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  • edicion limitada Avengers: Endgame SteelBook 4K UHD DIGITAL
    Precio:  $11,361.00

    edicion limitada Avengers: Endgame SteelBook 4K UHD DIGITAL

    -Artista: Sweet-Actores: Jon Favreau - Sofia Vergara - John Leguizamo - Scarlett Johansson - Dustin Hoffman - Oliver Platt - Bobby Cannavale - Amy Sedaris - Emjay Anthony - Robert Downey, Jr.-Director: Jon Favreau-Compositor: Jerry Goldsmith - -Formato: blu ray-Sello: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment-Detalle: avengers-Discos: 1 -Duracion: 115 min.-Fecha de Lanzamiento: 0000-00-00-UPC: -Opciones de Lenguaje: french - Subtitled || spanish - Subtitled || english - Original Language || english - Subtitles For The Hearing Impaired ||...
  • Los Simpson: Temporada 1 Por 20th Century Fox
    Precio:  $10,938.00

    Los Simpson: Temporada 1 Por 20th Century Fox

    -Titulo Original : Los Simpson: Temporada 1 por 20th Century Fox-Fabricante : Fox-Descripcion Original: Copper Foil Tape: Copper foil tape can wrap cables, machine components, connections, fans, extendable antenna, computer components and more. // Adhesive Tape With Good Flexibility: The dual conductive tape can be twisted, bent, tore easily, enable you to use them by hand, no need to apply with other tool, one fit most cables. // EMI Shielding: The copper tape can EMI shielding in electric machine to protect your electronics devices from electromagnetic interference. Moisture resistance, chemical and corrosion resistance, good for outdoor application. // Slug Repellent Tape For Plants: You can wrap copper tape around the base of small plants and seedlings to avert the slugs keeping eating small plants and seedlings. Copper conductive adhesive tape can be applied to stained glass, paper circuits, electrical repairs, soldering and grounding. // Dual Conductivity: The conductive copper foil tape has dual conductivity so current will flow through both sides and the adhesive. No need to worry that the adhesive tape will reduce the effectiveness between components. // Item Package Quantity:  |  Size: Copper tape can be an helpful addition to your toolbox. The tape itself is made of thin pure copper so its extremely flexible and can take on nearly any shape. You can easily solder to it, and the tape itself can carry current just like a wire. On the back is an electrically conductive adhesive. The adhesive can't carry significant current but it is very handy for sensing applications where you don't want to solder the copper tape...
  • Dvd: The Long Hot Summer - 2-dvd Set
    Precio:  $8,150.00

    Dvd: The Long Hot Summer - 2-dvd Set

    -Titulo Original : The Long Hot Summer - 2-DVD Set [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.0 Import - Germany ]-Fabricante : dvd-Descripcion Original: Dos desmontables de 1,2 m con micrófono. y cables de kevlar de 3 m. Rango de frecuencia: 15 hz, 25 kHz, impedancia: 32 ohm, sensibilidad 103 db. 1khz / 1mw Orejas de madera de nogal real Totalmente reparable, solo tornillos utilizados en la construcción de los auriculares Bolsa de transporte de eva dura ...
  • Blu-ray: Flight Of The Intruder (xam)
    Precio:  $14,875.00

    Blu-ray: Flight Of The Intruder (xam)

    -Titulo Original : Flight of the Intruder-Fabricante : Paramount-Descripcion Original: Clavos duraderos de clavos Estilo de cabeza en forma de T proporciona retención Tipo de cola adhesiva, tipo de punta de cincel Caña lisa, acabado galvanizado. 5000 pack ideal para grandes proyectos...
Mostrar del 1 al 7 (de 7 productos)
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