfono Audio-Technica ATM250 Hypercardioid Dynamic Instru

    -Titulo Original : Audio-Technica ATM250 Hypercardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone-Fabricante : Audio-Technica-Descripcion Original: Handles very high SPL at close range // Big, warm low-frequency response with excellent presence // Hypercardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of desired sound source // Durable, proven performance for professional applications // Hi-ENERGY neodymium magnet for improved output and transient response //...
  • Microfono Shure MVL Lavalier Black
    Precio:  $60,829.00

    Microfono Shure MVL Lavalier Black

    -Titulo Original : Shure MVL Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone [1/8 (3.5mm)] Windscreen, Tie-Clip, Mount And Carrying Pouch, Black-Fabricante : Shure-Descripcion Original: Japanese SHM-CD pressing. Universal. 2021...
  • Microfono Blue Baby Bottle SL Studio Condenser with 20' XLR
    Precio:  $264,629.00

    Microfono Blue Baby Bottle SL Studio Condenser with 20' XLR

    -Titulo Original : Blue Baby Bottle SL Studio Condenser Microphone with 20' XLR Cable & Pop Filter-Fabricante : Blue-Descripcion Original: Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone // Useful for Voice, Strings, and Piano // Cardioid Polar Pattern // Gold-Sputtered Hand-Tuned Mylar Driver // 20 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Response //...
  • Microfono ZINGYOU ZY-007 Professional Cardioid Mic Bundle fo
    Precio:  $35,639.00

    Microfono ZINGYOU ZY-007 Professional Cardioid Mic Bundle fo

    -Titulo Original : Condenser Microphone ZINGYOU ZY-007 Professional Cardioid Mic Bundle for Pc/Laptop Recording Studio YouTube Podcast Vocal Broadcasting Gaming with Scissor Arm Stand Shock Mount and Pop Filter (Silver)-Fabricante : ZINGYOU-Descripcion Original: Excellent sound quality - The ZY-007 condenser microphone with Professional cardioid pickup pattern can reduce the background noise from the sides and rear for an unparalleled sound experience // Wide Range of Applications - A new upgrade microphone kit, based on the original condenser microphone, we have improved its performance, now it can provide better sound for studio recording, vocals, instruments, podcasts, etc // Plug & play - Condenser microphone with 3.5mm XLR port, can be used with the included USB sound card, easy to use and install, no need to download additional software // Complete Mic Set - The ZINGYOU ZY-007 condenser microphone kit includes a cardioid condenser microphone, shock mount, pop filter, adjustable suspension scissor arm, windproof bubble cap, power cord, sound card, and a user manual // Satisfaction Service Guarantee - (1)Before the sale, we will provide timely and effective consulting services to help you solve doubts;(2)After sale ,We provide 7-day no reason refund, 30-day replacement, 1-year warranty service, 24h friendly customer service, and e-mail support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us //...
  • Microfono Condensador Profesional Usb Blue Yeti Slate (Xmp)
    Precio:  $0.00

    Microfono Condensador Profesional Usb Blue Yeti Slate (Xmp)

    -Titulo Original : Blue Yeti USB Microphone - Slate-Fabricante : Blue-Descripcion Original: Arreglo de tres cápsulas: 3 cápsulas de condensador pueden registrar casi cualquier situación. Selección de patrones múltiples: cardioide, bidireccional, omnidireccional y estéreo. Respuesta de frecuencia: 20 Hz - 20 kHz Control de ganancia, botón de silencio, salida de auriculares de latencia cero. Potencia de salida (RMS): 130mW Perfecto para voces, instrumentos musicales, podcasting, voces en off, entrevistas, grabaciones de campo, llamadas de conferencia. Compatible con Windows 10, Windows 8 (incluido 8.1), Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (Home y Professional) y Mac OS X (10.4.11 o superior), y requiere un mínimo de 64 MB de RAM (elimine los existentes) y subir). ...
  • Microfono AKG Pro Audio DGN99E Dynamic Gooseneck with Integr
    Precio:  $115,749.00

    Microfono AKG Pro Audio DGN99E Dynamic Gooseneck with Integr

    -Titulo Original : AKG Pro Audio DGN99E Dynamic Gooseneck Microphone With Integrated XLR Connector Such As General Public Address And Communication Use (6000H51020)-Fabricante : AKG Pro Audio-Descripcion Original: The DGN99 and DGN99 E are dynamic gooseneck microphones with cardioid polar pattern for general public address and communication use. The microphones provide a frequency response tailored for optimum intelligibility, good off-axis rejection for high gain before feedback and suppression of unwanted ambient noise. The all-metal body ensures a long, useful life for the microphone even in tough day-to-day use. // Cardioid polar pattern eliminates noise from the rear // Rugged gooseneck and all-metal body for long life even in tough day-to-day usage //...
  • Microfono Shure RPW118 Dynamic Replacement Element for Beta
    Precio:  $113,079.00

    Microfono Shure RPW118 Dynamic Replacement Element for Beta

    -Titulo Original : Shure RPW118 Dynamic Replacement Element for Beta 58A Microphone Transmitters-Fabricante : Shure-Descripcion Original: WIRELESS BETA58 CART/HOUSING // Wireless Beta58A Cartridge, Housing Assembly and Matte Grille (Limit One) // Dynamic Replacement Element //...
  • Microfono Shure PGA58-XLR Cardioid Dynamic Vocal
    Precio:  $40,819.00

    Microfono Shure PGA58-XLR Cardioid Dynamic Vocal

    -Titulo Original : Shure PGA58-XLR Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone With 15 XLR-XLR Cable-Fabricante : Shure-Descripcion Original: Pop futurist Charli XCX has returned with her highly anticipated third studio album Charli. The album is a collection of 15 songs and feature the hit singles 1999 (Ft. Troye Sivan) and Blame It On Your Love (Ft. Lizzo). The album also features collaborations with Christine and the Queens, Haim, Sky Ferreria, Big Freida, Clairo and more...
  • Microfono Shure SM58-S Bundle with on/off Switch clip and po
    Precio:  $122,509.00

    Microfono Shure SM58-S Bundle with on/off Switch clip and po

    -Titulo Original : Shure SM58-S Microphone Bundle with on/off Switch, clip and pouch, MIC Boom Stand and XLR Cable-Fabricante : Shure-Descripcion Original: Consumer Alert: Most users do not need a license to operate this wireless microphone system. Nevertheless, operating this microphone system without a license is subject to certain restrictions: the system may not cause harmful interference; it must operate at a low power level (not in excess of 50 milliwatts); and it has no protection from interference received from any other device. //...
  • Microfono Sennheiser Pro Audio Vocal Condenser  Black 3-PIN
    Precio:  $247,459.00

    Microfono Sennheiser Pro Audio Vocal Condenser Black 3-PIN

    -Titulo Original : Sennheiser Pro Audio Vocal Condenser Microphone, Black, 3-PIN (Sennheiser MKE Essential Omni-Fabricante : Sennheiser Pro Audio-Descripcion Original: Warm, detailed, distortion-free sound with excellent speech intelligibility // Inconspicuous in use, due to small size and two-color variants // Easy to position and comfortable to wear // Patented umbrella diaphragm protects capsule from moisture // Wide range of accessories // Size:  |  Color: Product Description MKE Essential Omni offers users a compact, high quality Omni directional capsule with an acoustic signature similar to the MKE 2, ideally suited for theater, worship and other speech-related applications. From the Manufacturer MKE Essential Omni offers users a compact, high quality omni directional capsule with an acoustic signature similar to the MKE 2, ideally suited for theater, worship and other speech-related applications. Available in black or beige, MKE Essential Omni features a robust 1.6m cable, MZQ 02 clip and SL MZW 1 foam windscreen. With its small size, the MKE Essential is inconspicuous and very lightweight (16g). Additionally, the new lavalier series is fully compatible with our wide range of mounting accessories for the renowned MKE 2 series...
  • Microfono Neewer NW-8000-USB USB Kit 192KHZ/24BIT Plug&Play
    Precio:  $28,099.00

    Microfono Neewer NW-8000-USB USB Kit 192KHZ/24BIT Plug&Play

    -Titulo Original : Neewer USB Microphone Kit 192KHZ/24BIT Plug&Play Computer Cardioid Mic Podcast Condenser Microphone with Professional Sound Chipset for YouTube/Gaming Record, Arm Stand/Shock Mount (Blue)(NW-8000-USB)-Fabricante : Neewer-Descripcion Original: PACKING LIST: USB Condenser Mic (Blue) + NW-35 Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand + Metal Shock Mount + Mic Windscreen Foam Cap + Pop Filter + Table Mounting Clamp + USB-B to USB-A Cable; Compatible with most Laptop and PC (WINDOWS7 and above, OSX 10.9 above). Strong output, no distortion, low power consumption; NOTE: The Condenser Microphone only works with the device that could provide enough power (Voltage Required: 5V) // PROFESSIONAL SOUND CHIPSET 192kHz/24bit: This Condenser Microphone has been designed with professional sound chipset, which makes the USB microphone hold high resolution sampling rate. SAMPLING RATE: 192kHz/24bit. Smooth, flat frequency response of 30Hz-16kHz: Extended frequency response is excellent for singing, speech and voice over. Performed perfectly in reproduces sound, high quality mic ensure your exquisite sound reproduces on the internet // PLUG AND PLAY: The microphone has USB 2.0 data port which is easy to connect with your computer and Linux operation system, and no need extra driver software or an external sound card. Double shielding USB cable reduces interference, minimizes background noise and isolates the main sound source; Ideal choice for vocal, instruments, podcast, personal recordings and familiar situations // 16mm ELECTRET CONDENSER TRANSDUCER & MAGNET RING: With the 16mm electret condenser transducer, the USB microphone can give you a strong bass response. This professional condenser mic picks up crystal clear audio. The magnet ring on the USB microphone cable has a strong anti-interference function, which makes you have a better feel // STURDY NW-35 BOOM ARM SET: With a pop filter and a foam windscreen, the condenser mic records your voice and the sound is crystal clear, the shock mount holds the microphone steady with damping function. Particularly good for video voiceovers; podcasts; YouTube video; skype conferences and so on. Max.capacity of the boom arm stand: 1 kilograms/ 2.2lbs //...
  • Microfono Shure MX405/C Cardioid Condenser  5 Gooseneck with
    Precio:  $354,879.00

    Microfono Shure MX405/C Cardioid Condenser 5 Gooseneck with

    -Titulo Original : Shure MX405/C Cardioid Condenser Microphone, 5 Gooseneck with Bi-color Status Indicator and Surface Mount Preamp-Fabricante : Shure-Descripcion Original: Cardioid Pattern // Bi-color status indicator // Logic input/output for remote LED and mute control dependant on base option // Programmable mute switch (desktop models only) // Includes surface mount preamp // Style:  |  Size: Microflex Modular Gooseneck microphones deliver unsurpassed style, flexibility and performance for conference rooms and similar applications. Offering desktop or mounted bases, wired or wireless options, and even interchangeable cartridges, it’s easy to get the perfect fit for your conferencing installation. Fully compatible with SLX Wireless Systems when used with MX890 Wireless Desktop Base...
  • Microfono Neumann KM 184 MT Condenser  Hyper-Cardioid
    Precio:  $697,109.00

    Microfono Neumann KM 184 MT Condenser Hyper-Cardioid

    -Titulo Original : Neumann KM 184 MT Condenser Microphone, Hyper-Cardioid-Fabricante : Sennheiser Pro Audio-Descripcion Original: Detailed small diaphragm mic that can be used as a spot or overhead mic // Excellent for recording situations when it is necessary to attenuate off-axis sound (mainly from the rear) from other nearby instruments. // Transformerless circuitry // Low self-noise with wide dynamic range and very high immunity to electromagnetic interference. //...
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